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Welcome Valued Associate Josh Heyer

03-24-11 by . 16 comments

Our community team has been growing by leaps and bounds:

We’re serious about building community — and that means having a full time team dedicated to you. The community team’s role is to participate deeply on our network of Q&A sites and help figure out, with the assistance of the community, ways to for us to serve our community better — in whatever form that takes.

I’m pleased to announce that, under the leadership of Robert Cartaino, we’re adding a fourth member to the community team: Josh Heyer, aka Shog9, from Colorado.

profile for Shog9 on Stack Exchange, a network of free, community-driven Q&A sites

Josh will be an adjunct community coordinator working part time with the rest of the community team.

Josh is as old school as it gets; his Stack Overflow user id is 3 digits. I think it’s fair to say he’s been here from the absolute beginning — not just on Stack Overflow, but on UserVoice (our first meta system), through the birth of the original trilogy, and beyond. Josh is an avid student of online community too, and he’s grown with us as we’ve figured this stuff out.

I’m continually amazed how many smart people we have in our network who grok our mission of high signal Q&A that makes the internet better, and are willing to volunteer their effort and insights to help us get there. I wish I could hire all of you. But until that time comes, Mr. Heyer will have to do.

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Benjol Mar 25 2011

Haha! Meta-heads FTW!

And… congratulations.

S.Mark Mar 25 2011

Congratulations! :-)

Ha…not quite as old-skool as my id :) However well done Josh.

You posted, “Josh Heyer” and I thought, “Who?” But once I saw you meant Shog9, it was cool. Congrats Shog9!

I had a feeling an announcement would be coming up when I saw Shog9 in the moderator queue last night. Either he got hired or someone finally managed to earn the elusive Hacker badge.

Congratulations, Shog9!

Congrats Shog9!

Giorgi Mar 25 2011

Congratulations Shog! One more user in stackoverflow team!

Pekka Mar 25 2011

No waaaaaaay! I had to laugh when I saw this. (In a good way.) Congratulations!

> I wish I could hire all of you. But until that time comes, Mr. Heyer will have to do.

Well Jeff, I am ready for you to hire me now ;)

Is there a particular job skill you’re looking for in the next round of hires, besides “Lives in NYC”?

Tom J Mar 27 2011

Be careful with rapid growth … it has killed many a small company. If you can’t clearly state *how* adding an employee is going to generate enough marginal profit to cover the increased salary, hesitate.

Good luck … love the sites!

David H Mar 27 2011

Congrats Shog. You’ve definitely earned it with all your input over the years.

Thanks all! And @Tom, I plan to generate marginal profit by selling Girl Scout Cookies on the side… Care for some Thin Mints?

Pekka Mar 28 2011

@Shog that’s what I call diversification. Good work!

@Tom I believe that is the idea, I definitely don’t think they’re hiring _just to hire_.

@Shog9 ~ Blech, samoa or die! (that’s all I’m saying)

Pavel Shved Apr 1 2011

ohwow. Just noticed. Congrats.