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Redesigned Users Page

03-01-11 by . 16 comments

After 2.5 years of being almost unchanged, we decided it was high time the Users page got a redesign.

The old user page was fine, in a late 2008 sort of way, but it ultimately became a bit monotonous — every time you viewed it, you’d see more or less the same list of top users. At least, on a mature site you would. And we don’t think anyone was using those oldest, newest, and name tabs at all.

The new user page is much more … dynamic. And hopefully more useful and interesting as a destination.

I opened a post on meta asking for design feedback and we incorporated a lot of that feedback into the revised Users directory page:

  • We default to showing the users who gained the most reputation in the current week.
  • You can switch to viewing month, quarter, year, or all time. All Time is the same as the old default users page view.
  • We list the specific tags each user gained reputation for in that time frame.
  • We show the location of users, if they have populated their location field — we have a surprisingly diverse worldwide audience.
  • Searches are “match anywhere” again, but the minimum match is now 3 characters. Also, you can only match users with more than 1 reputation on Stack Overflow due to the size of the user table.

This is partially inspired by the still-awesome Stack Exchange reputation leagues, and it is intended to complement them. Mostly we wanted to highlight and showcase the efforts of any active users, not just the all-time top users.

We also added a link to the leagues on your individual user page — a dynamic link that indicates your current percentile ranking relative to your peers within the current week, month, quarter, or year.

Clicking through on this link will permalink you to your best current Stack Exchange reputation league rank.

Hopefully you’ll agree, as we do, that this redesign makes the users page a lot more fun and useful than it was before. We have a few more tabs we want to add to the Users page, but haven’t quite gotten to yet. So check it out, and feel free to propose new tabs or provide further feedback on meta.


Jonathan Sampson Mar 1 2011

Noticed this today and loved it immediately. A whole new set of users get to share in the glorious light of the front page now, and I am sure every new member slaving over their keyboards to answer questions will greatly appreciate that. As always team, nice job!

I like the new page, much more interesting.

If I could make a small suggestion? Having the location and the tags in the same type style runs them together visually. At first I thought it was all tags, broken awkwardly over two lines. Do something to make them visually distinct, either make the location black vs. the tags’ gray, or perhaps better, style the tags here as you do everywhere else on the site. I understand that might be too cluttered for such a small dense display of tags. Maybe a button-like tag, but toned down compared to the main tag displays?

Oscar Mederos Mar 1 2011

I agree with @Ned. The same happened to me.

hm… just noticed today…

1. I find the Users page too crowded, I think you should drop showing the location and just leave the tags. Especially on sites like Math.SE, having both location and tags makes things look pretty messy.

2. This also might be a personal preference, but the Week default view is way too dynamic for me, so I’ll probably not check it that often. Having the Year or Month view by default would make more sense IMO.

David Heffernan Mar 2 2011

This is great, it’s just a week late!

configurator Mar 2 2011

You should enable searching top users by tag.
Searching [c#] should return the top users in c# tag for this period.

The redesigned page is awful. Please change it back. I can’t see the badges for other users.

Did you guys even test this before rolling it out?

If perhaps you needed it for SO then fine, but for all the other SE sites? There was no need for the weekly/monthly/yearly stats to be THE user page – those could always be accessed. I think it is a mistake. Please put back the old one.

I guess you want to allow “new” users the ability to shine and show off how many hitpoints they got recently – but what happened to the badges?

Humpton Mar 2 2011

Kinda funny, right now (Wed March 2) people have more rep in a week than in a month…

Ward Mar 2 2011

I don’t see any advantage to the new layout, and a few disadvantages:

– you have to scroll to see all the people on a page
– badges aren’t shown
– ranked by rep is a better default view

I guess I don’t understand why a list of users should be “fun.” I use it to see who’s near me in rep and sometimes to look up someone by their username. I don’t care what tags they’re interested in.

JonH Mar 2 2011

I don’t think there is any chance to go back to the prior version but I also don’t see the “fun” in a users page. There’s a scroll bar I now need to deal with. Badges aren’t displayed. I think the issue is people are starting to get more interested in the points / rewards that come with badges rather then the content of their post.
We need one link at the top of Stackoverflow called “The Store”. At “The Store” you could exchange your reputation points for gifts like T-Shirts, Lava Lamps, and if you had a high rep for laptops.

I don’t understand the complaints about scrolling. You have to scroll on every other SO page.

Martha F. Mar 2 2011

I figured it out from context, but it would be nice if the month and year buttons identified that they were by the calendar, rather than a rolling 30/365 day period. Otherwise, it’s definitely a nice change

Orbit Mar 2 2011

I love it… for the first and probably only time in my life I am in a top 10 with Jon Skeet *swoon* and other heroes of SO. Today is only the second of the month. ;)

At first I liked the new users page but then I remembered reading all the top answers from some of the top people. I learned more than you can remember just from skimming the top answers of the top guys. That was beneficial to me and I’m sure others have done the same.

I don’t care to see the change rolled back but I do wish we could chose a sorting scheme instead of this “dynamic” approach. You could make it the default. I guess what I’m saying is give us the most flexibility to search for answers from people in a manner of our choosing.

@wheaties per the text in the post

“All Time is the same as the old default users page view.”