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SE Podcast #01

04-20-11 by . 31 comments

Welcome back to the first episode of the new Stack Exchange Podcast redux!  Jumping right back into the old groove, here’s what happens this week:

  • Jeff and Joel discuss missing the openness that the old podcast provided.  Since the podcast is just a recording of their weekly call, it gives listeners an insight into the decision making and vision behind Stack Exchange.
  • Some of the Stack Exchange metas have been having vibrant debates and discussions about the role of the community and moderators in shaping debates – but what are the unseen upsides to having this vibrant meta community?
  • Joel has spent many hours over the last few weeks looking at user trends and patterns between the Stack Exchange sites – what has he found?
      • The percentage of “civilians” (users whose first login was to a site other than StackOverflow, SuperUser or ServerFault) on Stack Exchange sites has grown to 36% since the launch of SE.

    • However, the recent stasis of the ratio not changing isn’t due to civilian growth stopping, its that programmers are growing just as quickly.

    • Most interestingly, some of the “geekiest” sites (like Ubuntu, Math, Stats, Physics, TeX) have the highest percentage of “civilian” users.
  • Launching this week is the beta of the brand new HowThingsWork community.  Jeff and Joel discuss its odds for success, challenges it faces, and lessons learned from the launches of past communities.
  • There have been numerous discussionsover the last few months about the closing of questions for being “too localized” – Joel and Jeff discuss their (strong) feelings on how and when this should be used and why you shouldn’t ask about why there’s a pothole outside your house but you should ask why cities have so much trouble maintaining their roads in general.
    • Plus, did someone successfully troll Joel on this thread?
  • Coming up in September and October this year: it’s Stack Overflow Dev Days 2011!  We’ll be doing Dev Days in fewer spots this time (4 instead of 10) but they’ll be bigger and better – plus running for two days instead of just one.  Dev Days will be taking place in 4 cities around the world, one each somewhere in the US West Coast, US East Coast, UK and Australia.  Stay tuned at the Stack Overflow blog for more details.
  • Joel and Jeff discuss their backup procedures and why you need to be careful whether using hard drives or SSDs.  Plus, why you really shouldn’t be too concerned that Dropbox will decrypt your data if they receive a court order.
  • Finally, we’re going to have all kinds of interesting and upcoming changes for the podcast including guests, a live stream, a live chat room and maybe even video.

A special thanks to our friends at SoundCloud for setting us up on their amazing audio sharing platform – you can check out this episode on their site or below (and even leave comments at specific times during the audio).

Also, a big thanks to Friend of George over on for the recommendation on live recording software that we’re using for the podcast now.


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First of all, yay for the return of podcasts! I’ve missed them terribly.

Second of all, does SoundCloud not have a way to subscribe to a Podcast (for example in Google Listen)?

Ahah, figured it out.

If you drill to the Stack Exchange user page on SoundCloud, you get an RSS feed. Might be nice to have that on the individual podcast pages too.

So glad to see the podcast return :) Will it also be pushed to iTunes? Currently #87 is still the most recent there.

Sorry guys. I got tired of waiting, so I filled the hole left by this podcast with the excellent podcasts from Dan Benjamin’s 5by5 Studios: (disclaimer: I’m not affiliated in any way)

Mark: With most podcatchers you can point them directly at the RSS feed of the blog and the podcasts will be pulled out. It works in iTunes and seems to work with Google Listen too.

Oh, how I’ve missed thee! Welcome back!

@Mark: thanks for the link, must have been the one part of the SoundGarden site I didn’t try :-(

Also note complete lack of metadata on the downloaded file, not even a title.

Awesome! Glad Podcast is back… Hope you guys talk a little bit about programming besides the usual StackOverflow/StackExchange thing!

You can get an RSS Feed of the podcast at

And yes, it will be available in iTunes through the old feed – it just takes iTunes a few hours to update.

I subscribed to the podcast in iTunes (The Stack Exchange Podcast) and, even though on the podcast’s page in iTunes it’s only show # 87 now, when it started downloading it grabbed the new one (# 88).

I did some similar stats back in January based on the data dumps. My findings were that 73.19% of users are in common with StackOverflow and that around 5% went to the other site first before StackOverflow.

Cooking: 2630 of 3155 in common (83.36%)
Game Development: 2497 of 2938 in common (84.99%)
Gaming: 3813 of 4418 in common (86.31%)
Mathematics: 2162 of 2965 in common (72.92%)
Photography: 1659 of 1916 in common (86.59%)
Server Fault: 28770 of 38434 in common (74.86%)
StackApps: 3656 of 3874 in common (94.37%)
Statistical Analysis: 1298 of 1728 in common (75.12%)
Super User: 31897 of 49157 in common (64.89%)
Ubuntu: 3245 of 5090 in common (63.75%)
WebApplications: 5575 of 6223 in common (89.59%)
WebMasters: 2612 of 2820 in common (92.62%)

I for one welcome back our podcast overlords…

Great podcast, can you guys put a compressor on your mics so there is not so many spikes in voice volumes.

It would be awesome if somebody could make a torrent of all the old episodes. I lost my HD and can’t find them anywhere online.

Anybody know where I could get them?

Until I looked at the sidebar, I thought it was the Alex Miller who organizes Strange Loop, a conference for programmers that isn’t about any one particular programming language. Common name, I guess!

Thanks for bringing the show back! Will one of you add it to so our listeners can enjoy it too? Let me know if I can help. Thanks!

Tim Post Apr 20 2011

It’s really nice to see these come back. It makes for an interesting hour of listening and an enjoyable distraction to go along with coffee one day out of the week.

I was wondering about the percentage of programmers that still made up the core of many of the SE sites, I was a little surprised to see that it was still so high. My guess was somewhere around 20% – 25%.

Looking forward to next week :)

Finally! I was getting tired of re-listening the other 87 episodes for the 5th time..

It’s weird how I just love listening to hours of conversation by two guys I don’t even know.

fretje Apr 21 2011

Soundcloud seems to be blocked here at work… are there other ways to get to this?

Oscar Reyes Apr 25 2011
Owen Gibbins Apr 26 2011

Ditto to all the thanks for bringing this back, especially to what Rob and Eric said!

Nathan Apr 27 2011

I wonder why the podcast is so big in terms of MB. It’s almost 60MB for an hour of speech. For comparison, This American Life is also an hour, but is less than 30MB. In fact, pretty much all of the podcasts I subscribe to clock in at about 1/2 a MB per minute.

Do we really need such a high quality mp3 for what is essentially two people talking while Joel’s computer makes odd sounds?

What’s the open source library you guys implemented using Redis?

never mind, got it, it’s booksleeve, hard to find it in Google if you don’t get the name right

Is there any particular reason that you can’t provide the podcast on the Zune Marketplace? I have a Zune HD and don’t think I can get this via iTunes.

I’m reaaaaaal glad the podcast is back. Thanks Jeff, Joel, and Alex!

One (constructive) criticism: are you guys levelating the podcast, as you did previously? The levels seem lower, and more variable than in the old Stack Overflow series.

Podcasts rullez
I don’t see them dead for a long time to come …

aphoria May 2 2011

@Mike Clark

I listen on a Zune and subscribe to the podcast using this URL,

Wunderful podcast ! Thanx a lot and welcome back …