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DevDays is Back!

Stack Overflow DevDays, the universe’s best conference series for coders, is back, and it’s bigger than ever!

Here’s the idea behind DevDays. You’re a developer. You’d love to learn all the latest hot new technologies. Things like DVCS, HTML 5, Node.js, CSS3, Hadoop, etc. The stuff the cool kids are all talking about on the playground while you’re stuck in the basement somewhere grinding away on Java Enterprise Visual Basic.

The idea behind DevDays is a fast, high-bandwidth, fire hose tutorial on at least ten interesting concepts. We’ll assume that you’re a developer, you know what a loop is, but each tutorial starts at the ground level and gives you a whirlwind tour through a technology by showing you actual code. Every presenter launches an editor and writes code from scratch and shows you what it does. There are almost no prepared PowerPoint slides with ten bullet items each containing 10 words explaining the ROI benefits of some new technology. There are not even any PowerPoint slides with cats and pandas doing hilarious things, such as this one:

Yes, DevDays contains precisely NO funny pictures of cats. We might have Jon Skeet with a sock puppet, though:

(That was Jon Skeet and Tony the Pony from London DevDays 2009.)

What we have instead is some great presenters from the community who will write code and compile code and explain it all while you watch, and you’ll come away knowing enough about each new technology to know what it’s good for, what it’s not so good at, how to do the basics, and how to learn more. Bottom line: it’s the best possible way to spend two days and learn as much as you would learn in two years of reading Twitter.

We have FOUR, yes FOUR different DevDays conferences coming up this fall. Each one is its own production, and they’re all going to be spectacular. If you came to DevDays last time, prepare to get blown away. This time everything is DOUBLE. Two days instead of one. Better food and coffee. Better locations. Bigger screens to make it easier to follow along. Sydney DevDays 2011Lots of social activities. And, for the first time ever, we’ll be visiting one city in Australia (shown at right), for an antipodean increase of infinity percent.

Anyway, registration is now open. The schedule is:

There are two! special! bonuses! you should know about before you choose a city:

  1. In San Francisco, the day after the conference (October 14), Server Fault is holding a one-day High Scalability conference. You may want to go to both for a full three days of amazing amazingness… if you think your heart can handle the excitement.
  2. In Washington, the day before the conference (December 14), we’re have a big open source hackathon. The entire Stack Exchange dev team will be on hand and it’ll be a lot of fun.

So, go, sign up now. You can save $100 using discount code blog.

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AttackingHobo Jun 27 2011

“…each tutorial starts at the ground level and gives you a whirlwind tour through a technology by showing you actual code.”

I think you meant “your” instead of “you.” Although it could work as “you actually code” as well.

> learn as much as you would learn in two years of reading Twitter.


> Save $100 using the code “blog”?

Well, that’s what I get for signing up early….

AttackingHobo Jun 27 2011

Ignore my comment above, as Michael Myers pointed out to me in chat, I was parsing the question incorrectly.

It might be less confusing if the last “you” was ommited entirely, but even that might be less than ideal.

@dave I believe the price went up by $100 already, so if you signed up earlier, you got the lower price. I think.

James Greenhalgh Jun 28 2011

The restriction that student volunteers should have a .edu email address will prove a barrier for the London event.

UK academic email addresses end

Although there may be no funny *pictures* of cats, I will probably be bringing along Tony’s new friend, Evil Code Hench-kitty, for my London talk. She may talk to Tony, too. (I was considering crouching behind the podium and doing the whole talk as a puppet show, but I think that may be going a little too far…)

Jon, here’s a request: Why don’t you treat the audience like grownups instead of doing some stupid sunday school shtick?

I saw an interview with Patch Adams, who said something like this: “Almost every week a new study is published showing how laughter is good for your health. No benefits have yet been found to being serious.”

@Rich: If I thought people would prefer a purely-serious talk, I’d obviously do that. My experience is that people *enjoy* a bit of light-hearted cheesiness – mixed in with important points, of course.

Despite everyone protesting to their bosses that they go to conferences to learn all about the newest technology etc, my experience suggests that they go to conferences to be entertained as much as anything else.

I’m sorry if my preferred presentation style isn’t to your taste, but I’ve never been under the illusion that I’ll be able to please everyone.

Craig Jun 30 2011

Arrrrgggghhhh… Allowed my 2009 Alum discount code to expire, booked up yesterday at the increased price and then read this!

Ah well, hopefully I can get work to cover it. Looking forward to it.

Interesting that Twillio is a sponsor, I was under their impression their product musn’t much use to anyone outside of the USA/Canda?

Jasper Rijkeboer Jul 1 2011

I really enjoyed DevDays Amsterdam 2009. People came from far and wide: Italy, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary and some from the Benelux too ;).

Good luck with the show this year.

I’m with Jon – his talk at the last Dev Day was one of my highlights. Bring on the fun!