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Stack Exchange Traffic Still Growing

04-12-11 by Joel Spolsky. 17 comments

We had a crazy month last month, growing about 18% across the board. Today I was excited to log onto Quantcast, which measures our traffic, to see that for the first time, our network rank now fits into a single unsigned byte!

There are several different ways we measure our traffic, and each of them gets vastly different results. For example, Quantcast puts us as 14.1 million people a month (globally). They measure that using a little JavaScript widget you’ll find at the bottom of the HTML on every one of our pages.

Quantcast doesn’t provide very robust measurement tools, so we use Google Analytics (“GA”) for internal tracking. GA has great reporting features, but there is one major difference in the methodology: if the same person visits and, for example, because of the way cookies work, GA considers that to be two unique visitors. So with GA we end up “overcounting” people if they visit more than one of our domains. We decided that was OK for our own internal tracking. Someone who visits AND is worth “twice as much” as someone who only visits one site.

Also, for reasons we have never figured out, Google Analytics just gets larger numbers than Quantcast. Right now GA is showing more visitors (15 million) on alone than Quantcast sees on the whole network:

Why? I don’t know. Either Google Analytics loses cookies sometimes, or Quantcast misses visitors. Counting is an inexact science.

As I said, for our own purposes, we decided to sum up all the GA visitors numbers on the six top level domains we operate, which puts as at about 24 million unique visitors.

The one source that’s absolute, complete rubbish is They seem to think that we only have 659,000 visitors to and that we’re shrinking. This “data” is so utterly and completely out of whack with every other source that actually measures our traffic that I just don’t know what to make of it.

The fact that they manage to be off by a factor of 22, and that they think we’re shrinking when everyone else (Quantcast, Google Analytics, even Alexa with their goofy toolbar methodology) has measured us as growing, makes me wonder just what the heck is going on at To put it politely.

Stack Exchange Partners with MathJax

04-12-11 by Jeff Atwood. 13 comments

I’m pleased to announce that Stack Exchange is now a major supporting partner of MathJax.

MathJax is, of course, an open source JavaScript display engine for mathematics that works in all modern browsers. It’s a joint project of the American Mathematical Society, Design Science, Inc., and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

We love MathJax, and we use it on six sites in the Stack Exchange network so far with great success:

Quantitative Finance
Q&A for finance professionals and academics

Electronics Design
Q&A for electronic hardware hacking enthusiasts

Statistical Analysis
Q&A for statisticians, data analysts, data miners and data visualization experts

Q&A for active researchers, academics and students of physics

Q&A for people studying math at any level and professionals in related fields

Theoretical Computer Science
Q&A for theoretical computer scientists and researchers in related fields

It turns out math is kind of … important … to a lot of the hard science communities. Who knew?


We were thrilled to be able to apply some of our VC unicorn dollars toward making MathJax a great open source tool for rendering math in web browsers — not just on our communities, but across the whole of the internet. That’s our fundamental mission: to make the internet better for everyone.

It is quite an honor to be on the sponsors page alongside organizations like Project Euclid and The American Physical Society. That’s the kind of company I am very happy to keep.

If you’d like to test out math notation on one of our sites, refer to a LaTeX2 mathematical notation reference and remember that $$ and $$ are the delimiters that indicate when you enter and leave LaTeX2 mode.

Pause a few seconds for the real-time preview to kick in and see what kind of math you’ve wrought in your answer. Or, just view MathJax in action on the existing Q&A at quant, electronics, stats, physics, cstheory, and of course math. Click the edit link (recently made available to all users) on any post to see the underlying markup.

Enjoy! We’ll be working closely with the MathJax team to fold back in any feedback, enhancements, or improvements we come up with for the greater math community.

Welcome Valued Associate Greg Drinkwater!

04-10-11 by Alison Sperling. 6 comments

Greg Drinkwater joins the Careers Sales team in the NYC headquarters. As Account Executive, Greg is working to expand our Careers 2.0 jobs board, and most importantly, helping our employer customers fill their open positions.

Greg lives on Long Island with his wife and stays busy chasing after his two rescue dogs, Frankie and Jed.  Frankie is an active Border Collie Mix and Jed is a 75lb German Short Haired Pointer who thinks he’s a lapdog.  Greg is a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan, and enjoys all things sports-related.  When not following the worst “best” team in baseball, Greg enjoys travelling, and listening to live music.

Welcome to the team Greg!

Stack Overflow World-Wide MeetUps – Success!

04-08-11 by Rebecca Chernoff. 17 comments

Thanks to everyone who attended a Stack Overflow MeetUp!  We had over 2,000 people sign up.  Reading the tweets (#SOMeetup) in chronological order was a bit like New Year’s Eve, with each time zone’s MeetUps beginning one after the other.

While not every MeetUp had tons of people, it seemed like everyone had a great time!  Updates and pictures have been posted so far on Twitter and Flickr.  If you have any pictures or quick stories to share from your MeetUp that you haven’t posted yet, post ‘em (and don’t forget the #SOMeetup hashtag)!  Here’s a sampling of the ones so far:

Sydney, Australia:

Bangkok, Thailand:

Kozhikode, India:

Washington DC, USA:

New York City, New York, USA:

Chicago, Illinois, USA:

Seattle, Washington, USA:


Mountain View, California, USA:

This was very much an experiment for us, and I think it went great.  A couple of communities have gone in and set up another MeetUp for next month.  That’s awesome!  We have seen interest in doing MeetUps again, and we’d love your feedback on how we can improve.  Does an annual MeetUp make sense?  Let us know in the comments or in a Meta Stack Overflow post what you’d like to see happen.

Thanks for helping us make this event such a great success!


Stack Exchange Network Profiles

04-08-11 by Jeff Atwood. 10 comments

If you participate on multiple Stack Exchange sites, you now have a global profile page! You can navigate there via the handy network profile link on your user page.

From your network profile, you can get a mile high view of all your activity across every site in our network. Yep, all of ’em!

The default page on your network profile is what I like to call your “Greatest Hits” — that is, your highest voted questions and answers from all network sites.

If you missed the old reputation graph, you’re in luck; you can get a similar graph of your reputation across all sites on the reputation tab of your network profile.

If you are logged in to, there’s also a private inbox tab that will let you access old messages in your global inbox that may have scrolled off. Just look for the “see all” link at the bottom of your beloved global inbox tab.

If you only participate on one site in the network, you may not need this stuff — but why stop at one? We hope the new network profiles make it easier and more fun to participate in even more of our Stack Exchange Q&A sites!