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Stack Overflow MeetUps – April 6

We’re excited to announce that Wednesday, April 6th, 2011, is World-Wide Stack Overflow MeetUp Day!

We commonly say that Stack Overflow is run by the community. We also commonly say that Stack Overflow is not a social networking site. There’s no private messaging. There’s no “friends” list. The entire focus is on the knowledge shared. So, when interest arises to organize world-wide “meet ups”, we need a little help from you.

Stack Overflow users are a diverse group of people, spread all over the world (there’s a lot of green on that map!). To get everyone involved in this year’s MeetUp, we would like to organize into local groups by getting everyone in each area together… all at the same time. We are making it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the groups already meeting up face-to-face. provides just that service.

Get Involved

Go to to find your local Stack Overflow MeetUp group. If there is no group in your area, start one! Once some other folks in your area say they’re interested, you can choose an exact location (library, community center, restaurant, etc) to meet. Someone can even step up to be the organizer to help move the process along.

Get to Know the Community

There is a lot of flexibility in what you can do with your MeetUp. Meet just to chat, host a special guest speaker, organize volunteer activities, or just organize a social gathering with some virtual friends (RockBand anyone?).  We’ve set up a room on Stack Overflow’s chat where you can trade ideas.

Get the Word Out!

Join your local community (or create a new community location) on If there’s not yet an organizer, you can sign up to organize the event or leave that for later. Once you’ve joined your community, help us spread the word to other members of the Stack Overflow community so that they get involved too! The more people that join, the better the MeetUp will be.

Here are some suggestions about how you can spread the word:

  • Use the hashtag #SOMeetup on Twitter, Flickr and YouTube when posting about Stack Overflow MeetUps
  • Post a link to your local MeetUp page on Facebook and Twitter, email the page to your friends, promote in blog posts, on HN, etc
  • Use the custom Stack Overflow MeetUp widgets

We want these MeetUps to be a huge success, so we’ll do our part to help by sending out door prizes to meetups that build up a good following.  At the MeetUp, take lots of pictures!  We can’t wait to see pictures and hear stories of your MeetUps get posted after the event.  They may just show up in a blog post reminiscing about the wonderful stories of the World-Wide Stack Overflow MeetUp 2011!

See you April 6!

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Those of you in North Carolina know where to go:

Yes, even if you have to travel halfway across the whole state! :-P (Just kidding. If you set up events in Charlotte or Asheville, I won’t be hurt.)

OK, I’ve joined the Bristol one… any South-west people out there coming along?

I joined the Sydney meetup. Looking around for a host. :)

Is it just me or is this Meetup site pretty bad… It said I could set one up in Tunbridge Wells (Obviously from my IP), then I created an account and it said I can set up in Petts Wood… but no way to actually set one up in London without changing my location :S

Oh well… Hopefully this will be good!

@William: In the top right search box (just under the banner), you can type in a different location. It will show you meetups near that location, if they exist, or you can create one.

I see one person in Detroit, and I’ve signed up in Ann Arbor. Hopefully there are enough michiganders to make both successful, but we may want to combine them if not.

I hope I won’t have to wear a pollyanna costume to be recognized…

Hey , I am an avid user and promoter of Stack Overflow . Presently I am pursuing my Bachelors at BITS , Pilani in Computer Sciences , I am interested to have a meet up over here at BITS Pilani University , India . My university is India’s one of the finest Technical Schools ! here we have around 6000 students and Prof’s So I think my first meet up would be a grand successes ! I would feel great if I would be provided with some cool stuff like Tee’s and Apparels which will be useful during the sessions ! Awaiting for your reply

Gideon Mar 18 2011

First to join the group in Bombay(Mumbai). Please join in:

Would really be awesome to meet some SO folk here! =P

tombull89 Mar 18 2011

Is it worth having a site-wide banner (like when the moderator elections were taking place? I dont know the % of people who read the blog(s) compared to those that use the site.

This is a great opportunity for meet all SO buddies in Kozhikode area :)

Kozhikode is a small but happening town…

We have reputed institution like NITC & IIMK
Well known IT Park Kinfra and more than 25 IT companies…

Calling all SO techies @ Kozhikode…
Please join

Richard Gadsden Mar 18 2011

Meetup in Manchester (England, not New Hampshire)

Plenty of pubs scattered around if people have suggestions.

Hello71 Mar 18 2011

Im also in michigan, but im in the utica area.

Rebecca Chernoff author Mar 18 2011

@tombull89, we’ve put a couple ads into the ad rotation so that people will see them while browsing the site.

@Rebecca Chernoff Mar 18 2011

I don’t know about others, but I ignore most of those ads.

3 days since this has been published and attendance seem to be very low… (26 people in New York?) Maybe it’s time for a banner?

Chicago Up and rocking. I emailed all the local user groups I could think of to help spread the word. How might I go about getting full ownership of the event? I want to limit attendance and make the RSVP’s count. [ So, that if we have too many people we can prevent RSVP until we find a bigger location. ]

Chris Mar 20 2011

Wonder how many single girls will be there?

Buhake Sindi Mar 20 2011

Where is the Meetup for Johannesburg, South Africa?

@Chris: I’m sure the women in attendance are asking the same question. Gogo girl power! :-D

Come on guys India is so big and full of SO users.. but i see only few guys here.. Any one near Delhi NCR Region… Tell Me where it will be more convenient to hold this SOMeetup and I am ready to join in.

Hi all so i have created a Meetup Community for all Delhi NCR Region (Though it only allowed me to select Meerut,UP as i am from there), and anyone in the vicinity can join it. We can plan any suitable location we like.

Ok i have created a new one for in Delhi for Delhi NCR . Here is the link :

Join it :)

Bangalore !!!!!!!

Krishna Prasad Accot Mar 22 2011

Welcome to Bangalore! IT capital of India… :)

Jesper Mar 22 2011

This sounds interesting, but unfortunately April 6 is not a good day… why on a Wednesday? I guess most people have to work then. (Also, I already have an evening appointment that day).

Going to attend this in ahmedabad ……….woooooooohooooooooooooooooooo

Let’s see if we get enough StackOverflow enthusiasts here in Guatemala. I think a 5-assistant event will be a great success, as not a lot of people speaks English here!! :)

Let’s try to get one organized in Berne, Switzerland (The secret Silicon Valley of our little nation…):

Steven Apr 1 2011

Looks like we have a start for one in Bangkok, Thailand:

Mike Redick Apr 4 2011

Set up for Buffalo, NY if anyone’s looking.

I’m actually an organizer for a group on already, and I can’t help but notice that the Stackoverflow meetup is kept separate from the main site somehow. It doesn’t show up in my list of groups, for instance… It really might be better if it did fully integrate with, as that could attract both more attendees and more users to itself.

Just a thought, anyway.

Muneer AbuSafiah Apr 4 2011

I Joined Jiddah, Saudi Arabia ….

Join me there,,,,

I’m taking Vilnius place. So far – all alone. If anyone is in the area – find the details about the place in meetup page.

See you there!

The Denver meetup is having a bit of a time problem – there’s a few people who would like to attend (like myself) who can’t make that date, so it’s probably getting pushed back a single day to Thursday the 7th.

Denver’s got a pretty active tech scene, and among other things, the Python folks are having a meeting that night. :)

The Denver meetup is having a bit of a time problem – there’s a few people who would like to attend (like myself) who can’t make that date.

Love your site… will be back again ..gratisinternet

The Aberdeen meetup has been scheduled! Please invite and support if you can manage it!

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It wаs trulу іnformative. Your websitе іs extremely
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