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Stack Overflow Annual Survey

As you’ve seen from the site analytics, Stack Overflow grew significantly in 2010.  We noticed some major technical shifts – more global visitors and an increase in use of Chrome as a web browser.  But, our visitors are more than just their web browser, operating system and screen resolutions, they are real people with real careers – valuable knowledge which isn’t measured by Google.  Some people may ask why we need to do a survey at all – so, taking poetic license on the 5 Whys, here’s how we got to the root answer:

We need a Stack Overflow Annual User Survey.

  1. Why? – To measure our user’s demographics
  2. Why? – Potential advertisers judge our site by demographics to see if we fit in with their goals
  3. Why? – You’ll see more relevant ads increasing the value of our advertising
  4. Why? – With more valued advertisers, we can spend more time developing awesome new features
  5. Why? – New features create a better user experience, supporting Stack Overflow’s mission to make the internet a better place than we found it.

The results of the survey will be released in a blog post at a future date.  You can also receive the final results sooner– simply provide your email at the end of the survey.  Your responses are kept completely anonymous and tabulated by SurveyMonkey.

Take the survey today!

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Yay done; Wouldn’t it make sense to take the openid you use to login most? That way you could collate visits and involvement to your demographics.

Alison author Dec 21 2010

Thanks! That’s a great idea!

Darren Kopp Dec 21 2010

dearest mr. atwood and friends,

next time, please choose a survey company that allows + symbols in the email address field.

your dearest friend.

Raj More Dec 21 2010

no Business Intelligence Developer in the question “Which of the following best describes your occupation?”?

I’m surprised you didn’t ask for the user’s rep–seems like that would be relevant to advertisers since 200+ rep users see fewer ads, and you are (presumably?) charging more for the ads that everyone sees. And you should probably ask if the user regularly browses with a plug-in that blocks ads on SO, though I can understand if you aren’t jumping at the bit to divulge that number to advertisers.

Will you be running a banner on SO asking people to take the survey?

I got to the bit where it asks how much I’ve spent on tech products, hit [Next] and it took me back to the start. Is it meant to do that?

(I was expecting a “Thanks” page or something.)

Most of the survey assumes a job in the programming/tech field, which is not a safe assumption. There should be a “I don’t work in the tech field” option that would then skip all the questions that would then be irrelevant.

Took the survey…. I was able to do it twice.. Shuldn’t it be link to our SO/SE ID?

Hi, Kiwi here. Australasia is what you are after if you wish to include NZ, not ‘Australia’.

Unless I’m supposed to but “Other Asia”… or… somewhere else?

*confused* :(

Alison author Dec 21 2010

Hi All – thanks for your comments.

@kip, We are running a banner on SO promoting the survey.

@Bill P. Godfrey, I’m really not sure why its doing that, sorry for your trouble

@Shoban, We chose to not limit to one survey per IP address in the assumption that many people will access from work, and then at some companies, only one person could take the survey.

@SCdF, Thanks! I added Australasia

Took the survey.

Maybe you could include South Africa as one of the major countries in Africa. If you do list it, you would have to list it above Africa.

@Alison. An Australian Kiwi here. Australasia is *inclusive* of Australia. This makes having Australia and Australasia as separate options non-optimal.

I’d suggest you drop the ‘Australia’ option and include any current answers from ‘Australia’ in the ‘Australasia’ bucket.

In the question, “What operating system do you use the most?”, why is Unix not listed?

kristof Dec 22 2010

You say that you want more specific details about the users, and then the first question about the country lists: Germany, France, UK, Netherlands and then Other Europe…

Why ask then?

@Dan: Or Server editions of Windows for that matter — most of my dev is server side.

Hi Alison,

I’m from Trinidad and Tobago (in the Caribbean) – which region should I specify?


OscarRyz Dec 22 2010

Why? SO is not charity but business and those $6 M have to be returned to the investors hands. :)

Alison author Dec 22 2010

@Ryan Shripat, Trinidad and Tobago should be listed with North America. Thanks!

@kristof, when we have enough data, we’ll be able to run a lot of custom/cross tab reports. Yes, GA gives us country, but it won’t tell us, say, the job satisfaction in Germany as compared to other countries.

@OscarRyz, yes, we hafta sorta run a business here ;-)

one of the worst surveys I have ever taken.


What is so bad about the survey?

Your comment is like a downvote on StackOverflow without giving a reason to the answerer or questioner (in other words, not useful).


The questions assumed far too much and there was no way to give “other” answers. Most of the questions didn’t fit my situation at all – it was as if someone spent NO time at all on the survey. They had already envisioned the set of people and made narrow assumptions.

Are you saying you disagree?

Good Survey, not to long and/or redundant

I had to choose “Other Europe”. That was great!

Good Survey, I liked it. But as Tim said, most of the options don’t fit my situation too.

Harper Shelby Dec 28 2010

Your email validator doesn’t grok style addresses. Some of us like using those for automatic filtering!

Justin Dec 28 2010

Blackberry 5 native browser incompatible with the survey.

Alison author Jan 7 2011

Hi Everyone,
The survey is now closed. If you’re interested in receiving the results, please email me:

Thanks for participating!