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Tag Sets on Stack Exchange

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Over the last few months, we’ve been continually improving our central network hub at

After a two week public beta test, we’re adding yet another ability — tag sets. A tag set is exactly what it sounds like: all questions matching a set of tags across one or more sites in the Stack Exchange network.

We got a lot of feedback that community members also wanted to view:

  • questions with only the subset of tags they are interested in
  • questions with the same tags across multiple Stack Exchange sites

That’s what tag sets are for. You can freely browse tag sets other users have set up — they’re all public — but you’ll need to be logged in to create your own tag sets. This should be more or less automatic through global auth, but if it is not, click the login link at the top of the page.

Click on the tagged questions navigation link, then select my tag sets to construct your own.

Look in the sidebar on the right for a tag-centric autocomplete area.

You can enter any tag (or wildcard tag, yep, it supports wildcards) that exists on any site in our network. And once you do, you can choose which site(s) you want to see it on.

You can also create multiple tag sets and toggle between them.  Just click name this tag set to give it a name.

You can then quickly toggle between your tag sets to keep track of multiple topics.  To start a new tag set just click New tag set.

If you’ve ever wanted to narrow down your interests on a site to a few specific topics, or follow a topic across multiple Stack Exchange sites — now you can. Just set up your own tag set, or discover a tag set someone else has already set up!

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WOW! Can I just say how awesome this feature is?!?

What better way to get people to use other SE network sites then by allowing them to have all questions for a certain tag on one page.

Is there a set of all tags not part of a tag set? Next you will have to add tag categories, then tag conglomerates.

I was so chuffed when I stumbled upon this feature! Trying to track XNA questions on both GameDev and Stack Overflow was getting tedious (yep that’s my tagset in the article – tee hee I feel special).

I wish we could pull certain tags from certain sites and pull everything from others. For example, Android tag from all sites, but then show all questions from the android.SE (since none are tagged android as that is redundant).

I was doing an app with the API that was going to be exactly for this purpose.

I’ve put it online at exactly 2 days before you announced the Tag Sets public beta.

And, of course, it’s way behind Tag Sets, with support only for SO and other missing features, that’s why I decided to drop it (I will put it off-line in 2 weeks).

But it’s a nice reiteration of the old rule: be careful what you make with an API, don’t choose something that’s likely to be incorporated in the main product.
(on my defense, I thought you weren’t going to this, based on the status-declined on this:

PS: Funny, the tag set for Stack Overflow in the post is exactly my tag set, you probably picked it up because I was comparing Tag Sets to Interesting Waffles for the past 2 weeks, trying to see if there was any point in keeping my app alive.

(the tag set with,,, c#,
google-maps, javascript, linq-to-sql, sql-server)

I would love API access to Tag Sets

@Bryan I don’t agree with this (allowing all questions on a site) for the reasons outlined at

It seems to me, to be quite at odds with what the spirit of the thing is — tags.

Name Nov 4 2010

Time to start using the stackoverflow network…

“It seems to me, to be quite at odds with what the spirit of the thing is”

If you agree that getting the questions you want with as little work as possible is a good thing, then you should probably look beyond keeping your model to solve this.

It’s true that a global tag sounds like a hack, but that just means you need a better solution. This is a problem close to the core of your business: getting the questions in front of the people who can answer them without flooding anyone with things of no interest (driving them away).

Improving your model to support this goal will only make you better.

Please, please, please have support for creating new tags (that can be a part of a tag set) based on an arbitrary criteria.

For example, I would probably want Python and C in my tag set, but I am also interested in any question with any tag, where the votes are greater than 25.

Even if the criteria was limited, say: number of votes, user who asked the question. This would be an awesome feature and would be immediately useful, I think.

Sergey Oct 14 2012

Thank you! It’s wondeful!