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SE Podcast #06

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It’s our first test of a live podcast!  In case you missed it, we streamed this week’s podcast live during the taping. It’s something we’re playing with and may continue to do in the future if it is popular.  You can tune in to the live tapings Tuesdays @ 4 PM Eastern / 1 PM Pacific — check Joel and Jeff’s Twitter feeds for the location.

  • We’ve found that hosting a podcast while running a business is more useful than you might think — because it allows you to introspect on your own thoughts and decisions and have a history explaining why you made those bad decisions at the time. Even if you only have 10 listeners, and one of them is your dad.
  • Jeff is currently reading Super Cooperators which focuses on the prisoner’s dilemma and how it applies to social situations. In the real world, people remember your actions, and that history changes how they interact with you. Ultimately our concept of reputation derives from the realization that your current actions will have future consequences not just on other people, but on society and the greater internet.
  • Some of the NY team went to hear Bing Gordon give a talk on gamification that covered a number of topics.  In particular, he noted that almost everyone (except for males age 18-24) prefer a cooperative game to a competitive one, and people are much more likely to continue with something if at least one other person sees and validates what they did. That’s one reason why we’re so gung-ho about everything being public — by keeping everything visible and in the open, you encourage more civic-minded level of behavior than what happens behind closed doors. Sometimes people can be turned off by these types of reputation systems, though.
  • There’s a fantastic article at TheAwl about how Wikipedia made it possible for amateurs who are obsessive about a topic to become, en masse, as reliable as traditional experts.
  • Stack Exchange is now an OpenID provider!  We did this primarily for two reasons. First, any time you send people off to another site to sign up, you lose visitors. By keeping everything on Stack Exchange, we increase the success rate of sign ups. Second, while MyOpenID is a great service, it’s free — so there’s no incentive for JanRain to maintain it and keep it in good repair. There have been some recent … incidents … with MyOpenID.
  • Down votes no longer cost you, the down-voter, any reputation points on questions only.  We found that too many people weren’t willing to down vote questions because of the -1 cost to the voter. Downvotes on questions are a critically important signal for us in separating the good questions from the not-so-good questions.
  • Upcoming guests include Steve Karantza (Shirlock Homes from DIY.SE), Rory Blyth, Dave Winer, Jason Calacanis, and more.  If you have guest suggestions, make sure to add them to the Meta thread!
  • We’re hiring a Community Evangelism Team!  They’ll be responsible for promoting our communities and sites out to new audiences, and helping them grow. It’s a great job for anyone who wants to get into the startup world or a recent grad with a humanities degree who doesn’t want to be stuck working at an agency for the next 10 years.  For more details, check out the job post.
  • Joel takes his first question from the audience: why does he think great programmers aren’t going to be found developing internal company apps?

Tune in next week when our guest is Sam Saffron (aka Waffles) – once again, you’ll be able to watch/listen live on Tuesday @ 4pm as we do the taping.  Follow @spolsky and @codinghorror for the link.  You can also hang out in the official chat room during the tapings.

Stack Exchange Podcast – Episode #06 by Stack Exchange

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Troyen Jun 1 2011

Just a quick suggestion for the next live podcast: when you’re answering questions from the chat room, can you please read the question you’re about to answer? A few of the earlier questions just jumped right into the answer, which made it hard to figure out what was being talked about purely by listening (the war question, for example).

About the job, Why not post it on Carers 2.0?

Grzes Jun 2 2011

Nice one @Benny :).

For people who didn’t try it yet – its because Careers are pretty much empty atm.

Justin Nelson Jun 2 2011

I enjoyed listening to the podcast live. I hope you keep it up.

‘See’ ya next Tuesday.


Because its not a programming job?

FYI the tendency of numbers starting with 1 to be more common is a real statistical effect: Benford’s Law.

JonH Jun 3 2011

In the beginning of the post you mention some people don’t like the way the system works, pointing to a stackoverflow meta post about a rather good “rant” about how voting doesn’t seem to appeal him.

Then you go on to say

“Down votes no longer cost you, the down-voter, any reputation points on questions only. We found that too many people weren’t willing to down vote questions because of the -1 cost to the voter. Downvotes on questions are a critically important signal for us in separating the good questions from the not-so-good questions”

My answer to that is they should of NEVER cost me anything, and for that matter, why are downvote answers -1 to the person making the downvote? It is an opinion and should not be a charge and a slap in the wrist. Shouldn’t the whole point of the system be a good q&a site that really doesn’t run on a +/- rep voting scheme. I am not saying get rid of voting, what I am saying is make it fair. If I downvote an answer there is a reason for it, yet you charge me for the downvote…

John Dyer Jun 3 2011

Just a comment about the audio quality, I listen to the podcast during my hour commute in the car. It really sounds like Jeff is moving around a lot relative to the microphone, his sound level goes up and down through quite a range. If I was listening with ear-buds I don’t think this would be an issue but with car noise it makes it difficult at times.

Other than that, another excellent show and I’m looking forward to listening live soon.

Brian Jun 5 2011

Is there a version of the Gordon Bing gamification talk online anywhere? I listened to the podcast and now I’d like to hear it.

Guy S. Jun 7 2011

Guys – have you considered hosting Experts Exchange a guest to clear the air? Perhaps community volunteers versus the corporate folks. Perhaps both.

Mark Jun 9 2011

If I could change something about Stack Exchange, it would be to make it very easy to never see closed questions.

Honestly, for every closed question due to it being a dupe or obviously wrong, it feels like I run across at least two other questions that it _appears_ that some people simply don’t like. I’ve seen questions get closed that had several answers already, etc. etc.

I’m almost certainly oversensitive about this, but honestly if I could just somehow never see a closed question again, I’d be much better off, and could stop equating Stack Exchange with the Wikipedia modmins.