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A New Name for Stack Overflow (with surprise ending)

It’s been a while since we’ve done something arbitrary, complicated, and confusing, so today I’m happy to announce that the name of the company has been changed, effective immediately, to Stack Exchange Inc!

Stack Exchange Logo

There’s a method behind this madness, of course: we want to emphasize the importance of the 45 sites in our network, which has long since stopped being about programmers:

Feb 2011 Monthly Uniques

That, plus, whenever we told The New York Times that we were “Stack Overflow,” they would go to and have a heart attack. At least this way people wondering about the company understand that we’re about more than just programmer questions. We have Battlestar Galactica too!

Now the surprise ending. When we first raised venture capital way back in the long-ago year of 2010, we actually had quite a few great investors interested in buying our stock. And since then, the buzz hasn’t abated. We were pretty sure that given the current market conditions, we could easily raise a big pile of new Unicorn-bucks without losing control of the company. 12 million unicorn bucks We made a few phone calls, took a few meetings, I flew to London and Boston, and hey presto, we sold another $12 million worth of the company to some great investors.

The new investors are Index Ventures, based in Geneva and London, and Spark Capital, based up in Boston. Our first investor, Union Square Ventures, will also put in more money so as to keep the same ownership percentage that they had before (this is called a “pro-rata”).

Needless to say, the new investors will want to keep an eye on all that money, so Neil Rimer from Index will be joining the board of directors, and Bijan Sabet from Spark will be an observer on the board (he can come to meetings but he can’t vote). And to keep from tipping the board to the investors, the “common shareholders” (that is, the founders and employees) will be entitled to elect another representative of their own to the board. We picked Anil Dash, who has been blogging for even longer than I have and has been one of our most valuable advisors.

Now, you may be wondering how we plan to spend all that money. First of all, of course, we need new stickers and T-shirts. And a ping pong table…

Use Of Funds -- t-shirts

We’re also improving the employee snack room a little bit:

Use Of Funds -- snacks

If you would like to receive your own totally free commemorative 1,000,000 Unicorn Buck Bill and a Stack Exchange sticker, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Stack Exchange Inc.
55 Broadway 26 FL
New York, NY 10006

If you live outside the United States, include about a dollar worth of whatever kind of weird thing it is that you use over there for money (no goats or Yap coins, please).

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This name change makes a lot of sense and came at just the right time.

I’ve actually already been referring to the company as Stack Exchange. When trying to convince non-programmer friends to join the Motor Vehicle Repair and Firearms sites, it made sense to avoid mentioning Stack Overflow, and this helped me keep things as simple as possible for them.

Are you happy with the name? I recall it was coined to sell a service to corporate IT departments rather than the public.

I guess you must be happy.

I’m incredibly proud to be joining the board of Stack Exchange. The team is incredibly smart, thoughtful and creative, and they’re making the web (and the world!) a better place. Just as importantly, Stack Exchange has attracted a brilliant community that literally has all the answers and helps renew my faith in the power of a motivated community on the web.

Congrats on a well-earned milestone to mark your impressive success thus far — I can’t wait to see the even more amazing successes to come.

Numpty Mar 9 2011

Kind of scary that so much money is required just to run a bunch of websites that are all essentially the same. Think I’m in the wrong business.

Chris Mar 9 2011

Just want to say thanks a million joel, for making stackoverflow (And the rest) – i found my last 2 great jobs through stackoverflow, without which i’d probably still be stuck in a dead end position.
So – thanks again.


I live in Denmark, how would I send a “self-addressed stamped envelope”?

the self-addressed it’s easy, but own about the stamped envelope, as post have different currencies… would be best to pay into a paypal account the postage?

Would be willing to pay for such lovely “Stach Exchange Inc” T-Shirt as well :)

Congratulations Joel!

Index and Spark are two other fantastic investors getting involved in a fantastic team. I was just wondering what to do with the $1 bill I had left over from the Business of Software conference in Boston last year. I was going to keep it to spend at this year’s event but with the US$ – Unicorn$ exchange rate running at 1 – 1,000,000 it would seem like a good time to cash in.

Good luck!

Mark Littlewood

Peter Mar 9 2011

How do I send a stamped envelope if I live outside the United States?
Our stamps have a weird picture of the king and queen and my guess is that USPS would be “wtf?” when you try to send it back.

BrunoLM Mar 9 2011

Hey, I want a shirt! Is there a way I can buy it? (or just give one since you want to spend a bit :P)

How about unifying the login system so one must not log in to each site separably?

PS (What a cpatcha I got in here Joel, “Hebrew eoden”, keeping in mind you are the only Hebrew speaker at StackExchange inc. perhaps this word was planted by you, right?)

People outside the USA, you’ll need to buy an international reply coupon. This can be exchanged by the recipient in any country for an appropriate amount of postage. Alternatively, you could just send a few dollars in the envelope.

Sandeep Mar 9 2011

Dude – please do a paypal or something. I want a couple of stickers.

just, make it so

Congratulations. I have to admit I’ve taken to just calling the company Stack

Remind us, how do you plan to make money from this again? IIRC from the last blog update/podcast on the subject, ad revenue wasn’t bringing home the bacon.

Good stuff. Too bad the smallest euro note is 5 Euros = 6.9385 U.S. dollars

According to my calculations, this means that two more people can now get those bionic implants. Congratulations, guys!

if you want stickers outside the US, either send us an international reply coupon, or something else of about the same value that we can admire. People have sent us local currency, old italian lire, a few coins taped to a card, those Zimbabwe wallpapers will hundreds of zeros on it, etc.

Eric Schatz Mar 9 2011

I don’t see a single item referring to HyperCard!


Congrats on the new funding and overall expansion of the site. Looking forward to the continued High Quality content that SE provides!

Love it. Now, how can we get one of those tshirts?!

Congrats. Is it too late to change to “Stack Exchange++”?

Mathew Mar 9 2011

@Joel or @Jeff. I am the administrator of a linkedin group called StackExchange; created when StackExchange was ver 1.0. I think it is a good place for stackexchange administrators to network. However I am not interested in administrating the group anymore; I would like to hand it over to one of you. If interested please contact me at my email.

Tokk Mar 9 2011

Is it possible to send a few bugs more to recieve a T-Shirt too?
if yes, how much? ;-)

Arachnopod Mar 9 2011

Dear Joel,

I do not have any money so am sending you this drawing I did of a spider instead. I value the drawing at $1 so trust that this settles the matter.

Regards, Arachnopod.

Pulsehead Mar 9 2011

Maybe I need to look for an investing Stack Exchange, but if I as a devoted user (and enthusiast of Stack Exchange), how would I go about being a part of this stock buying thing?

Burn Rate is on your MBA reading list isn’t it?

Just double checking.

(I kid. Mostly)

2Moo – no it’s because Joel misunderstood a book about dogfooding. Between the siberian husky and feeding Jeff they get through a lot of it and it’s expensive in New York.

Noah Yetter Mar 9 2011

Ping pong? You are now obligated to fly out to Seattle and get dominated by the Penny Arcade guys.

Gideon Mar 9 2011

Is it possible to send our money (indian in my case) worth a few dollars over?

It would be difficult to just get Indian money converted to 2-3 USD! I could just send the indian money itself? Wonder if that is ok?

MPelletier Mar 9 2011

I will gladly send 97 Canadian cents as currrency for your devalued US dollar. MWAHAHA!

eveostay Mar 9 2011

Label the y-axis, dammit!

Love the post; say, that whole “unicorn cash” thing wouldn’t be copyrighted, would it? I know some people who would love to get some unicorn money for their birthday…

y-axis: global monthly unique visitors

@Ismael – and in a unique twist the answers will be free but you will have to pay to see the questions.

I’m really hooked to the brandname ‘stackoverflow’. I just hope you keep this domain name to redirect to this place from now on.

New t-shirts, and me not on the top three pages of any major site. *sigh*

So do these shirts come in lady sizes too? And about how much postage do we need to include for that shirt?

Not many companies can have this much fun with a fund raising round. Epic post.

Looking forward to stack evolutions, or exchange. After a couple of years my lowly SO account finally got over 100 rep! I get plenty out of reading SO (upvoting good answers) and occasionally commenting though. Great community there.

@MPelletier – yep my Canadian company has started having bowls of US dollars in the break room as well. Of course the timbits always go first.

Congratulations on the funding round!

Pekka Mar 9 2011

So it’s $18 Million now? My, somebody has ambitious goals! But congratulations; You probably know what you’re doing, and I’d like to see you guys succeed resoundingly with this whole operation. I’ll be watching with interest, good luck!

I also would love a shirt. How can we make it happen?

Could I just paypal you guys the shipping cost? I totally need one of these shirts… throw in a stack of Benjamins too if you don’t mind. ;P

Raghu Mar 9 2011

Liked the old name better :(

@Tom: “++Stack Exchange” is a bit more efficient, assuming Stack Exchange isn’t POD.

Janek Mar 9 2011

To put the ping pong table to good use, I suggest visiting

Dave Mar 9 2011

I don’t mean to be a gotcha-guy, but how does the graph above sync with the totals on your /sites page?

Even if the numbers are just behind, if the ratio is roughly correct, all other sites equal just 1/4th of your total daily unique traffic.

Congrats Joel and Michael. Fantastic news and smart re: the name change!

I suggest we use a voting scheme on these comments to, just so that I can vote fluffy up and MPelletier down. For the record, I was recently in Calgary, and I paid USD 5 for CAD 4.05 coffee and Cindy at the coffee shop said – “You have a safe flight now!” [MPelletier, tell Cindy I will be back next month to get my change.]

MPelletier Mar 9 2011

@Melissa Peters: Most items in Canada are still marked up 10-30% (and sometimes up to 50%). Books, music, movies, software, hardware, cars, name it. Go to McDonald’s next time, look up a Big Mac combo, marvel at the difference. Mind you, Alberta has no sales tax, just the federal one.

The only real satisfaction I get out of the current situation is I can express false shock about being shortchanged when I am handed American coins as change.

P.S.: Cindy says hi.

@Dave – The difference is between VISITS (trips) and VISITORS (people)

saaron Mar 10 2011

Why not give a credit card option for international users?

Jeffrey Davis Mar 10 2011

When did ping pong tables turn blue?

You have the challenge of having two brands. StackExchange is the brand which elicits good feelings from investors. However, the users of StackOverflow (or any of the other sites) don’t care about StackExchange. StackOverflow is the brand which elicits good feelings from programmers.

Don’t screw it up by slapping “StackExchange” over all of your user-facing brands.

blizpasta Mar 11 2011

@Jeffrey Davis: It seemed that the 1988 Olympics was the last that used green tables. It was blue at the 1992 Olympics. Both colours are ITTF approved but blue seems to be the preferred colour nowadays.

As far as everyone wanting a shirt. Maybe make it so if you get a combined SE rep of 10K or something you get a shirt?

As many others have said, I’d like a Stack Exchange shirt/cap/mug/$thing, even more though I’d love to be able get swag for the individual Stack sites I’m actually devoted to. I’d also consider buying some non-voting shares if that were ever available (and in range of my extremely small investment portfolio).

Josh Kodroff Mar 17 2011

Glad to see you guys finally upgraded your Snack Exchange.

Tyler Brock Mar 19 2011

Just got my stickers. Awesome, thank you!

I’d like to add my voice to the people asking to use Paypal instead of SASE. Getting an international reply coupon is difficult for me since the post office works almost the same hours I do, it wastes an envelope (the one I send you), and it takes longer because my envelope has to reach you before you can do anything for me.


Joel, is there any way we can pay using paypal or some other service?

Thank you

Nohbdy Mar 22 2011

I’d say the name suits you.
I started reading posts by Joel and it is at least subliminal how money-oriented and corrupt you seem to be, and how your understanding of the law system is used(not that it should even be used in such an ambiguous language as English). For all I know you might not even realize this yourself, perhaps it is just the psychology of your subconscious finding it’s way into your text for those able-enough to notice it.
You’re not alone. There are millions – perhaps billions – of people who would follow such a path, but as usual it is very sad when one is in a position of power.

Your use of power to gain wealth has exceeded the use of your power to do something useful, but your view of usefulness may be skewed now. Your ways are changeable if you can get past the seemingly dangerous peer-pressure of those around you with more power.

– Nohbdy

The symbol of stack exchange seem the one of the portuguese TV station RTP

Yes it is quite difficult to get a SASE international.

Gee, Nohbdy – there always has to be one extreme weirdo in a string of postings, with the ratio approaching 1 as the post grows longer (an analogy to Godwin’s Law –'s_law). Your rant is that of a well-educated individual who has gotten more than a few brain wires crossed, probably from extremely minimal social interaction, and causes us all to remember to lock our doors and keep our security alarms activated. Thanks for completely derailing a straightforward comment session. You should have thrown the “H” bomb in there as well (see aforementined “Godwin’s Law”) – that would have topped off your stream of drivel nicely.

Can I still send you IRCoupon, say, from Russia?

I wish I knew it earlier. I’d like to have a sticker too but my problem is not sending you an envelop with whatever you want in it e.g. a few dollars, a 50K Vietnamese note etc.. Could you send the sticker to me via services such as DHL or FedEx, if not, I’m sure that whatever you send me, I’ll never get it. It’s what we have experienced for years with our postal service.

Those money jokes used to be about the Australian dollar. If I send you $1AUD now I’ll need change for a greenback :-)

I wish I knew it earlier. I’d like to have a sticker too but my problem is not sending you an envelop with whatever you want in it e.g.

sunny May 19 2011

what, you guys are stack overflow, that’s the only reason i would give the rest of your stuff a chance (or mostly, serously)!

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For all the people looking to pay with paypal or similar: maybe check out the USPS site. Apparently you can print your own postage there. Haven’t tried it myself, but it looks like it should be suitable.

How will i send a stamped envelope if I live outside the United States?
Our stamps have a weird picture of the king and queen and my guess is that USPS would be “wtf?” when you try to send it back.

Congratulations, nice stuff joel