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Subscribe to Tags via Email

12-20-10 by . 15 comments

You can now subscribe to a tag (or set of tags) and get an email when new questions arrive.

To begin, visit the Tag Sets page on, and either create a new tag set, or find a cool tag set someone else already put together.

Click on a tag set to browse the questions, then look on the sidebar for the email option:

Once you click subscribe, you can indicate which email address you want to use, and how often you want questions to be emailed to you — every 15 minutes, every 3 hours, or every day.

Once you click subscribe, you’ll automatically get emailed when new questions with those tags appear on any of our sites.

We already supported emailing new answers to questions you own, but we’ve intentionally avoided a lot of email notifications because, well, I hate email. That said, I do think interacting with our sites through email can make sense in some circumstances:

  1. When you’re active in tags that are not getting a lot of regular activity, so there is never a steady stream of questions. Even if you visited the site all the time, you never know when the occasional new question will appear.
  2. When you’re following one tag across multiple Stack Exchange sites, it can be simpler to have all the questions rolled up in an email summary rather than visiting many sites individually.
  3. When you are an expert in a niche topic, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time browsing around related disciplines. You want to be notified when anything is going on in your specific area of interest, only.

Fundamentally it’s the classic divide between push (we notify you when there are new questions, at the risk of bugging you) and pull (you visit the site whenever you like and see for yourself if there are new questions, at the risk of missing some things). Of course, we still support RSS everywhere, as we always have.

We’re thinking of adding a simple one click “subscribe” option on the websites proper to make it easier to subscribe to a tag or set of tags. But until then, we’d like to gather data on what types of tag sets are getting actively used. So, as ever, visit the Tag Sets page, try it out, and let us know what you think!

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Trond Andersen Dec 20 2010

One option I would like to add is a checkbox for “Only questions with non-accepted answers”.

This would be valuable if you only receive once a day.

For #2 it seems to me a similar summary on a single webpage could also be useful.

For the next feature, adding the ability to answer questions just by replying to the email would be great! (more of a mailing list style interface)

I’m already using an RSS to email service to get updates on a tag on Stackoverflow.

I will try using this new Stackexchange feature instead.

@4rk yes, this is already possible by visiting the Tag Set page on SE

@Patrick it’s unlikely we will ever implement that

Thank you.

Although I love using SO in general, it is the niche topics that I have always found the least user-friendly aspect on the site. This solves that problem for me.

I tried three or four different ways to navigate to the ‘jquery’ tag on stackoverflow – each time I arrive at the same page and each time there is nothing like a ‘subscribe’ link anywhere.

I see a feed link at the bottom right, but no ‘subscribe by email’ link at all. What am I missing?

@Katsma It seems that feature is only accessible from

I figured how it works after reading the blog post but it would be nice to have it directly accessible from as well.

@Alexandre, thanks. Since this post suggests subscription would be possible for a single tag, I kept clicking through on ‘jquery’ (which I’m particularly interested in) and ending up on – and no subscribe link. Now I found a tag set which also includes a few related subjects like CSS and HTML but isn’t too wide. So I’ll try that. :)

But I still would prefer only jQuery since that is what I’m concentrating on at the moment!

Oh drat – now I’m trying to log in with my OpenID and it seems the site doesn’t understand delegation. Needs a little work then, ;)

@Marjolein You should be able to create your own tagset. I just created a tagset containing only the jquery question on Stackoverflow

Still a lot of work for getting updates on only one tag. But it works.

Oh man, you really should consider creating a Jabber interface (like the excellent StackGuru – – provides), as I consider people interested by this type of interactivity would prefer near-real-time informations.
Besides, don’t you see that kind of feature makes Stack Overflow more and more like the descendant of Usenet ?

As far as I can see tags in tag sets are ORed (A B matches everything tagged A *or* B (or both)).
Is it possible to define ANDed tag sets? (A & B matches only those things tagged A *and* B)?

>We’re thinking of adding a simple one click “subscribe” option on the websites proper to make it easier to subscribe to a tag or set of tags.

You really should do this. It’s a good feature, but it’s too obscure to configure. All I want to do is check a box when looking at a tag to say “email me new questions with this tag”.

Instead I had to find these instructions, go to a different site (stackexchange), create an account there, and create a tag set.

calavera Jan 3 2011

Hey, that’s my tagset! (*powershell*)