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Without question, the greatest asset we have here at Stack Exchange is the members of our community, their collective knowledge, and their desire to help others.  Similarly, there’s no greater feeling for us than when others recognize that strength and wonder how they can use it to help their users too — ultimately, it just helps make the internet a better place.

So when the largest social developer platform in the world came to us and said they wanted to partner with us, we were all ears.  And because of that partnership, we are proud to announce that is launching today as the new official developer support channel for all Facebook developers.

But facebook.SO isn’t just a sub-domain, it’s an entirely new feature set that we’ve been considering and working on for months.  Ever since launching, we’ve gotten requests to start dedicated communities for niche programming topics, but we’ve always been hesitant to do so for fear of balkanizing the great community we already have. So we came up with a solution that provides the best of both worlds.  We can now create a mini-site by selecting relevant tags (in this case, anything Facebook related) and grouping together just the content from those tags. When you visit a mini-site, you’ll see only the content from those tags.  Not only will you be able to see only questions related to Facebook, but the reputation on the user ranking pages will also only show reputation earned on questions tagged Facebook.

The key to this functionality is that you’re seeing a filtered view of Stack Overflow, much like if you set up a favorite tags view. That means that when you ask a question on Facebook.SO, you’re still getting access to the entire community of 750,000+ users, and any questions you answer there count toward your Stack Overflow reputation, too.

If you’re a Facebook developer who is already a Stack Overflow user, we’ve made it incredibly easy to get started.  In fact, you don’t have to do anything at all (though you do want to make sure your Facebook account is connected to your SO account — there’s instructions how on the Facebook Developer Blog).  If you’re a Facebook Developer who doesn’t already have a Stack Overflow account, just visit and click the Facebook “Log In” button on the right hand side. You’ll be up and running in about 10 seconds.


If you want to learn even more about what you can do with Facebook and other new technologies, make sure to register for our upcoming Stack Overflow DevDays conference series, coming up this fall.

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Eduardo Aug 24 2011

Given Jeff adversity to Facebook, I have to go to Facebook to check if this was a joke or something, but … is real:

Jeremy Banks Aug 24 2011

I’m excited that this mini-site functionality is finally be rolled out, after being discussed for years. Hwever, it’s a little odd that facebook.SO looks exactly the same as the main page. To logged-in users there’s no indication (aside from the questions) that we’re anywhere special. I hope some visual cues are added soon.

David Fauber Aug 24 2011

Awesome, now stalkers don’t have to stop at meta-thread rabble rousing.

Shog9 Aug 24 2011

So, wait… Now SO *is* a social network? ;-P

Pekka Aug 24 2011

Cool! Now all we need is and Then hellban all new questions on the three of them, hiding them from everyone else. Voilá, average question quality goes up 500%! :)

Seriously though, this looks like a really nifty feature with a lot of uses. It will be really interesting to see how it plays out. I agree with @Jeremy though that there needs to be *some* visual indicator that I’m on a special SO site now!

Richard Campbell Aug 24 2011

So…I added my facebook account to my SO profile, and it overwrote my avatar with my Facebook profile picture, without asking.

Bad form, guys.

rcollyer Aug 24 2011

if we want a niche community created, what do we need to do?

Richard Campbell Aug 24 2011

…and now I have the option to use my gravatar again. Good, good.

Can we expect this to expand to other Stack Exchange sites as well? I imagine this would help Web Apps create more focused niches, though the url would be terrible:!?

Paŭlo Ebermann Aug 24 2011

I also think, like Jeremy, that there should be a visual clue (other than the URL) that we are on a facebook-specific sub-site. Maybe put the Facebook-logo together with the big Stack Overflow logo.

I have to agree with the others here – there needs to be some visual indication that this isn’t Stack Overflow proper – even just a little bit of text under the logo would be appropriate and would help differentiate between the main site and the niche site.

Last year there was quite a bit of an uproar over the closing of the Compiler Design proposal after it had reached beta status – the discussion that followed can be found here:

Now that we have this new functionality in place, where should we begin proposing ‘sub-sections’ of existing sites (Stack Overflow in this case)? I think Compiler Design would make a very good fit. Should this type of thing be asked as a question on Meta.SO?

Congrats! This is very good news for both parties IMHO. Keep #winning!

Cade Roux Aug 24 2011

It seems kind of half-baked – there is no indication you are on a niche-site and yes the user list is a subset of your rep but if you click though to a user you see their entire profile with all the rep, AND you are still on the niche site.

Why not do the same thing for all the computer-related SE sites? E.g. the Linux, SuperUser, and Webmaster sites can all be combined to be part of StackOverflow. That way, people who have a computers question automatically know what site to go to, without moderators always haveing to move the questions to the correct site. People’s reputation can also be more unified that way around computers topics.

@Eduardo – I saw it from facebook on HN and had to come here and check!

A few questions:
Do I have to become a 12 year old girl?
How do I throw a sheep at someone
Do I have to stop using complete sentences? LOL ?

Robert Harvey Aug 24 2011


Marius Andreiana Aug 24 2011

As others said, if we want a niche community created, what do we need to do?

Josh Smeaton Aug 24 2011

Now bring programmers.SE back to SO proper under a niche domain! I’d very much like to see some kind of stats that show how many people are using the SE aggregator, rather than visiting each site individually.

Kevin Montrose Aug 24 2011

@Josh, Ariel

Linux, Programmers, Super User, etc. questions are off-topic for Stack Overflow. Sub sites (mini sites? niches? bah) can only make sense when they are completely covered by the master site.

Remember, everything that appears on the sub site also appears on the master:

This is a win-win. I’ve grown addicted to stackoverflow over the years. Having a dedicated section for Facebook developers sounds like a way to go.

Harry McIntyre Aug 25 2011

Vindication at last! When I suggested this last year on meta I got downvoted to -4. :) FTW! FTW!

I hope someday Google+ gets a page as well.

Eric Wilson Aug 25 2011

I’m surprised that no one else has mentioned or asked the obvious questions: What other sub-sites are currently planned? What is the process for adding sub-sites?

How does this change the scope of what questions are seen as in-scope on Stack Overflow? The Facebook Developer Forums had many questions that were not strictly programming-related, most critically questions about the ever-changing Facebook platform policies and advertising/monetization.

_Great_, now I’ll have to filter SO with -[Facebook] like I do at home with

+wife -[Facebook]

This is such a mess I can’t do a thing on my facebook .The changes you have made are ridiculous,I can’t even login!!!!!I am very upset!!!

(hat tip to – read the comments.)

Pekka Aug 26 2011

i want to get all friends contacts though api but faebook says my secret is wrong. Secret is 1a77f2c9. Plz send correct secret. Also what is the code to make Facebook a different color when ppl are on my fb app.

Peter Walke Sep 14 2011

This is a great idea. I wish would have had this before it became its own site.

IMHO this is a mistake on Facebook’s part to delegate support to the Stackoverflow community. If I were a CEO of a business I certainly would not want my users to be told, in essence, your question is just too stupid to even bother to answer.

I see a couple of closed questions per every 60 or so questions asked. These are often closed within a matter of hours if not minutes from the time they were asked. That might be fine if someone has a question about say PHP or HTML, but it entirely something else when they have a question about a specific commercial platform to be told go away.

Regardless of experience, we all come to new platforms from different perspective. Sometimes it takes a stupid question to get oriented.