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Welcome Valued Associate Dori Smith

With forty-three sites and counting, there’s no shortage of communities needing attention. Thank goodness there’s also no shortage of enthusiastic users willing to volunteer their time to help their communities. But once in awhile a user stands out as truly exceptional. That’s why I am really excited to announce that Dori Smith has joined us as a full-time member of our community management team.

You may have seen Dori in her role as moderator of Ask Different, the Apple Stack Exchange, but she is also actively involved in the Programmers Stack Exchange, as well as Super User, English Language & Usage, and our own meta Stack Overflow.

When I talked to Dori about joining our team, she was essentially the same person that comes across on the sites: even-tempered, well-spoken, self-motivated… and just outspoken enough to keep me (and the communities) on our toes.

Dori will be working out of Healdsburg, CA. Dori has a degree in Computer Science and speaks professionally about a wide variety of topics. And, wow, has she ever authored an impressive collection of published articles and books. Throw in her deep background as an experienced speaker, teacher, trainer, and community leader, and you have someone who is custom-built to be an outstanding community manager and technical evangelist!

Dori will start out with a unique role on our team. She is going to dedicate a significant portion of her time organizing the communities to help them jump-start some of their own promotional activities. We have long wanted to get these sites organized and involved in activities like sending users to attend conferences, speaker bureaus, blogger- and Twitter-outreach, sponsorships, and media relations. With Dori on the team, her experience will bring us a long way towards helping these communities excel with new and exciting programs. Welcome to the team, Dori!

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Rebecca Chernoff Feb 25 2011

Congratulations, Dori! Welcome to the team. Looking forward to working with you. (:

Wow I had not seen AskDifferent before – that is the best looking stackexchange, IMHO :O

Another great acquisition! The SO Team is shaping up to be more and more impressive day by day. I nearly made a trip to NY this last week to visit the FogBugz/SO headquarters but snow prevented it – maybe next year I’ll get to see some of these brilliant people in person.

StackOverflow et al are supposed to be at the cutting edge of development, ultra hip, aeron chairs, private offices, beanbags, design patterns coming out of your ears, paradigm shifting, 2.0 everywhere, run by hardcore geeks Jeff and Joel.

So why do you call your employees “valued associates”? That’s the sort of thing you’d expect at Walmart!

Better than Cast Member?
Title of underling was already taken ?
Joel learnt value of titles at MSFT, where he was a Moderately Valued Professional ?
Jeff is attempting irony?


If you check the “Our Team” page, everyone has actual titles.

Oh, and Congratulations, Dori! :)

@Bill A sysadmin with a shotgun – always a reassuring sight!

Kyle Cronin Feb 25 2011

Congratulations, Dori! You’ve made an excellent moderator on Ask Different and I’m sure you’ll make an excellent contribution to the Stack Exchange team!

Dori, this is awesome! Congrats, congrats – Molly xoxo

Congrats, Dori! You’ve always stood out in the SE community, but this is definitely a very nice surprise. :-)

Congratulations, Dori! Thanks for all your hard work, particularly on Programmers.SE, my site of choice. Enjoy the new gig! :)

Congratulations! I’m glad to see the team adopting such great new members and look forward to great things from Dori!

Thanks, everyone, for the warm welcome!

Glenn Fleishman Feb 25 2011

Cat herder! That’s the title. Congratulations, Dori, and what good taste the fine people here have to recognize your excellence.

Congratulations, Dori!

Martin Marconcini Mar 2 2011

Gratz @Dori ;) A fellow Apple User you know from Apple.SE

(the captcha is crazy…)

‘grats Dori! Hope it’s all you think it will be, and more – uh, the more part should also be good ;-)