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PEER 1 Hosting – Making your data center more awesome!

In 2003, Fog Creek Software (aka Joel’s other baby) moved offices, and decided to ditch its internal T1 and look for a colocation provider. Joel was impressed with PEER 1 Hosting’s customer service, the shiny new data center in NYC, and PEER 1 Hosting even volunteered to host Joel on Software – for free!

When we decided to move our Stack Exchange Network to the East Coast to better serve our global customers, PEER 1 Hosting was the logical choice because of the success that Fog Creek had. We began to migrate part of the data center in May of 2010, and finalized the move of all live sites from Oregon in October of 2010. After all the sites were set up at PEER 1 Hosting, we noticed some awesome results and thus we started a discussion with PEER 1 Hosting about how to extend the same benefits to the community.

We think it’s a win-win!

  • As an advantage of being part of the community you get an awesome data center at a discounted price – Win!
  • The more business Peer 1 Hosting does with people in the community, the more support they can provide to power Stack Exchange – Win!

Here’s a look at our servers hosted at PEER 1 Hosting:

Stack Exchange Peer 1 Servers

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What’s the definition of “being part of the community”? Anyone who creates an SO account?

Hi Alison,

Really glad to hear everything is going excellent for you! We love “win-win” situations :)


@BenV, anyone who uses our dedicated link will receive the special Stack Overflow package

FYI, I contacted them a few hours after I read this post (on March 8th, around noon PST) to get a quote. Had to submit a contact us form with my contact information. They called me back, I gave them the spec’s I’d like and they said they would then email me with a quote.

I still haven’t heard from them. Not sure if this is typical, but I’m not impressed.

Hi Otto-

Late last week I realized the team I passed your information to hadn’t seen my message.. I personally apologize for not realizing until several days after we spoke.

It looks like you’ve since then had a chance to speak with Roger and have all of the info you need.

We look forward to working with you!

Anthony Taliercio
PEER 1 Hosting

yskywalker Jul 19 2012

Wow! That’s some customer service.