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Welcome Valued Associate Demis Bellot

The NYC Headquarters of Stack Exchange welcomes Demis Bellot!  As a developer on the Careers 2.0 team, Demis is excited to work on a platform with a large and influential reach.  Demis is best known online as the creator of – An Open Source Mono and .NET Web Service Framework.

An avid traveler, Demis enjoys taking photos in lovely locations, which often look photoshopped (like these).


While he isn’t a hobbyist per se, Demis can be easily convinced into a game of tennis or golf.  With his multitude of skills, Demis is sure to be a strong contributor to the Dev Team.  Welcome Demis!


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Congrats and welcome aboard Demis!

I’m not sure I would trust a programmer with heavy machinery.

Welcome Demis! Looking forward to catching up in person next time I’m that side of the pond.

Andomar Sep 1 2011

We recently ditched WCF for ServiceStack. You must be doing something right if the creator of ServiceStack is willing to work for you. Cheers!

jessie algaba legaspi Oct 9 2011

how to used this?