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Improved Tag Sets

04-27-11 by . 9 comments

Earlier this month, Emmett asked for feedback on what we should improve next on

The consensus seemed to be that the existing functionality was good, but it could be simpler to use — as expressed by Pekka:

I miss the carefully crafted minimalism that I’ve come to love so much on SO. From that perspective, is not yet doing as well as I would expect from what is the public face of the network, and its official headquarters. I don’t have a clear idea of what needs to be done, but I would like to see the site taking a more intuitive and beginner-friendly approach to exploring the network.

Nowhere is this more apparent than Tag Sets, which we originally rolled out last November. Tag sets are actually an incredibly powerful feature, but the UI for it … uh, not so good.

We rolled up our sleeves and built an all new, much friendlier interface. We also renamed it to something that’s hopefully a bit clearer: filters.

There are also two new built-in, default filters available for every network user:

  1. My Sites — all questions on every site that you have an account on
  2. Favorite Tags — all questions on every site in the favorite tags you’ve selected on those sites

Filters (née Tag Sets) are a perfect way to follow activity on tags across the whole Stack Exchange network, either in the browser or via email subscriptions. If you tried it before and were flummoxed by the UI, please do give it another shot and let us know what you think.

Oh, and don’t forget you have a network profile at, too.

Expect more news on this soon!

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I still think its awkward I have to keep set favorite tags on all sites I participate on. Surely you have enough information about me to guesstimate what kind of questions I might find interesting?

Personally I wish tag sets directly correlated to what I set on the site. Also in our “notifier dropdown” I could care less about “hot questions” What I want is to see my “inbox” and maybe questions in my tag sets, visiting yet another page makes little sense to me.

I just tried the updated filter out and it is very confusing to me. The “Just Questions Tagged” input is either not working properly or is confusing to me. If I choose C#, then press space and type in linq in an attempt to add the linq-to-sql tag the auto-complete finds nothing. On top of that I would like to enter 10+ tags and the field currently maxes out at 25 characters. Am I doing something wrong?

All I want is to be able to see is all of questions on the sites I choose that have a tag matching one of my favorites for that site.

Looking at it, I think it would make more sense to choose sites first and then choose the tags you want to follow. That way you could possibly show the tags I already have favorites for on those site. Then it would be really easy to fill out.

Rebecca Chernoff Apr 27 2011

@Ben, you need to create multiple rules in the filter for that. Put in c#, then hit “add rule”. Then do it again for linq-to-sql and hit “add rule”.

I am doing a study like this on my own website. My goal is to create automatic label the words used in the text. But the Turkish language will be quite difficult as it seems.

@ben we’re clarifying the UI to make it more clear it’s one tag at a time.

Smashery Apr 28 2011

Nice work! I’m still confused by the list of popular filters. Looking at them puts me off a little, because to understand a filter, I have to read all of its parameters. It would be nice if the filter’s name was prominent in that list.

Just stumbled onto this filtering system, entry into it was a little rough. However, I love the idea and have already created several filters. I saw the support for ATOM feeds was curious if you plan to support a read API for filters?

@Smashery: I guess the popular filters would not be set a name by everyone use it, and even there can be identical filters where people assign different names to the same filter. I agree that it would be helpful thought, but this will need some well defined rules for how to display the name. If it is just “My filter”, it should not be displayed, and if there are multiple names, then it might be the first one that named the filter, or the most used if same name is used for it by more than one.