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Stack Overflow World-Wide MeetUps – Success!

Thanks to everyone who attended a Stack Overflow MeetUp!  We had over 2,000 people sign up.  Reading the tweets (#SOMeetup) in chronological order was a bit like New Year’s Eve, with each time zone’s MeetUps beginning one after the other.

While not every MeetUp had tons of people, it seemed like everyone had a great time!  Updates and pictures have been posted so far on Twitter and Flickr.  If you have any pictures or quick stories to share from your MeetUp that you haven’t posted yet, post ‘em (and don’t forget the #SOMeetup hashtag)!  Here’s a sampling of the ones so far:

Sydney, Australia:

Bangkok, Thailand:

Kozhikode, India:

Washington DC, USA:

New York City, New York, USA:

Chicago, Illinois, USA:

Seattle, Washington, USA:


Mountain View, California, USA:

This was very much an experiment for us, and I think it went great.  A couple of communities have gone in and set up another MeetUp for next month.  That’s awesome!  We have seen interest in doing MeetUps again, and we’d love your feedback on how we can improve.  Does an annual MeetUp make sense?  Let us know in the comments or in a Meta Stack Overflow post what you’d like to see happen.

Thanks for helping us make this event such a great success!


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Felix Apr 8 2011

My only advice: next time, do it on a weekend (at least Friday). I didn’t attend my local meetup because I was after 6 hours of work, another 6 of school (I would’ve been late to the meetup anyway) and with the alarm clock set to 8 A.M. the next day. I was really sad!

Feanor Apr 8 2011

@Felix: Agreed. I was at the Seattle meetup but I had to leave rather early. I’m glad I got to go and hang out with a bunch of very smart people, though. Love to do it again soon.

No one came to my local one, even though three people signed up. :(

I’m curious – what do you talk about at these meetups? Programmers only? Or do people get to ‘network’?

Hey I took that Seattle photo! :-) Now I wish I was in it.

OMG! Our photo listed in SO blog… :)

Kozhikode, India

@Chris a whole host of things. We had conversations ranging from the latest video games out, technology people were developing in the mid-90s, literature, vi v emacs v pico, trash talking programming languages, and an interesting discussion on liquor – to name a few.

It was a rip-roarin’ good time and I look forward to helping setup and attend the next one!

Daphne O'Keefe Apr 9 2011

The four of us in Charlotte, NC, USA, had a great time sharing stories about work, programming, SO strategies and other stuff. We now have bragging rights for attending the first SO meetup. I’m hoping SO initiates another one next year — it was fun, but it won’t happen without a catalyst.

in Tehran 4 persons comes and great be come frequently in month.
thank you SO

@Bill that’s a bummer — what was the location?

Heh, glad to see my sign taking pride of place. Where did you find the photo of it?

We had a great time in Sydney. Looks like it might become a thing.

We ate the Google food, we grilled @samsaffron on scaling and performance, we discussed crappy questions, we pondered the RPG StackExchange, we drank beer, we distributed t-shirts.

also … ChairOverflow (via @izevaka) … well I thought it was funny :P

Martin Apr 11 2011

The Seattle picture is 1.5 Jon Skeet’s (Jarrard is the .5 :-)

Jeff Yates Apr 11 2011

It was a thoroughly enjoyable thing even though there were only two of us (out of the five that signed up). Next time around, I intend to be more on the ball about organising but I’m reluctant to set something up outside of a global set-up like this time – imagine how many out of 5 would show then?! :D

Oscar Reyes Apr 11 2011

@Bill same happened here.

5 sign up, only two show up.

I think the problem here was, nobody really knew how to spot each other. I wear my Stackoverflow shirt and that’s how the other guy recognize me.

I saw 3 or 4 guys walking in the Café looking for .. “something” in the ceiling and walls. They looked at me the same way I looked at them “… I wonder if … nahh” and then they leave. That’s when I decided to take my jacket off but probably was a bit late :P

Out location, Mexico City!

Awesome! Two (now three) bits of feedback:

– we should give meetups a budget based on size that we fund (USA only? dunno about international) where we reimburse say $100 for meetups of 30 people and $200 for meetups of 60 people. This should be enough to cover pizza and drinks.

– we should have guidelines about printing out (or hand-writing) name tags that include your gravatar, your tags of interest, your rep, and user name.. basically, your “user card” as it appears on the site. This helps immensely when getting to know people

– make sure they know to clearly mark the venue and/or the participants so people can find each other — perhaps “seed” the organizers with a t-shirt and ask that they prominently wear it so others can find them (like @oscarreyes)

I think those three simple changes would help a lot in the future.

@Jeff Atwood – I think I’ve asked you this before, Are you serious? If so how can I up vote your blog post comment?
That is totally awesome! What an awesome awesome awesome company!