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SE Podcast #02

04-27-11 by . 15 comments

This week on the Stack Exchange podcast, Jeff and Joel are back into the swing of the weekly podcast and jump right into business, including:

  • The algorithm for the Stack Overflow homepage changed a little while back, showing you even more relevant content and questions every time you log in.
  • Content farms and how much they suck (but how amazingly funny and well written “The Content Farm” is.
  • The recent launch of the HowThingsWork Stack Exchange and why it never made it out of its private beta.  In particular, it had the issue that it would have turned into almost just another content farm and not fulfill the Stack Exchange mission of making the internet better.
  • The recent move to our new data center and technical changes that have made all of the sites faster and more efficient.
  • How you can utilize improved networking in your data center to greatly improve performance with efficient upgrades
  • The Internet Archive is an amazing service for preserving the history of the internet, but it never seems to get enough support.  Go and donate today!
  • Is there such a thing as a question that is too simple?  What new guidelines should we give people when posting questions on Stack Exchange.

And a fun fact about the Stack Exchange podcast: We have listeners in 85 countries around the world.

See you next week when Jeff and Joel are joined by Scott Hanselman.

One final note – we’re re-numbering the podcast to start back at the beginning, so this is now episode #02 and last week is now episode #01.

Stack Exchange Podcast – Episode #02 by Stack Exchange

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I’m not sure if you guys have any recourse, but your podcast takes a long time to show up on the mobile iTunes store.

Is there any solution for mobile folks who don’t have iphones? Any Android users here?

@mj there is a “download” link above which should work

Daniel Apr 27 2011

Problem is you deliberately devalued questions when you halved the rep gained on up votes. Which you applied retrospectively to peoples existing reputation. This was a hard lesson to people with lots of questions and taught them that you did not value questions and thus reduced their incentive to upvote. Why should I upvote something with low perceived value?

Banang Apr 28 2011

Jeff, I was on the bus listening this morning, and I couldn’t wait to get off it just so that I could tell you (even though you probably already know) that for cross-cutting concerns and patterns you find yourself applying over and over again, like what you describe with your caching, you should really consider using aspects. Seriously, it will make your life easier, and your code more maintainable and pretty.

There are several frameworks for AOP in .Net. I have used (but am not affiliated with) an excellent one called PostSharp ( that will let you factor your “check if this is in the cache – otherwise go fetch”-pattern out into one single aspect that you can then apply to all the places where you use this. In this way, if you ever need to change your caching strategy, you’ll only need to change the code in one place, rather than in a thousand of them. This also applies for your error handling, your transaction handling, and your performance tracing (guerrilla style). Aspects totally changed my way of coding, for the better.

Love that the podcast is back, can’t wait for next week’s instalment.

I haven’t listened to many podcasts, but I really enjoyed this one.

* The justifications for closing How Things Work (which I committed to) are excellent.
* I also the explanation of the behind-the-scenes server stuff.

The whole experience leads me to think that you guys really takes this project seriously. I guess I always knew that, but listen to you guys reinforce it.

[sidenote] Joel kept irritating me by interrupting Jeff way too often. It reminds me of me when I talk to people, when trying to keep interested/focused in what they have to say (I lose interest/concentration real easy).

THenrich Apr 28 2011

Why the random filename?

You lost me at the point where I was asked to donate to an internets museum.

@tshepang Joel and I interrupt each other all the time.. we try to avoid doing it as much as we can, but we’re both natural chatterboxes, so it’s a best effort sort of thing.

Any thoughts to when the ‘General Reference’ close reason might appear on Stack Overflow, or criteria for what would make you decide to deploy it?

Thanks for not putting an intro or any “bumper” music in the podcast. Nothing is more annoying.

David McKenzie May 3 2011

I love that the podcast is back, but please, please fix the audio levels. The overall level is too low, and the level on Joel’s mike is way, way too low. Listen to your podcast and .NET Rocks side by side, and you will see what I mean.

Paulovski May 4 2011

I heartily welcome the return of the podcast…Joel’s monochordic voice turns out to be the best sleeping pill for me…It really works!

Chris May 7 2011

Can we get a proper podcast rss feed please?

Richard May 17 2011


Have you taken into account that your filter takes away information I might need because it provides me what I want instead?

Discussed in this ted talk: