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Flair: Now Even Flairier

09-22-10 by . 10 comments

When we introduced user flair back in May 2009, we provided two ways to embed flair, either with an iframe, or JavaScript.

That may have been fine for a programming website like Stack Overflow, but it wasn’t so hot for … normal people. That is, people who do not live and breathe markup like us programmers. Embedding an <iframe> tag or <script> tag is complicated. It implies you run your own website, or otherwise have extremely low-level access to (and understanding of) the markup.

So, we’ve bitten the bullet and rebuilt flair as simple, works every-darn-where images! To produce this new, simpler image flair, modify your user page URL from


Super User profile for Joey

You don’t need to remember that, either — just visit /users/flair on any site in our network for copy n’ pasteable code, or click on the Got Flair? link on your user page.

And, yes, flair works the same on every Stack Exchange network site:

And if you’re an avid user, active on multiple sites, we have an extra-special surprise for you — combined Stack Exchange flair!

Just copy and paste the convenient (and simple!) HTML markup provided via the flair tab on your user page.

This has been a long time coming. In the meantime, the community has built some pretty cool flair image alternatives that are worth checking out, too:

And remember …

Now, it’s up to you whether or not you want to just do the bare minimum. Brian, for example, has 37 pieces of flair. And a terrific smile.

… so go forth and share your flair!


hi jeff, can you advise me why my multi-site flair for “lkraav” gets a 500 error?

I *think* it’s because you don’t have any accounts with >200 reputation across the network (the network flair only shows accounts that have > 200 rep). But it is clearly a bug.

Michiel Sep 23 2010

Ha, the 200 rep limit on cross-network flair is never mentioned, but now it is clear.

Do “normal people”, the ones for whom you provided this feature, understand Office Space quotes? :)

Anonymous Sep 23 2010

Switch off the red and blue subpixels in the image rendering, it looks terrible.

Steve Armstrong Sep 23 2010

Does Area51 not count as a stack exchange site? I have 211 rep on Area51, but it doesn’t show up on my combined flair

I agree with Steve Armstrong. I was hoping the flair would be a picture image of the flair shown on the commitment page on Area 51, example:
(freehand circles)

My flair with the new image flair is only 1.5k, but on Area51 it shows as nearly 3k (only difference is that it includes Area51. I thought Android would turn up, but I’m under 200 on that :()

Well the new image based flair is a nice feature, you can overcome some of its shortcomings by using StackImage:

Advantages include the ability to customize colors, fonts, and the ability to include Area51 reputation. Also, I made a thin, mini-flair that’s perfect for signatures on forums.