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New Global Inbox

09-28-10 by . 18 comments

One unwanted side effect of launching so many awesome new Stack Exchange network sites is that the more you participated in, the harder it became to keep track of all your questions, answers, and comments across every site you participated on. That’s kind of a bummer.

Well, I’m pleased to announce we’ve added a new global inbox to every site in our network. On the genuinetm Stack Exchange logo in the upper left hand corner, the one you already know and love — you may see a new, small red numeric indicator light up:

That small red number tells you how many new replies you have across the entire Stack Exchange network of websites. And by replies, I mean:

  1. New answers to your questions
  2. New comments on your posts
  3. @replies to you in comments

Click the number to go directly to the global inbox.

At any given time, the inbox will contain a list of the last 30 global messages for your account, along with:

  • The site icon, so you know which site the message is from
  • The title of the question the message is associated with
  • A preview excerpt of the first few characters of the message
  • The relative age of the message (in a tooltip, so hover your mouse to see it)

Clicking through on any global inbox item will of course take you directly to the specific question on the target site.

Hopefully the new global inbox will make it easier to keep track of your questions, answers, and comments across the entire network!

(and yes, we’re looking at ways for chat to discreetly insert @reply mentions in the global inbox as well.)


Shane Sep 28 2010

Fantastic work! This makes it much easier to operate across sites.

rmontagud Sep 28 2010

I saw it this morning and i really like it, good job

I already have a UI request.

You know where you click to get the bubble to pop up? You should be able to click the exact same spot to close it instead of moving your mouse all the way to the bottom right. Or if I click anywhere outside of the box it should remove the bubble.

Well I like the new feature, this does somewhat duplicate the functionality of StackCenter:

However, it seems the new global inbox does not support @reply notifications yet… so StackCenter will continue to offer that feature.


@replies do go into the global inbox, along with new answers to your posts, and new comments on your posts.

I like the new feature, but how do you clear the red notification number? It doesn’t reliably go away for me…


You click the (#) (or click the “inbox (#)” tab). History can mess with it, but simply viewing the inbox will clear the “new item counter.”

@Shane: thank you, kind sir, for stating the obvious.

@Kevin: Oh, I didn’t realize that. My bad. Still, StackCenter has a global reputation graph. (It has to have _something_ unique, right? :)

I’d love to see access to this inbox provided to the API. It should include the ability to see which messages have already been viewed.

ricebowl Sep 29 2010

Could I make a UI request, in passing? If I’ve looked at my replies -for the whole network- could the the recent-history prompt (the envelope next to my username) also be told that I’ve already seen them?

It might be just me, but I feel compelled to check all notifications, and clearing two apparently independent notification queues seems a little time-consuming. I’ll stop whining now…

@Adam – the Inbox is still undergoing significant improvement, like many of the newer features on the site (tag wikis, tag stats, … hmmm, alot of stuff with tags come to think of it) it won’t be exposed in the API until sometime after all the kinks are worked out.

Pekka Oct 7 2010

This feature is excellent – it works perfectly for me, and makes navigating across multiple SE sites so much easier. Great work!

@Jeff … I do really like this feature; (for me) one problem is it lacks persistence. Example: so community members may be helping me with several issues. I notice the numeric indicator, click on it, and check out just one answer. Fifteen minutes later, I come back to so and the numeric indicator is gone. B-(

Riderman Feb 25 2011

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mdoherty Mar 1 2011

Every application grows until it supports eMail :)

love this content… keep it going…