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Stack Overflow Outage

10-09-10 by . 16 comments

As you may have noticed many of Stack Overflow’s websites suffered some down time today from 6am EDT for about an hour and is still offline for maintenance. Our collocation provider in Oregon experienced an unexpected UPS failure that caused us to lose power. Once they were able to restore power Geoff, who was already on site, brought up our servers. Stack Overflow itself is still offline because the database, was, well “suspect” according to SQL Server. We have recovered the database and are working to bring it live again.

We apologize for this outage but we are working hard to make sure you can always get your answers. We will keep everyone updated.

We have managed to restore the database and is now live again as of 10:45 AM Eastern.

We have managed to restore the missing 4 hour window of Stack Overflow data as of 1:30 PM Eastern.

Going forward we have set up new servers in a new facility in New York. We have already moved some of our sites; you may have noticed was still up during this outage. This new data center includes the following improvements so that our sites will have higher availability so you can always get answers to your questions:

  • Two Power feeds from independent UPSes.
  • Redundant Internet feeds as well as redundant routers and switches.
  • Every site is run from multiple servers.

Thank you everyone for your patience and support during this outage.

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Good luck! You have my sympathies.

tobi Oct 9 2010

“We are committed to providing the best availability and we are continually making improvements to our infrastructure.”

cut that professional tone out. it means nothing.

Kyle Brandt Oct 9 2010

@Tobi: Ick .. can’t believe I wrote that.

Claudiu Oct 9 2010

Hey guys, I know all of you must be under pressure right now, but I just created the account 2 hrs before the outage and I lost all my goodies :) (aka rep, which was cool cause I had more access to other goodies).

Will those be back, or do I need to work my “100 something” rep back up?


Yep, some of the data are missing. I wrote a question some time before the outage and now it’s not there, same with one answer. Will those be back? (No hard feelings if not, just asking.)

Kyle Brandt Oct 9 2010

You will be able to find updates regarding any lost data on meta at

Claudiu Oct 9 2010

Ok then, and how would the goodies that I had add to the goodies I just re-earned? I don’t really care but I’m curious on how the system works…

Claudiu Oct 9 2010

Aaand sorry for beeing so annoying, but please note that some ex-links are not pointing where they should anymore. Will they be back after restoring the backup?

Guys, have you considered migration to Windows Azure? At least it offers a rock-solid infrastructure. :)

Good luck getting things up to speed.

It’s been a while since you guys made some posts about what’s powering up SO’s infrastructure. Could you please put up a post giving us some details? I can probably speak by the community saying that we’re specs hungry and knowledge addicted! :)

Keep up the great work.

I’m curious as to how do you handle air conditioning/cooling in the case of power loss? UPSes are great at continuing to give power to the machines, but won’t the machines get very hot very quickly without cold air?

Benjol Oct 10 2010

Would it be worth keeping meta on a different site, specifically to be able to report on outages like this?

@Ben McCormack
The fans in the machines/racks run off the machine UPS. The building HVAC is normally designed so the cooling medium (cold air/water) pools in the hotspots to give it time to get the backup generators started – depending on the thermal load and design of building you can have quite a long time before you need full AC.

Some of the newest facilities are designed so that they have 12-24hours of cooling stored in thermal masses (cold concrete or cold fluid) so they only need to buy off peak power to cool.

Nice!!! You should be very careful with all this staff.

Listen to Scott Hanselman and Rob Conery talk to the StackOverflow team, about the day their database melted – and how the team responded. Including three StackOverflowers: Geoff Dalgas – developer, Sam Saffron – developer and data geek, and Jeff Atwood, Mr. CodingHorror and co-founder.