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Server Fault Chat Now Available

09-10-10 by . 3 comments

As promised, we are slowly rolling out the third place across our network.

We started with chat.meta.stackoverflow, and as previously announced on the Server Fault blog, we now have

You may remember we rolled out per-site metas across the entire Stack Exchange network, as well as for Server Fault and Super User, back in July. So from our perspective, we’re completing the experience: Q&A for professional system administrators community organization and discussion about the site itself real time chat “third place” for regulars is still a public beta, but we’re rapidly closing in on release status. I expect we’ll begin a fairly aggressive rollout of chat across all sites within 4 weeks or so — though do be advised that will be the last site to get it because of its immense volume.


Are there plans in the bag for ?

This will be great for 1-2-1 support among the community.

@robert yep, this is covered in the last 2 sentences of the blog post above.

Ricky Sep 20 2010

What are you using for those chat? What is the technology behind it?