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Stack Overflow Gives Back 2010

12-24-10 by . 22 comments

In 2009, Stack Overflow LLC had three employees, and three primary sites — Stack Overflow, Server Fault, and Super User. Plus our careers site at

In 2010, we incorporated as Stack Overflow Internet Services with venture capital funding. We also grew to twenty-four employees, and 38 primary sites (of which, to be fair, 19 are currently beta). We also created our fantastic network hub at and the democratic, community driven site creation process at Area 51.

My, how time flies when you’re having fun!

But the community is far bigger than us. Our fellow community moderators generously contribute their time, passion, and leadership to make their sites worth visiting and participating in. We now have over a hundred and thirty community moderators across 38 sites. Can you believe it?

As a small gesture of thanks, we offered to make a $100 donation to charity on behalf of each community moderator. I’m happy to report that through the generosity of our community moderators, the following donations were made this holiday season:

Our community moderators give their own time to cultivate sharing knowledge within their expert communities — they make it possible for everyone to learn together. A worthy cause, and this $13,000 donation is provided in that very same spirit.

I also wanted to give back to the tools, people, and projects that inspired us and helped us build our own network of websites. To that end, the following donations were made:

We believe our mission as a company is to make the internet better, and we’re proud to support our fellow internet citizens who walk alongside us toward this goal.

Of course, none of our sites could exist without you — the people who contributed to any Stack Exchange network site in the spirit of peers helping each other. We hope you learned something while you were there, or even better, taught us something we didn’t yet know.

I have no idea what’s going to happen in 2011, but I look forward to the journey with all of you.

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When you donate to WikiMedia, the Jimmy Wales banner smiles just a little more.

Merry Christmas, Jeff!

Nitish Dec 25 2010

Awesome! Keep it up!

Thanks for building stackoverflow, and thanks for giving back to the communities you mentioned. Stellar.

I’m a firm believer that Google only works when the internet is filled with information. For me, Stackoverflow is a major contributor to what makes Google work.

Enjoy the hollidays with all your friends, near or far. All the best,
Rolf (1713 rep, and counting ;-)

Well done Jeff! Keep up the good work :)

Thank you! I think this is a great way to honor our modest work (actually it’s more fun than work).

Keep up the good work!

You guys are awesome! I really like this “give back” things you do.

What you managed to accomplish in 2010 is just unbelievable, I’m really looking forward your next steps.

Buggabill Dec 25 2010

Thank you guys so much for the work that you have done on the SE sites. They make my life easier. I am looking forward to 2011!

Thank you guys for all, really; your project is simply awesome Stack Overflow is the perfect place to learn with just one minor flaw: too addictive! Greetings from Italy.

I salute you. I will use your list as inspiration for my own donations.

Thank you, It´s been a great ride so far and I guess it´s just starting!! Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

Nivas Dec 26 2010

The StackOverflow initiative has created wonders, with the structure, the fan following and content. And it is awesome that you give back periodically – the ads open source projects initiative, and donations. The Internet is definitely a better place with SO, and I sincerely hope that both you and us – the crowd in SO don’t lose focus and make the internet a lot more better place.
Happy Holidays.

Amazing that Stack Overflow has 26 moderators who either don’t know or don’t give a crap that the Wikimedia Foundation spends only 41 cents of every received dollar on the program services that support its mission. That earns them one star (out of four!) from Charity Navigator on the important measure of organizational efficiency.

Meanwhile kids in Haiti hope for a new school with running water, if they can dodge the cholera before then.

Great choice, nerds!

I’m curious about the Canonical donation. What tech do they provide that you guys use? Also, isn’t Shuttleworth rich enough, such that the money could be used elsewhere?


>Tshepang – they use a Linux based load balancer, they are mostly Windows based and so pay a lot more to Bill Gates.

OpenID foundation definitely deserves donation from around the world. It solved issues of registration over multiple sites for me. I’m not facebook connect so have to praise for openid :)

Pekka Jan 2 2011

@Gregory Kohs you’re not mentioning that you have quite a history with Wikipedia: and said Charity Navigator is still giving Wikipedia a 3 out of 4 stars overall. This is surely an interesting topic, but I’d like to see some more neutral opinions on this.

Dave Jan 5 2011

For 2011, it would be nice to get rid of the “subjective” flag on Forums are meant to ask a broad range of code questions in a broad range of ways. Individuals might ask a question even if it appears in 100 other threads because they have their own twist or goal for the question in order to benefit from user replies.

Also, subjective is in the eye of the beholder. Why the heck are people flagging posts with the reason of “general, subjective, etc.”. If it’s not clear enough, then the poster is to modify and add and explain. Otherwise, if there is enough context and reason for the post “I want to ping up some experts to help guide me to the right areas of study/resources”, what’s the problem with that type of forum thread or even “Hey how can I improve performance in my code snippet here”. Anything can be subjective to anyone. It’s lame that StackOverflow even makes that an issue. One person might think something is subjective and unanswerable and another person might think a question is a great one. Who cares. As long as the poster is getting a benefit from the responses that’s all that matters.

People need to chill on stackoverflow and let people post their freakin questions without people wining (moderators and whistler blowers).

If someone is being rude that’s one thing but to flag so many questions due to “subjectivity” is stupid because we may at times not know what we’re looking for and the whole point to post subjective is to gain a lot of ideas, even conflictive viewpoints in order to consume that and take it for what it is in order to gain knowledge and learn.

@mgb That would only make sense if that load-balancer is developed by Canonical. But like I say, Mark Shuttleworth is rich. Surely there’s better places one can donate money to?

I think that “Canonical” should be replaced with “Ubuntu”. That donation page is for donating to Ubuntu project. It is just Canonical which acts as a medium to receive the donations.