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Welcome Valued Associate Guy Zerega!

Guy Zerega joins the Stack Exchange team in the NYC headquarters as Sales Manager of Stack Overflow’s Careers 2.0.  In this role, Guy will lead the sales team in acquiring new hiring companies and continuing to develop relationships with current customers.

Guy enjoys spending time outdoors, but especially surfing and cycling.  Okay, so maybe “enjoying” surfing and cycling is a bit of an understatement.  Guy is a competitive cyclist, and has surfed in Costa Rica, Mexico, Australia, Barbados and Puerto Rico.

Winning And they're off

When “trapped” indoors, Guy enjoys reading, music, movies and any of Showtime’s dysfunctional behavior series (Nurse Jackie, Shameless and Californication).  Guy is a proud father of a 15 year old son and 12 year old daughter.

Guy Zerega

A proven leader and creative problem solver, Guy embodies Careers 2.0’s mission to do whatever it takes to help employers fill their programming positions with the best technical talent.  Welcome Guy!

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Welcome to SE, Guy. I see you’ve already found the Bicycles site; I hope to see you there often!

Maybe we have enough NY-area people on the network for a bicycle meet-and-greet? (I’m in New Jersey.)

Welcome Guy! I’m hoping SO careers can really break into the DC job market more than it has! Doesn’t really seem to be catching on around here…

Jarret Hardie May 9 2011

Welcome Guy. The really important info, though, is missing. Bike details from the photo, please!

Guy Zerega May 10 2011

Thanks for the welcome, really stoked to be at SO! Pic details – blue background is from the BikeReg results posting from Myles Standish. The other is from a Ninigret Crit. Took 1st at Myles & 6th at Nini!