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Expanding User Cards

09-04-11 by . 11 comments

As I’ve said many times, the reason any Stack Exchange site works is not because of the magical software bits, but because the people participating are smart, talented, and willing to teach and learn. That’s right, any internet community ultimately succeeds or fails on the strength and quality of its contributors. Shocking, I know!

But while recording podcast #15 with Michael Natkin of, I belatedly realized we weren’t making it easy to discover information about the smart people answering all those questions. Sure, we show the basics (reputation, name, badges) in the default User Card that every post is “signed” with — but that gives you the barest of context into the person answering, or their professional background in the topic.

To rectify that, we now have improved User Cards that expand when you hover over the avatar, displaying location, key links, and an excerpt of the “About Me” field:

So now you can quickly discover a bit more about the human being who wrote that post — without needing to click all the way through to their user page.

On Stack Exchange, Q&A is designed to focus squarely on the content of the questions and answers, not necessarily the person. That said, it is sometimes useful to learn a little but more about the author to provide more context for the post. As one (admittedly extreme) example, off-topic questions are strictly forbidden, but we might be willing to stretch the rules a bit if you’re Alan freaking Kay.

As it turns out, many of our community members are rather interesting people, even outside that particular Q&A topic. Hovering over an avatar lets you easily learn a bit more about your fellow community members … if you want to.

We treat the expanding user card as a bit of a privilege, so you must have 1,000 or more reputation for it to appear. Any user with less than 1k rep will not have a user card hover by definition. And, of course, there has to be a reasonably complete user profile, otherwise there’s nothing to show!

There are some other subtle ways we try to keep this user card hover useful, such as prioritizing any “identity” links like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Google+, etcetera — and you can override the excerpt for total control of what displays on your expanded User Card. See our meta post for more detail.

This is all completely optional, of course, so to distinguish between the two states, we’ve added a subtle 3D shadow to the avatars that have an expanding user card on hover. So if you’d like to share a bit more about your background with your peers, and provide a bit of additional author context to your questions and answers, don’t hesitate to flesh out your profile!

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tyler Sep 4 2011

There should be social share options for blog articles

The idea is good, but the shadow ruins alphablended avatars in IE8.

We have an interesting use for it at the Gardening & Landscaping SE site

While you’re there, do check out our popular questions on lawn and lawn repair (’tis the lawn season in most places) and other great tips on growing veggies/fruit trees/herbs, etc. Got a gardening question? You know where to go!

Matt Ellen Sep 5 2011

Thanks for answering my question!

I agree with Don, idea is nice but this shadow is awful.

Awesome feature btw, really love it! :D

But it’s not on comments or answers. Can that be added please? Cheers.

> There should be social share options for blog articles

I don’t know what this means.

> this shadow is awful

We tried 6 different plausible methods for showing “this user card will do something when you hover over it” and the subtle drop shadow on the avatar was the best of the lot. If you have other ideas, don’t hesitate to try it out and post a mockup on meta.

> But it’s not on comments or answers

It is already on answers, comments don’t have user cards at all so it makes no sense to bolt a user card expansion on a part of the site with no user card.

> I don’t know what this means.

I may be wrong, but I think he means the generic “Share this post on Twitter/Facebook/G+1/Carrier Pigeon” buttons.

Patrick Sep 7 2011

You’ve saved me a click. Where do I deposit $1,000,000

Liked the idea, but hated the expanding animation. It would have been better without the animation, the same goes with the expanding tag wikis. The animation makes it look clunky.

nice idea but having social media bonding would be great