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Careers 2.0: Export And Apply With Your Profile

08-22-11 by . 6 comments

For the longest time, Careers users have been requesting an export feature. We recently released a PDF generator tool to help you turn your profile into a customized résumé. You can find the link in the sidebar on the edit page of your profile.

Using the résumé generator, you can customize the info you would like to provide to prospective employers by selecting each item you would like included.

Once you get it just right, press the “Export to PDF” button at the top to download your résumé!  Check out my sample résumé.

Apply with your profile

You can now attach résumés generated on site to a cover letter and apply directly to jobs listed on our boards!

Thanks Jin

When you browse our job listings and run across a job you would love to have, click the “Find out how to apply” button and you will see a new, completely awesome button to “Apply with your Careers 2.0 profile” if the job has enabled it.

Over 200 job listings are ready to accept your profile today!  Don’t have a profile?  You can request an invitation here!

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have regarding quirks and improvements to this feature.

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“I have actually been laughed at by my previous boss for “always looking up
something crazy with graphs and funky equations and shit””

If that’s the way you want to put it on your resume good luck!

Stefan Aug 22 2011

@JonH: That’s why the screenshot provided clearly shows “Personal Statement” as a toggle-able checkbox.

Maybe the export just needs a “filter profanity” switch.

It would be cool if there were more output formats than just PDF available. From casual perusing, it looks like many places explicitly ask for a document format of some kind, and there’s a good chance BigCorp Enterprises has some Microsoft Word macro they need to run to filter resumes.

Aside from that, the output PDF is absurdly pretty.

@Stefan: big corps that require Microsoft Word macros don’t deserve to be on careers.stackoverflow! They are unlikely to be the cool places to work for that they are trying to attract.

@UncleZeiv, you cannot just assume places that don’t use Microsoft Word are “cool places to work”. In a tough economy a lot of folks are just looking for work, not singling out only “cool places”. When you have bills and a family to feed you just want to find a job. And yes a lot of companies require word resumes so you cannot eliminate those companies…at least I cannot.

AaronC Aug 25 2011

I’d hate to think I’m dumb but how do I enter in my phone number and have it shown on my CV PDF export? I can’t find it for the life of me.

@AaronC: that was turned on this morning, sorry for the confusion.