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Stack Exchange Network Profiles

04-08-11 by . 10 comments

If you participate on multiple Stack Exchange sites, you now have a global profile page! You can navigate there via the handy network profile link on your user page.

From your network profile, you can get a mile high view of all your activity across every site in our network. Yep, all of ’em!

The default page on your network profile is what I like to call your “Greatest Hits” — that is, your highest voted questions and answers from all network sites.

If you missed the old reputation graph, you’re in luck; you can get a similar graph of your reputation across all sites on the reputation tab of your network profile.

If you are logged in to, there’s also a private inbox tab that will let you access old messages in your global inbox that may have scrolled off. Just look for the “see all” link at the bottom of your beloved global inbox tab.

If you only participate on one site in the network, you may not need this stuff — but why stop at one? We hope the new network profiles make it easier and more fun to participate in even more of our Stack Exchange Q&A sites!


Jim Mitchener Apr 8 2011

Very glad to have the rep graph back. Very refreshing to see someone listen to the community and respond that quickly.

Love the new features that are getting strapped on, makes cross-site activity convenient (if not slightly distracting!).

Yeah my network page has wrong info… it thinks I live in Michigan still… Update StackOverflow hours ago, no love.

This is great. Very nice way to she what is going on across the sites.

Would be even better if you could provide feeds for the activity. Surely you could spare just a few orange pixels.

Can I assign the profile URL a vanity slug, or is that in the works? Right now the URL contains a big, honkin’ GUID in it.

Zoredache Apr 8 2011

I would still like to see you update the chat.* profile link to the network-wide profile instead of or in addition to the profile it links to.


That profile is synced daily (roughly), give it time. We’re working on making the story on that better.


Its on the todo. GUIDs are how you’re identified across the network internally (and in our public API) for obvious reasons, but the URLs are a bit ugly.

nhnb Apr 9 2011

I think the default page should show the answers first and in big and the quests below the answers and in small. I don’t want to show off the things that I had to ask about, but the things I was able to help other with.

I love the cross-site features that you continue to add on! Stack Exchange is so, well, gratifying, compared to similar purpose sites I have used.

Another nice detail: The different backdrops for each of the stacks are very well matched to the content! Also, seems like cross-stack flow of updates, and ability to switch around, improves incrementally each time I visit.
;@) asks “Can i view favorites from all SE sites at one place”; Jeff Attwood answers.

I look forward to this development!

(After a day or so of thoroughly enjoying contributions across multiple sites, the l only thing I found lacking was an overview of bookmarks.)