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Vote Early, Vote Often

10-19-10 by . 12 comments

Have you ever wondered why the vote buttons and score are so prominent on every Stack Exchange question?

Putting voting front and center is very much intentional; it is how …

  • good content is voted to the top
  • wrong or incorrect content is voted to the bottom
  • users who consistently provide useful content accrue reputation and are granted more privileges on the site

It’s only through voting that a class of editors, closers, and moderators can emerge to help run and govern the site. Voting is how site leadership forms. That’s why the reputation leagues show a breakdown of reputation spectrums.

Does your site have a healthy middle class of users with vote up and down, and edit tag privileges? Does it have a healthy governing class of users with edit, close, and moderation privileges? All of this requires sufficient reputation, which in turn requires users to exercise their right to vote.

In fact, we’ve begun showing beta site health on Area 51 as partially a function of how many “avid” users there are — where “avid” is defined as has at least 200 reputation.

(click through to any Area 51 site proposal that is currently in beta to see the evaluation.)

Our sites are all intended to be a sort of representative democracy. While yearly moderator elections are an important part of that plan, voting on questions and answers is the primary mechanism through which the community governs the site on a day to day basis.

Voting is so important that we belatedly realized we may not be doing enough to encourage new users to vote. But we’re trying to change that.

First, the new privilege wikis and notifications now explain the importance of upvoting and downvoting “just in time”, when users receive those privileges.

Second, we’re rolling out two new badges to further encourage additional dimensions of voting:

Suffrage Bronze Cast the maximum number of 30 votes in a single day
Sportsmanship Silver Cast 100 upvotes on competing answers, that is, answers to questions that you yourself answered with a score of 1 or more

These new voting badges will be applied retroactively, and complement the existing Supporter, Civic Duty, and Electorate voting badges.

Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual — or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society.

– Samuel Adams

Voting is as crucial to our community as it is to any democracy. As a moderator, or merely a citizen of the site — please exercise your right to vote by voting early and voting often!


IT Professional Oct 19 2010

Virtual badges are all very well, but I am a sucker for a good marble or ballbearing, (or, at a pinch, a scrap of silvery foil off which the light sparkles alluringly as I turn it hither and thither while gazing at it in awe).

Kevin W Oct 19 2010

Why is everything early and often with you?

@IT Professional

Good point. Will you accept a t-shirt or perchance a sticker? :)

IT Professional Oct 19 2010

I will always accept a free T-shirt, because that means my dad’s Christmas present is dealt with for the year.

I love the Sportsmanship one, that’s a very good idea! I’m not sure it will be enough of an incensitive tough, but the idea is there :)

I’m amazed that Sportsmanship has only been awarded to 265 people on SO. I always upvote competing answers if they make a good point. Well, I’ll admit that I won’t upvote a competing answer if its score is >= my answer, until OP accepts an answer. After an answer is accepted (whether mine or someone else’s), I’ll freely upvote any good answers. Of course, I’ll probably never get the Electorate badge doing this…

Justin Nelson Oct 19 2010

I’d be interested to see who has the electorate badge and the Sportsmanship badge.

R. Bemrose Oct 19 2010

Great, now is there anything except the Electorate badge to encourage users to vote on questions rather than just answers?

Personally, I’ll never get the electorate badge because it means I’d have to cast something like 550 votes on questions without voting on any answers.

gnovice Oct 19 2010

@Justin Nelson: I’ve got them both. I’ve downvoted quite a few questions and upvoted quite a few competing answers.

Wait, now people don’t HAVE enough reputation?!!?


You could always give it back.

BTW: I don’t have a greek keyboard to do the captcha…sorry.

Hans Passant Oct 19 2010

Strange, I upvote answers when they are good, I don’t need to post an answer. I post an answer when I deem existing answers not good enough. I rarely get back to a thread to check on added answers, there’s no notification for it.

I don’t think I’ll ever get that badge.

Jeremiah Genest Oct 21 2010

I think that the 30 cap may be a little to easy to reach daily. Especially if a site is seeing a lot of activity. With these new badges and policy will the cap be considered at some point?