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Twitter Question Feeds for Stack Exchange

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If you ever listened to our sadly defunct podcast, you probably heard about Twitter … a lot. I’ve been a longtime user (since 2007) and I was always surprised how much utility I got out of the thing. Even Joel Spolsky, a longtime skeptic of the service, is a believer now.

We decided to create Twitter accounts for each Stack Exchange 2.0 site that will broadcast interesting questions every so often. Believe me — I despise spam as much as anyone, and I fully realize that Twitter is not RSS

… but the fact is that a lot of questions generated on our sites are really quite interesting. The more people that discover our high quality Q&A and join us — the better the community becomes for everyone!

With that in mind, we’ve set up the following Twitter accounts to publish the most interesting content on each Stack Exchange site every three hours — without ever repeating themselves.

Stack Exchange site Twitter account
Android StackAndroid
Apple StackApple
StackApps StackApps
Audio Recording & Production StackAudio
Bicycles StackBicycles
Board and Card Games StackBoardGames
Cooking StackCooking
CS Theory StackCSTheory
Home Improvement StackDIY
English Language & Usage StackEnglish
Database Administrators StackDBAs
Personal Finance and Money StackFinance
Game Development StackGameDev
Gaming StackGaming
Homebrewing StackHomebrew
Mathematics StackMath
OnStartups Answers StackOnStartups
Photography StackPhotos
Physics StackPhysics
Programmers StackProgrammer
Electronics and Robotics StackRobots
Role-Playing Games StackRPG
IT Security StackSecurity
Statistics StackStats
TeX StackTex
User Interface StackUI
Ask Ubuntu StackUbuntu
Unix and Linux StackUnix
Web Applications StackWebApps
Pro Webmasters StackWebmasters
WordPress StackWordPress
Writers StackWriters

As of June 2011, the authoritative list of sites and Twitter accounts will always be at the official directory. Just look for the little Twitter icons next to each site.

Although it’s always possible to subscribe to a site’s questions through the copious RSS feeds we provide on every page — and also via emailI guess you can consider Twitter “RSS for the casual internet user”. We’ll try to feature the Twitter accounts on each site in some unobtrusive way, so people have another way to follow the stream of Q&A from a given site topic without being overwhelmed by it.

We also plan to get our master Stack Exchange twitter account hooked up and broadcasting a sampling of the best questions network-wide, just like the homepage already does. This is now working, so if you want the “greatest hits” questions across the entire network, follow this user:

(Also, a special thanks to community member George Edison who put together a great Twitter ‘bot sample app in Mono for us to use as a reference — you can view his source code at and contribute to it as you see fit!)

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Borror0 Jan 11 2011

It’s great it adds hashtags based on the tagsbut shouldn’t all questions on a particular site have a default hashtag as well? All questions from Atheism.SE are tagged with #atheism, all questions from Physics.SE are tagged with #physics, etc.

It would seem, to me, that those would be the msot relevant hashtags.

waiwai933 Jan 11 2011

Did you intentionally skip the Trilogy?

Diego Jan 11 2011

You have been using twitter since 2005?! You must have been on a closed beta, since twitter launched in July, 2006.

@diego oops, must have been MIX 2006 I was thinking of. Corrected.

Diego Jan 11 2011

@Jeff sorry, but you know how us Internet folk can be picky bastards sometimes. Btw, you may need to make another edit: check it out here :)

@diego yep, you’re right again. Checking the Wayback Machine, it was Mix 2007 I was thinking of — around April 2007.

Madhur Jan 11 2011

Where is the twitter account for stackoverflow ?

Diego Jan 11 2011

@Jeff I know, i know, I’m a sad sack. I’ll go and spank myself now.

I’m so glad that I could have a part in this!

I have also created a page on StackApps for you to comment on StackBot and leave feedback:

I really like this idea; it’s a light way to follow interesting questions for those of us who tend not to have the Stack sites open 24/7 :)


Phil Elms Jan 12 2011

Am I missing something.. can’t find twitter feed for SuperUser (or would there just be too many tweets?)

Interesting, but since the content is licensed to you under CC-Wiki, shouldn’t you be including the author attribution information as well?

> shouldn’t you be including the author attribution information as well?

No, because we are not republishing content. The twitter feeds are simply creating notices with links to content. It’s no more about republishing content than if I wrote, “Hey! Go read this great book about online cultures.”

It’s probably splitting hairs, but you are actually including the question title which would be considered part of the content. I’d just be wary that it might open you up to others being able to claim some lesser form of attribution would be acceptable based on how you are sharing things via twitter.

> It’s probably splitting hairs


Fine, but when some court decides that your attribution requirements don’t really require the author to be noted and linked because you didn’t do it in your tweets that included question titles, you can’t say you weren’t warned. You’ve basically given any other site that wants to mine SE sites for questions to populate their own site free rein to do so without following the attribution requirements. It could be that they could convince a judge, if it got that far, that you’ve basically nullified the license by violating it yourself though sharing part of the content without attribution. I don’t say it’s likely, hence the “probably,” but stranger things have happened.

You’ve just reminded me how much I miss the podcast!

If you want to track these twitter feeds without overwhelming your reglar tweets, follow my list

I will make an effort to update them whenever new sites are added

Stefan Jan 12 2011

I agree with Hywel Mallett; bring back the podcast!

Justin Jan 13 2011

This reminds me of “Yes, we understand that, but our case is different.”

This is clearly exactly the kind of thing that the quoted Twitter message is appealing against – how is this case different just because the questions are really interesting?

The difference is that we’re only showing you the *highlights*, eg the best questions, and only every 3 hours max (less on some sites due to lower volume).

If we were showing ALL questions indiscriminately, then I would agree with you. But we are not, so I don’t

Justin Jan 13 2011

True, but it’s still machine generated content.

I’ve never fully understood Twitter, but as far as I can see the appeal is the human interaction – If someone posts an interesting link, then to other users reading the tweet it is less about finding the link as it is about the fact that someone (who has a personality) found the link interesting, maybe has an oppinion on it, and the opportunity to discus the link with others (maybe including the person who originally found it).

As soon as the content is machine generated this human appeal is compromised. Anyone who was interested purely in the link finding part of the above exercise is better served with some RSS mixing service, and although you could argue that the discussion aspect is still there anyone who wants to discuss the link on twitter can just post it themselves.

So I guess I just don’t really see the point of it (but then I don’t really get the point of Twitter anyway!)

Marco Ceppi Jan 15 2011

I completely agree with Justin on this. This is just an over-glorified RSS feed…which we already have on the site. Now if you took this idea to the next level (As I tried to but failed because of time issues) where you were interacting with other users to help them solve problems. You’d have a better chance of turning over new users.

Brann Jan 16 2011

Where are the stackoverflow tweets ?

The next time you link to a twitter account, can you please use the form:

rather than:!/username

? The latter completely buggers up the back button.

Jeff Yates Jun 1 2011

What’s the feed for Robotics and Electronics? StackRobots doesn’t seem to exist.

Also, StackUI is now StackUX.

@Jeff I updated the post to point to which is the official directory and now includes this information.