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Welcome Valued Associate Amanda Zompetti!

Amanda Zompetti takes over as Office Manager in the Stack Exchange NYC headquarters. As Office Manager/Den Mother, Amanda ensures that all the behind-the-scenes-daily-operations run smoothly. During her first week she was faced with many challenges including the installation of a ping pong table. In all seriousness, Amanda is already a strong contributor to the team.

Yummm Egg Cream!

In her spare time, Amanda brews her own beer and enjoys cooking (and eating, and talking about food, and looking at food….), and she also plays ultimate frisbee.

Snow Dancer!

Welcome Amanda!



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Ikea sells ping pong tables?!

Welcome, Amanda :)

beer brewer. You have my attention.

@tim – yes but you have to assemble the balls yourself.

Shog9 Mar 22 2011

Mmmm… Homebrew in a soda cup…

Rebecca Chernoff Mar 23 2011

Welcome to the team, Amanda! (: