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Attend One of Stack Overflow’s 250+ World-Wide MeetUps

If you haven’t heard by now, April 6 is World-Wide Stack Overflow MeetUp Day!  Wondering what the purpose of this MeetUp is?  Our developer Ben put it best:  “The way I see it is that it’s an opportunity to meet some of those 32×32 avatars in real life.  Have a snack, have a drink, talk geek stuff, that kind of thing.  Of course if you create a real event with speakers & such, that’s awesome — but it’s about having fun as well.”

Some communities have already organized some pretty cool MeetUps!

With only a few days left until World-Wide Stack Overflow MeetUp Day (April 6!), it is important to secure a venue and encourage others to attend.  The MeetUp folks were impressed at your commitment, and now’s the time to make it count.  We’ve also got bragging rights at stake; MeetUp keeps track of the largest events to date, see any group you’d like to beat?

Here are some suggestions about how you can spread the word:

  • Use the hashtag #SOMeetup on Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube when posting about Stack Overflow MeetUps
  • Post a link to your local MeetUp page on Facebook and Twitter, email the page to your friends, promote in blog posts, etc.
  • Use the custom Stack Overflow MeetUp widgets
  • Invite a friend or two to come with you

Remember to bring business cards so you can network at the event and take lots of pictures! We want to see them posted on Twitter and Flickr (#SOMeetup) afterwards!

See you April 6!

P.S.  We’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding companies sponsoring the MeetUps.  Our stance is that a company donating space/food/drink for the event is fine, but that using the event as an avenue for marketing or as a captive audience opportunity to profit is not ok.  At the end of the day, this is about the community gathering together and having fun!

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Very important (for security geeks like me anyway): Organisers of large meetups should ask interested parties to bring passports, drivers’ licences, and key fingerprints.

That’s right. Key signing party!

Here’s another tip – Before you ask us to spread the word, make sure you did your part.
Put a link to this meetup thing in the main stackoverflow site.
The number of people who read this blog is a small fraction of the number that visits the main site.
With just 4 people in my local meetup, I’m probably not going to come.

Shy, we run house ads for the meetups — both leaderboard and sidebar banners.

Here’s a screenshot I just took of the Stack Overflow homepage in my browser.

Piskvor Apr 1 2011

That count looks rather inflated IMNSHO: when I input my location, I get several “meetups” that “will happen in a week”; all of them have 0 users and the usual “you can organize a meetup here”. I’m not sure if those are autogenerated or what, but if they’re counted in the total, then it’s waaaay off.

(as for the banner, never noticed it – but it is indeed there, now that I went looking for it. Ah well, banner blindness strikes again.)

JonH Apr 1 2011

Said this before no one pays attention to the banners, its like an advertisement that goes unnoticed. Don’t bother me with that! Use your jquery skills and throw up the drop down reminder you do when the site auto logs me in…time it to expire after april 6th. Should of done that a month ago…Only 4 people in all of michigan with no location decided, whose gonna go to that?

Portland is suffering from the same challenges. 5 people listed, and only two have commented. Chennai, on the other hand, has about 24 people.

If only distance wasn’t a factor and we could bend space and all meetup in the same location.

We took your advice, and did decide to run a site banner from 9 am to 5 pm Pacific for one day — today, Monday April 4 2011:

It points directly to

Hope that helps!

Just wanted to slide in and note that the Denver folks are informally moving their meetup to the 7th, because most of us can’t make a meetup on the 6th. Same place and time, just one day later.

Keep up the great work… gratisinternet