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DevDays 2011 planning begins

A couple of years ago, we ran a series of awesome one-day conferences in ten cities called Stack Overflow Dev Days.

People had a lot of fun (read the reviews) and learned a lot, and we’ve been scrambling to get our acts in gear to run more conferences.

One thing we decided was that 10 cities is unbearably exhausting. We decided to focus on four conferences:

  1. London
  2. Washington, DC
  3. US West Coast (probably Bay Area)
  4. Australia (probably Sydney or Melbourne)

The conferences will most likely be in September or October, although exact dates can’t be determined until we’ve got all the venues nailed down.

We also decided (based on your feedback) to run these as two day conferences, not one day… the one day conferences were exhausting and didn’t leave enough time for socializing and informal networking kinds of stuff.

What’s this conference about? The idea for the original DevDays was to have high-bandwidth, intensive introductions to a wide variety of new technologies… the kinds of technologies that everybody wants to learn but doesn’t necessarily need to use on a project right now. Last time, it was things like iPhone development, Python, jQuery, Google AppEngine, etc. This year, we’re asking you. So far, there’s a lot of interest in DVCS, HTML5, and Node.js.

Who’s picking the speakers? You, of course. This is a community project! We’re setting up curriculum committees for each of the four events, and we need your help. If you are interested in joining the curriculum committee, please participate in the Meta discussions:

  1. London
  2. Washington, DC
  3. US West Coast (probably Bay Area)
  4. Australia (probably Sydney or Melbourne)

Each curriculum committee will work to decide what talks they want to hear, select speakers, and invite them. We’ll take care of the speakers’ and committee members expenses, of course, and we’ll do all the work of actually putting on the conference.

London DevDays 2009


jonnii May 3 2011

Why DC and not New York!?

What about Texas? [sarcasm]We have beaches also you know.[/sarcasm]

Dates and Pricing? A time when we would get to know dates and pricing?

The conferences will most likely be in September or October, although exact dates can’t be determined until we’ve got all the venues nailed down.

The price will be $399 for the US conferences and something similar (albeit a bit higher due to taxes) in UK and Australia

Ick, DC. :-(

My vote is for Chicago. Granted, it’s not in Eastern Time, but is more accessible for people who live more centrally (hi Rebecca!), as well as Canadians, etc.

Comments of the form “What about ____(my city)____” all have the same answer: No, there will not be a DevDays event in (your city) this year. There are many great cities and we only have limited resources, so choosing venues required us to make very painful decisions. Fortunately, there is an invention called an airplane, … :)

I take back my “DC sucks” comment. Well, DC does suck for a nerd, but a good friend was telling me that the cities near it, especially Baltimore, are awesome.

So hopefully the venue will be closer to Baltimore and further away from where all those scumbag lobbyists camp out. ;-)

Woot Australia! Thank youuuuuuu! Nice not to be left out for once :)

Jim McKeeth May 4 2011

In the Podcast it was “West Coast (probably Seattle area)” and you got me all excited. Bay Area isn’t too far away though.

I liked the one day event and I liked it in Boston. I am also confused about the DC location – I would imagine there is greater appeal to having it in Boston or NY. Oh well.

The nice thing about the first DevDays was the affordability. The amount Joel mentioned is great for a conference, but now you’re adding hotel, travel and meals as well as an additional day – all significant costs – both time and money. Those lucky enough to be in the area of an event previously only had to come up with the $99 – which I thought was the whole point of DevDays – to have an affordable one day event.

DevDays just took a turn towards being yet another expensive, inaccessible conference. What a shame.

This policy of two days and in fewer cities pushes the average cost (not including time) to $1000-$1500 or more.

I realize the crew is trying to cater to those that complained last time, but now what I thought was the original intent is lost.

Jeffrey May 4 2011


I’m not sure this is exactly being “inaccessible”. DC is in the middle of the east coast – it should cost less than $1000 to get a flight and one night in a hotel for this half of the country. For the target audience, I don’t see how this is out-of-reach.

I won’t be attending, but I’m glad to see the push to make this a “better” conference. It helps the community as a whole.

@Jeffrey – 2 days and $1000 is A LOT different than $99 or even $199 and two days. I took a vacation day and paid for myself and drove to the Boston conference in 2009. This new event certainly is less accessible.

The whole notion of DevDays (from what I can remember) was to have an event that the rest of us can/will go to. It was not to make just another corporate-type developer conference. Oh well, I guess I can either try to build my own conference or look for others who want to continue the original spirit of the DevDays.

Michael Minton May 4 2011

No love for the East coast. :(

@tim: Re “original spirit of DevDays”: Did you see what the guys at the Tartu, Estonia meetup did? They had a full agenda, with speakers lined up, etc. It was very well-organised, and there were about 100 people in attendance.

I certainly think that that model is worth emulating.

Paul R May 6 2011

Did I miss the “call for speakers” or has this not yet happened ?

Manoj May 9 2011

Hyderabad, India please. Next time if not this time.

Stan May 9 2011

DC has the strongest job market in the country, and most of those jobs are in technology. It’s also in the middle of the coast, with three airports, train-station, and right off of 95/295 for those driving. Solid choice, in my opinion.

Great idea. What is not clear to me to you plan having 4 different schedules with different speakers or brig the same event around the world? Or a mix of the two (some will be the same and some will be local speakers)?

Great idea about Australia.

Now hopefully I’ll be in one of those two cities by the time you guys come :)

This sounds great – I’m planning a trip to the US around that time and been looking for a conference or something to justify it as work related.
I just hope the venues can be nailed down soon so international travellers like myself can plan around it – September isn’t far away!

I’m quite disappointed that you’re reducing the number of DevDay appearances by so much. In regards to the UK it’s also disappointing that the conference is going to be held in London when there are plenty of other worthy cities that would probably be cheaper to host and easier to get to.

Bristol or Cardiff would be fantastic places to hold a conference, and for ease of transport you can’t beat Birmingham. I’d like to go, but getting to London is always awkward. At least in Bristol people could drive and find somewhere to park.

To everyone who is complaining that they want a conference in their own hometown:

Go ahead and schedule it. Seriously… if you can organize and plan the conference, find a venue, plan speakers, and everything else then the only thing missing is publicity.

The StackOverflow guys strike me as being pretty flexible and open to creative solutions. If folks from Chicago, Boston, Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, or whatever other location held a conference this year, then asked next year if they could affiliate their conference with the official StackOverflow schedule, I’ll bet that there would be some real interest. Step 1 would be to organize the conference yourself.

London!. I’ll be popping along, in fact I’ll bring the team!

I suppose SF is the obvious West Coast choice but do consider the burgeoning dev population in Seattle – not only do we have lots of big employers opening satellite offices here it might be your last chance before the whole city is one big pile of gridlock when the viaduct goes down.

We would like to have the same kind of DevDays in india, when do you plan for the same in india?

From Portland – Loved DevDays 09 in Seattle! I’m willing to go to the Bay Area if I can work it in my schedule. (Sept is busy for us)

I enjoyed the ASP.MVC, Python and jQuery talks. Really learned lots. If it’s on your radar, I’d love to hear about OAuth and OpenID – I know you use them at Stack Overflow. It would be fun to hear about Micro ORMs such as Massive and Dapper. They are clever out of the box solutions to common issues.

And like the others, I’d be happy to learn more about DVCS and HTML5.

shreesh May 26 2011

Bangalore! BANGALORE! please! for the love of god, include Bangalore!. [hope I am being desperate enough :)]

Andrei Jun 3 2011

It’s still a reasonable price. Yes, hotel, plane, meals will add up, BUT, those in the US, don’t forget, you are writing it off as a work-related expense! If you are paying back taxes, why not spend that money on the conference. You’d give them money back anyway. Or get paid back ;)