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Remember our shiny new network hub? Sure you do, it’s right there in the upper left hand corner of every page. Indeed, that’s how you know you’re on a gen-u-winetm Stack Exchange network website.

This hub exists for a few reasons:

  1. To aggregate the most interesting questions right now across the entire network
  2. As a network directory, with statistics and rankings
  3. It offers per-site user reputation leagues

And, in a very broad sense, it’s there to promote camaraderie and cross-pollination of the many disparate Q&A communities across the network — sites created through the open, democratic community process at Area 51. (How many do we have now? 24? 26? I’ve actually lost count!)

We now support a form of global authentication across the entire network, so when you visit, as long as you’ve recently logged in to any site in our network, you should get automatically logged in, like so:

Automatic logins are necessary to support our most requested feature: customization! Largely through Tag Filters.

Also, we now directly link to the reputation leagues from the /users page on each individual site, so it’s a bit more discoverable. And we finally provide type-to-search so you can actually find yourself (or your friends) in any given site reputation league:

You can also permalink directly to any user in any league. Simply mouse over the user and the link will appear, like so:

If you want to share how well you’re doing (or another user is doing), this link will always direct people to the correct page and location in the league for that specific user.

Also, we’ve added a few more stats to the reputation league sidebar. First, we highlight the best performing new users in the specified league interval.

Site moderators, take note: new users who find your community and generate significant reputation from their peers are the lifeblood of any fledgling Q&A community, and should be treated as such. And if you don’t have any new users entering your community and producing a modicum of reputation… well, that’s something to be worried about.

We also show reputation spectrums for the specified league interval.

This is an indication of how well the site’s overall reputation economy is doing, and indirectly, how much voting and activity is going on. It’s instructive to compare the numbers generated from here to the other sites, just so you can see the big city / small city / new town economy dynamics at work. In particular, one of the key numbers here is how many editors (2k rep) and closers (3k rep) you have.

We have a few more things planned for, but these new features — plus the much needed customization support — are much closer to the vision we had for a network hub that’s a useful destination.

Check it out, enjoy, and as always — we welcome your feedback!

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Maxim Zaslavsky Sep 4 2010

Cool stuff!

For some reason, automatic login isn’t working for me – I’m logged in on a ton of SE sites, but when I go to, I’m not logged in automatically. Then, when I go to log in manually, it tells me that it couldn’t find an OpenID endpoint.

What gives?

Global authentication does not work for me either (and never has)

Global Authentication requires the following:
– You are using a modern browser (IE8+, Chrome, Safari, FireFox 3.6+, Opera 10.61+)
– You have logged into an SE-site with global authentication enabled (to acquire the necessary credentials) [global authentcation is enabled on all sites except Area51]
– You haven’t failed to globally authenticate to the site in question in your current browser session

The last one is often the gotcha: if you goto, then goto Stack Overflow and login, and then go *back* to, you will not be logged in. You must either close your browser, or clear your session cookies.

In FF3.6, I have a SO cookie, I go from SO (logged in) to SE, not logged in @ SE…

@asf – The SO cookie is not used as part of global authentication.

You either don’t have the localStorage component on StackAuth, or you have the gauthed cookie (a suppression cookie) on StackExchange.

i see you start using chrome 6.0 ;)

polygenelubricants Sep 6 2010

I’d like to suggest a sister league, if possible: a badge league.

As per e.g. ; some people also see badges as a form of competition. It’d be nice to also see for each user, how many badges were earned for a given period, and to see a league for that.

Steve Armstrong Sep 7 2010

@Kevin: Should those problems with global authentication also keep me from manually logging in? I opened this meta question before noticing these comments, so perhaps the conversation makes more sense on there:

@Steve – global authentication is a layer over normal login. It doesn’t affect manual login in any meaningful way.

Steve Armstrong Sep 7 2010

It looks like automatic login is working for me anyhow (after clearing cache and re-logging into Ubuntu, going to Home Improvement logged me in automatically). I’ll just watch the meta topic for my problem then. Thanks

Gideon Oct 30 2010

I can’t find myself in the users league(week/month or year)!? =( Or is it for the big rep users? (I have 169 on SO?)

Gideon Nov 2 2010

Oopsy I didn’t see “* users with less than 200 reputation are not tracked in the leagues” but I have 309 now so YAY! I show up on the league! =D