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In December we launched the Stack Overflow Annual User Survey in order to measure the user demographics that Google Analytics can’t provide us with. Finding out the user demographics became necessary due to the growth that Stack Overflow had in 2010.

Of the 2,813 surveys started, 2,532 were completed, for a completion rate of 90%!  Thank you to everyone who participated.

View a report of the survey results

Or if you’d like to do your own analysis you can download the survey results.

Now, for some interesting facts ripped from the headlines:

Job Satisfaction
ReadWriteWeb reported that according to a Gartner analyst, more than 1/3 of IT professionals are interested in switching jobs.

According to our poll, users were slightly more satisfied with 31.6% of respondents indicating job satisfaction of “FML”, “I’m not happy in my job”, and “It pays the bills”. On a good note, the remaining 68.4% of respondents were satisfied with their jobs responding “So happy it hurts” and “I enjoy going to work”.

Smart Phone Wars
The Android community reported on January 7 that in of all US Smartphone Subscribers in November 2010, 26% used Android, 25% iPhone, and majority 33.5% BlackBerry. November 2010 marked the first month that Android beat the iPhone in total number of users.

Our results looked slightly different, with iPhone and Android having the biggest pieces of the pie. In fact, iPhone beat out Android by about 4 percentage points — 34.3% iPhone and 30.4% Android. BlackBerry use within our community came in at dead last with 6.9% of users, a drastic contrast from the majority 33.5% of all smartphone subscribers.

Especially in New York City, technical positions are in high demand at start-ups. In our survey, the majority of the respondents, 28.2%, work at a start-up – classified by us as 1-25 employees. Of those working at a start-up, the projects and job roles varied from the overall average. Web Application Developer was still the most popular job role, but by an even larger margin.  50.6% of those in start-ups work as a Web Application Developer as compared to 40.3% on average.  Web platform is still the leading development project, but also at a larger percentage for start-ups — 41.8% as compared to the average 33.3%.

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Yay, I posted the first comment for once!

Seriously though, very interesting results. The age range is about what I would have expected… and it looks like a lot of people have quite a bit of experience. (Keep in mind that what the user reported and what may actually be the case may differ.)

Waaay too many web developers :P

Yeah, C++ 28.5%!!!

Thanks for sharing the data. It’s very interesting.

The lack of Blackberry users is not surprising. I think that Blackberries have been seeing a decline recently and since StackOverflow users are likely to be early adopters they will switch faster than most. Also, Blackberries are more common among Enterprise users and these demographics show that StaverOverflow users tend to work for smaller companies.

Which StackExchange sites were covered by this survey? Will there be surveys of the non-programming related sites?

It’d also be cool to have data associated with user profiles. For example I’d like to know how years of experience correlates with Reputation score.

Dave Anderson Jan 11 2011

More tasty stats to chew on. One thing I’d be interested in, especially with the indicated spread of years of IT experience, is who’s coming to mainly ask questions and who’s here to give answers. I know my question to answer ratio is about 1:10. I’m sure this is available somewhere but I’ve not had enough coffee yet to find it. Did I miss this in another post?

I thought the “Which best describes the size of your company?” question was a bit broken.

I work for a 14 man outfit but which has been around since 1997 so I’m not sure how you’ll be able to draw any useful conclusions from those numbers.

Other that, fascinating.

Juliet Jan 11 2011

So out of 1000 respondants, only 7 live in Nebraska.

I knew I wasn’t the only Nebraska programmer.

Our company is small, but I wouldn’t classify us as a startup. We like to be small and we don’t need many people.

scunliffe Jan 11 2011

For page 12 “What type of project are you developing?” I don’t recall if it was a multiple selection question or not but I think it should have been.

What if I’m working on a: “Web Based SaaS Platform for Enterprise Mobile”? ;-)

Man! I need a microscope for Australasia 1.0%, response count only 29?!!

I think when arguing about certain questions that no poll was ever completely fair.

I tried to look at the iPhone vs. Android aspect that can be found in this survey, as I find it pretty interesting as the survey targeted developers and I think you may be able to draw conclusions here. I hope stackoverflow won’t mind my use of the numbers (if so please message me):

I was very surprised by the salary results. 68% of respondents have more than 6 years experience, and the median compensation is only 60k?

I have a few criticisms.

First of all, less than 50% is not a majority, it is a plurality.

Also, the “Smart Phone Wars” section is misleading. The data was drawn from responses to the question: “Which technology products do you own? (You can choose more than one)”. But the percentages were erroneously (though only implicitly) applied to “smartphone subscribers”.

According to a simple spreadsheet check, the figures for StackOverflow smartphone-users are 39.6% iPhone, 35.1% Android, 8.0% BlackBerry, and 17.3% other.

People tend to include non-professional experience (hobby, high school, college) when saying how long they’ve been doing something.

@Dave Anderson

>One thing I’d be interested in, especially with the indicated spread of years of IT experience, is who’s coming to mainly ask questions and who’s here to give answers.

If I’m not mistaken, you can estimate that from the monthly data dump (does that include user age fields?)

@Gabe Moothart

>I was very surprised by the salary results.

Note that only 37% of respondents are from the US. It’s a tough statistic to gauge the import of; the cost of living varies so much even within countries.

Alison author Jan 13 2011

Thanks everyone for your feedback. It would be great to be able to tie the general demographics back to user stats (reputation, badges, questions, answers), but unfortunately since this was an anonymous survey, we’re not able to do that.

@Adam – we targeted the Stack Overflow users via the original blog post and banner ads on Stack Overflow. We will definitely look to do a Stack Exchange-wide survey, but probably not until August which will mark Stack Exchange’s 1 year anniversary.

So we have a bunch of 20something web developers with 11+ years of experience making about 60k a year. Career change?

I would be great to have access to the raw data behind the survey results. Any chance of an anonymized data set becoming publicly available?

Alison author Jan 13 2011

@lewellen I can provide you with the anonymous raw data. Just send me an email and I’ll send it to you.

>> I was very surprised by the salary results.
> Note that only 37% of respondents are from the US.

Indeed. I was too surprised by the salary results, but quite the other way around. You see… our prime minister makes 60K.

68.4%, really? :) Wow..

What happened to BlackBerry? In my opinion it rocks. Far better than others 2.

Brilliant post! I’m kinda curious regarding the results and it’s a good thing that you post it in the site. By the way, I’m wondering what user demographics means? I’m kinda not sure with this.