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07-16-11 by . 20 comments

Another long-standing request, dating all the way back to 2009, is for a mobile optimized view of Stack Overflow.

Since …

  • the existing HTML and CSS was (and still is) rather light
  • the original iPhone did a great job rendering Stack Overflow
  • mobile traffic on Stack Overflow is only about 1% of traffic

… we didn’t feel this was urgent back in 2009. Or 2010.

But things are different now. Great mobile smartphones are (almost) ubiquitous now, with more and more people regularly accessing the web on the go. Performance is a family value, and there’s no question that a proper set of HTML optimized for small screens offers a faster, smoother experience. Also, any work we do on a mobile design is now effective on not just a trilogy of websites, but fifty-seven different Stack Exchange sites! Overall we felt it was time to roll up our sleeves and build a new rendering path for small-screen mobile devices.

We’ve had the mobile design in private and public beta for a while to polish up all the obvious rough edges. Now it’s officially blessed for everyone across the entire network. If we detect a whitelisted mobile device user agent, you will automatically receive an optimized mobile view of any Stack Exchange on your smartphone.

Mobile Stack Exchange is intended to be a fully functional version of Stack Exchange — that is, you can ask questions, answer questions, vote, favorite, comment and all the other essential things you would expect.

Please note, however, that if you do find anything you can’t do on mobile, there are links at the bottom of the page to switch from mobile to desktop view at will. We also remember this setting on a per-user basis.

Now go forth and enjoy Stack Exchange sites from wherever you happen to be on whatever mobile device you have. Go ahead. Give it a shot. And after using it, if you have any specific feedback for us on the mobile view, please leave it in this meta question.


I’m curious, are you simply using different CSS for mobile devices ore are you actually rending different HTML? Do you use the same view models and then use a different view if the request is mobile?

FUZxxl Jul 16 2011

Could you please whitelist opera mobile? It seems to be not in your list.

Andrew Moore Jul 16 2011

Same with BlackBerry devices. You seem to have forgotten them.

@FUZxxl My opera mobile gets an optimized mobile view

Mobile traffic might only be 1% now but I’ll do my best to increase that now that you’ve got a sweet mobile layout to make Stack Overflow a great “killing time while commuting” option!

Carson Myers Jul 16 2011

My android wasn’t getting it either. I remembered though that I had turned on a setting that reports the browser as a desktop browser, because some mobile versions of websites are extremely stunted. I don’t know if other phones have this, or if people use them, but it’s something to check if it’s not working for you.

Might we see an app-ified edition of SE for mobile devices?

Warren — check out as there are already native apps for Android, iPhone, Windows 7, etc.

Could you please not target UAs and instead use CSS screen dimension media queries? The Asus Transformer (and other 1280×800 tablets w/keyboard docks) is essentially an Android laptop, and the normal layout is much easier to use on it.

Not to mention that Ice Cream Sandwich will run on both small and large dimension devices so it’s not like you can just exclude Android 3.x, as that will eventually prove futile in the future.

Dan Abramov Jul 17 2011

I constantly access SE from my iPhone and it was a pain to use: for some reason, comment typing was inredibly slow, it was hard to read questions (and replying was almost impossible). Now the whole experience is amazing.


@Eli unfortunately, that approach doesn’t work at all for sites like us that are actually serving up different HTML to mobile clients.

Stephen C. Steel Jul 18 2011

The new mobile view works great on my Android phone, much better than the desktop version, which insisted on rather long line lengths. This mean I was stuck choosing between a zoomed display with tiny text (but the entire line) or legible text that required horizontal scrolling just to read questions and answers, or zooming so that the question and answer text filled the screen in landscape mode (but all the votes and other accessories were off the edges of the screen).

But, I second Eli’s point, the relavent criteria for choosing which view (mobile or desktop) is preferable is how many pixels are available across the screen.


Only suggestion would be to make the search box appear by default in mobile view. Nice job overall!

Too late, I’ve had access for quite a while through mobile versions of sites that mirror your content…

Did not know about StackApps – awesome!

Adrian Jul 20 2011


That’s quite some encouragement, you must be a riot at dinner parties…

Now you can actually see live content and live in the present as opposed to the past.

Arjan Aug 20 2011

Nice! But did you change the horizontal scrolling of code blocks into line wraps on purpose? I know many users are unaware of two-finger scrolling of preformatted blocks. But formatted code often looks bad when displayed using line wraps. And line wrapping makes table layouts look very bad. Like:

Arjan Aug 20 2011

(Ah, reposted the above on Sorry for messing up!)