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A bookshelf on your Careers 2.0 profile

We think books are a great conversation starter and reveal a lot about one’s natural curiosity. So, we’ve added a “bookshelf” to your Careers 2.0 profile!

It’s all about telling the story of your professional development. Perhaps you deftly implemented an Observer pattern for a chat application. Maybe you educated your manager about the maker’s schedule. Heck, maybe you wrote a book, or several.


We are also providing better guidance to help you develop a more thorough profile. Look for the “completeness” widget in the upper right:

Completeness  => Completeness

…which leads to a clear explanation of what your next steps might be. This comes straight from the feedback employers give us about what they want to know.

As you may know, Careers 2.0 profiles are invitation-only. You might receive an invitation based on your activity on Stack Overflow, or through a peer who has been granted some invites of their own. You can request an invitation, too.

PS, One of our valued associates created a labor of love on a similar “books” premise, but with slightly different goals.

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R. Bemrose Apr 6 2011

SPEAKING of Career 2.0 invites, when I got one, it looked suspiciously like spam.

Why aren’t those opt-in anyway?

Chris Apr 6 2011

If this isn’t already implmented, this could also address the FAQ – “what’s books would you reccomend on blah”? I’d love to be able to see a list of most popular books, as represented on users’ bookshelves.

Jerry Apr 6 2011

My current employer pays for a Safari account and so I can read many books every month for free.

However, that will end when I leave that employer, and O’Reilly tells me the current monthly cost of Safari is from $30 to $50, or the cost of 1-3 RL dead tree books.

There is an opportunity for Stack Exchange there….

I’d pay some amount of money to Stack Exchange for reduced costs on Safari and other similar services.

Annoyed Apr 6 2011

I’m sure you guys love your little invite-only click and all, but to anyone who would like a profile but doesn’t have one it’s pretty annoying.

Why not just set a minimum SO Rep for a profile and be done with it? At least then people would have something to shoot for.

Randolph Apr 6 2011

@Annoyed, I paid for my original Careers profile before it became free, so I was automatically included in the new group. I could send you an invite if you like. All you have to do is ask.

FWIW, Gmail was also invite-only for a long time.

I also have invites if anyone would like one.

virtualblackfox Apr 6 2011

Could you add librarything ( ) support like selecting books from a tag defined there ?

Arnis L Apr 6 2011

Awesome stuff

Hi Matt,

I also have Career 2.0 profile and just made a full update recently but I don’t remember if I received any invitation. So what does “invitation only” really mean? Or although I can create a profile but because it is free so it will be inactive and unsearchable?

Nonetheless, I’m going to add some books to my profile :)

For me, the most useful aspect of the bookshelf feature is that you can add _any_ book, not just programming-related ones.

In my case, _How to Win Friends and Influence People_ would be top of my list for professional development. It’s applicable to any field you work in. Even Jeff endorses it.

Martin Apr 7 2011

Cool! Great way to increase your Amazon Referrals

This is a great idea, I was going to add library to my website as a guide for good learning paths. This could be a good step towards it. Thanks.

This is cool. Just the other day, a fresher at work was asking for some good books to read on Java and other stuff. If I had one of these, I could have just pointed him to this. Could someone please send me an invite?

J-e-L-L-o Jul 4 2011

I would like an invite! I am always collecting books. As a second year computer science student ,I am always curious as to what I can learn about BEFORE I have to either struggle in class, or figure out that this stuff is easy and why am I sitting in a 2hr lecture for this lol.