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Our advertisers want to know…

We recently ran a survey (thanks again to all that participated) and that did not go unnoticed. Some of our best advertisers saw this, and reached out to us because they had some questions of their own that needed answering:

  • Who are you (not personally but as a group) and what do you do?
  • What tools do you use?
  • Do you know about us, and better yet, do you use our stuff?

The requirement for these types of surveys is that they do not bias the type of respondents one way or another, and to guarantee this the survey announcement cannot include the name of the company that’s sponsoring the research in the ad soliciting participation. The downside of this is that this may give the ads and survey a SPAM-y appearance (the advertiser will, however, be revealed at the end of the survey).

While we had some worries about this, in the end we decided that it would probably be a good thing if we as a community could help the companies that advertise on Stack Overflow create better products, and decided we would do a test run.

So if you see an ad like this (or similar) it’s not spam, but a legitimate request for help by one of our long-time advertisers:

survey banner

This is a test to see if this will work for all involved. If it does, we may run more, if it doesn’t we won’t. Let us know if you have any questions or comments about this, either in the comments, on or by emailing us at

PS: If you do take the survey, and find out whom the ads are for, please don’t compromise the survey’s validity by sharing with everyone – kthxbai.


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JacobM Mar 3 2011

I did take the survey you mention (the one that says “.NET DEVELOPMENT” at the top) and it was painfully obvious who the advertiser was. The questions repeatedly mentioned one particular vendor and asked about my feelings about that vendor, and the vendor’s name was in the URL. If keeping the vendor a secret is important to you, well, you’re not there yet.

Patrick Mar 3 2011

I just tried to take the survey, have not ever heard of the company (or it’s products) that was in the one of the questions. Couldn’t complete survey. Survey creator needs to learn to include answer option of ‘N/A’.

Chris Phillips Mar 3 2011

Seconded for JacobM’s comment – the vendor name was directly present in 3 or 4 of the questions.

yhvh Mar 3 2011

Some of the questions were unanswerable

@JacobM @Chris: Yup, you’re right. We noticed that too and are working with them to make this less obvious (the survey is administered by the vendor).

@Patrick @yhvh: Many thanks for the feedback, we will pass that on.

Daniel Mar 3 2011

I didn’t like how I had to “choose at least one item” from a list of totally praising characteristics. What if their products sucked?

Dave Van den Eynde Mar 3 2011

In addition to all of the above, I didn’t like that I was required to enter a valid e-mail address, even though I wasn’t interested in the raffle. I was merely curious to who the vendor was.

Now that I know, my life feels just as empty as before.

They need to add “Hanselminutes and Dot Net Rocks podcasts” to one of the questions…

Tell the vendor I’ve never heard of them. But they also had a question that asked me to list three companies that provide something I’ve never used. What am I supposed to do?

The vendor was no surprise, their name was the dns hostname of the survey provider…

You captcha might be fooling OCR, but for me its hard to read.

Benjol Mar 3 2011

The style of the ad really reeks of tacky, sorry :(

cHao Mar 3 2011

@Daniel: seconded. I was not impressed with the products of theirs that i used. There needs to be a N/A option, or a negative for each of the positives.

Weeble Mar 4 2011

I tried to answer the survey, but there are too many questions with no correct answer. I don’t know three answers to the question requiring three answers. I haven’t used the product that several of the questions require me to evaluate, and I have no perceptions of the company in question other than that they have a lot of adverts in podcasts and have something to do with a “uuuunited team”. I seriously doubt that this questionnaire can collect useful data and it lowers my estimation of both the company in question and of Stack Overflow. Sorry!

Pekka Mar 4 2011

One minor thing is that there are several questions for which you can enter only three choices, but it says so only when you try to submit it – making one think “Duh! Why didn’t you tell me so?”

@all – thanks so much for all your feedback, we’re relaying it all to the vendor.

raven Mar 6 2011

Don’t ever use the string “kthxbai” ever again. If you do, we’ll have to dust off and nuke the site from orbit. Just to be sure.

Just a quick follow up: the vendor has updated the survey based on the comments above. Thanks again for all your feedback.

akshay Mar 16 2011

Hope I get 200 $ !!

I bet this is for the US only, it usually is :(

I just saw the ad and answered the survey. Since I’m not a .NET developer, I’ve never heard of said company and don’t know them from a bar of soap (though I probably know a bar of soap better!). Just adding to a handful of comments here that more or less expressed the same sentiment. :-)

Nivas Mar 18 2011

The intention is good: anonymous feedback from a focused group will (probably) be of great use for companies to customize/fine tune their products. And many SO users trust this site (and StackExchange Inc) that we don’t mind participating.

That said, the first impression spoiled it all (at least for me). The banner ad (the style, colors, background) made me exactly remember what this survey is (supposedly) exactly not: spam.
If one passes that temptation (of ignoring this ad, if not AdBlocking) the survey itself was (IMO) a way the company can self-praise themselves
Questions like
What are we (required)
()Super cool
()Ultra Cool
Is not going to help the company, nor StackOverflow’s reputation.
I am sorry, but this is not the way to go.
I place a humble request to the ads team to have a look at the survey before posting.

Gordon Mar 23 2011

I had to check 3 good things about them when in reality I would have said maybe one good thing and a hundred bad things. It needs to allow you to not have to praise the suite to be able to complete the survey.