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Code Camp Video Interview

10-27-10 by . 6 comments

A few weeks ago, I presented HTML 5 Local Storage — as featured in our global network auto-login — at the 2010 Silicon Valley Code Camp.

After the talk, Mehul Harry of DevExpress buttonholed me to talk about HTML 5 local storage … and everything else we’ve been working on over the last 6 months.

Part one — 14:21

Part two — 13:28

If you don’t have the time or inclination to watch the entire 27 minute video interview, Mehul kindly wrote up a decent set of notes — and there’s also a much higher resolution version of the talk available there, too. (I only mirrored the interview on YouTube for convenience, as I was having trouble getting the video to play reliably from there.)

We don’t have a podcast any more, but occasionally Joel and I will do speaking engagements where we discuss aspects of Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow. Anyway, if you’re wondering why we make the crazy decisions we make sometimes, perhaps this will provide some insight. Or not.

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I have to confess, I miss the podcast. I know you are very busy but… couldn’t we have, like, a monthly show?

Anyway, I’ll watch the interview in the meanwhile :)

You should just scroll pass all these videos and click on the link at the bottom for the HD version.

Jeff, can you speak conclusively about the podcast? The final podcast(s) suggested that there would be a revamping of the format, but that new podcasts would return after a hiatus. Now you say you don’t have a podcast anymore.

So, er … is that it? I really did enjoy the podcasts, including Joel’s ruminations on why the world is banana-shaped. I for one, keep hoping they will return in some way. But just knowing definitively whether they’re gone for good or what would be a nice thing.


I must concur, the podcast is highly missed. I’m in the middle of re-listening to all the podcasts, and that stuff was really great. I would love to see the podcast re-incarnated in some fashion. Or, at the very least, can we have a final word on the fate of the podcast?

Another vote for bringing back the podcast! LOL

Jeff you must be getting tired of people asking, but what can I say? You & Joel always seem to always be on point and have good topics to talk about.

+1 for the expressed sentiments that you continue the podcast.