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Blekko and Stack Overflow

02-16-11 by . 18 comments

I’ve been a longtime fan of Rich Skrenta, who you might know as the author of the world’s first computer virus. He’s also on our board of advisors, and he founded a search startup —

Blekko’s claim to fame is that it attempts to meld human curation with traditional Google-style search algorithms. It’s what they call slashtags.

As originally announced on meta, the Stack Overflow community has agreed to help curate the programming side of blekko hashtags. So far that includes:


I encourage you to check out blekko — I really think they’re on to something here, particularly if you consider that the official Google Chrome “block sites” extension is rather similar in tone to a curated slashtag.

If you’re an experienced Stack Overflow user interested in helping us curate these programming-related slashtags, just email us at with your Stack Overflow account information and we’ll make sure you get provisioned as a slashtag editor on Blekko!

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I’ll be taking on a few of them (those that I can edit with expertise). This is a great relationship, and I’m happy to see it finally come together!

Hedging your bets in case google is swallowed by spam?

How does Blekko prevent abuse?

How did the tags get decided upon. I’m interested, for example, in why mongodb made it and not oracle (or perhaps oracledb).

A little clarification of why you admire the guy might be in order – the two sentences above make it sound like he should be admired BECAUSE of the viruses.

Yes, it was a long time ago and he was a minor, but that kind of glossing over might give the wrong encouragement.

@BlueRaja Personal slashtags are personal, no abuse possible. Blekko slashtags are edited by crowd much like Wikipedia. Your personal spam slashtag is personal. We’ll have to be very careful if we do the same “ban 20 websites based on spam votes” thing again.

@gary Oracle is talked about in /sql, which is on the list. Do you think that we should have separate /mysql and /oracle and /db2 slashtags? They could be included into /sql…

@greg, Then MongoDB and couchdb should fit under /nosql. Couchdb has about 600 questions, Mongodb about 1500. mySQL has 37,000 questions, SQL Server has 25,000 and Oracle over 8000. Internet search results show similar magnitudes of difference.

Honestly, it may have to do with how often people use Oracle as a search/category filter. Working with Oracle, I want to find out things about that technology. Anything for SQL Server or mySQL would be a distraction. What is true and relevant for them would be misleading for Oracle.

As a parallel, would you group Mexico, Canada and the US under an america slashtag ? Someone searching for government sites would get frustrated by that grouping.

Good luck, you’ll need it to compete in the search engine arena.

Pekka Feb 17 2011

I love how Jeff is associate editor in the PHP tag.

I tried it for a few days last month. For general purpose searches (90% of my searches), the results were terrible. Results were on par with google when I had programming related searches

@gary, /couchdb and /mongodb are already under /nosql. I was asking if /sql needed the same treatment.

Would the /oracle slashtag include non-database stuff, too? Oracle publishes a lot of different software under the Oracle brand.

I think the difficulty of /oracle over an oracle database specific slash (eg /oracledb) is mySQL. Oracle owns both but they are very different under the hood. I’d prefer a separate /mysql tag, which implies a separate /oracledb tag (and potentially /oracleapps etc)
Obviously a site like (or firms like Quest and Pythian) would sit under both tags, and so it will never be a tidy separation. But a lot of individual experts, the sort you present at conferences etc, would be specific to one set.

I made /msql, /oracledb, and /sqlserver. Please apply to be an editor of some things.

@Gary take a look at /oracledb, syd_oracle just dumped 70 new urls into it.

Oh, wait, that IS you.

chris Feb 21 2011

I get better results from google than blekko — even though google doesn’t understand the slashtags.

Chris, that’s true for some queries and not true for others. Can you send us some feedback so we can improve?

I promoted some of fjl’s slashtags: /repo for open-source repos, /erlang, /scheme, /rfc.