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Announcer, Booster, and Publicist Badges

09-09-10 by . 12 comments

We just rolled out three new badges to encourage sharing worthy questions:

announcer badge (bronze) Shared a link to a question that was visited by 25 unique IP addresses in 3 days
booster badge (silver) Shared a link to a question that was visited by 300 unique IP addresses in 4 days
publicist badge (gold) Shared a link to a question that was visited by 1,000 unique IP addresses in 5 days

Each badge can be earned only once, and each must be earned on a different question. Also, the tracked IPs must originate from outside our existing network.

So how do you share questions? I mentioned in an earlier post that we support a shorter URL form specifically for sharing:

You can access the shorter URL form using the twitter and facebook sharing icons on public beta sites, or by right-clicking and copying the link conveniently provided under each question, on any site:

To encourage this sort of sharing, there’s a certain tiny percent chance a little reminder will appear on recent hot questions, or when upvoting questions that have reached a certain vote threshold:

Don’t worry — these reminders are very infrequent by design, and limited to public betas only. They also go away forever if you hold one of the badges.

The goal here is to give everyone convenient and fun tools to share the awesomeness. As we said in A Recipe to Promote your Site:

The absolute best and easiest way to promote your site is to simply share links to great questions or answers. The hallmark, the cornerstone, the fundamental bedrock of Stack Exchange is producing Q&A that we’re proud of, Q&A that’s worthy of sharing with others.

I’m incredibly proud of the quality of Q&A being generated on Stack Exchange sites — it’s a testament to the skill of our community, which IMNSHO is second to none on the intarwebs. I love building Q&A that makes the internet better alongside you guys. So when you see a particularly brilliant question or answer — why not share it and let everyone else know just how great our communities are?

And remember, that first upvote is always free …

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R. Bemrose Sep 9 2010

Lets see how long it takes the Law of Unintended Consequences to kick in.

And by that, I mean, lets see how long it takes people to start spamming links to SE sites.

“the tracked IPs must originate from outside our existing network.” — does that mean that only clicks from users with no accounts will count?

Jason Sep 9 2010

Why is there an additional number at the end of the short URLs? Aren’t the following URLs equivalent:

hyperslug Sep 9 2010

Brilliant way to generate traffic. BTW, learn the shocking truth about Acai Berries! –>

Jason, that’s the referring user used to track the link so they can award you the badge.

Jason Sep 9 2010

Ah, I guess I just assumed the badge would be awarded to the person who asked the question. That makes more sense though, thanks.

Eric Wilson Sep 10 2010

R. Bemrose those that worry about the Law of Unintended Consequences never get anything done. Because every action might have unintended negative consequences.

R. Bemrose Sep 13 2010

@Eric Wilson:
Yes, but spam is nothing new to the Internet.

Just because something is an unintended consequence does not mean it is an *unexpected* consequence.

Now I realize you are supposed to right click the link URL and copy to clipboard. But I didn’t realize at first what was going on. Clicking on the link URL didn’t do anything.

I would suggest putting a message behind that button telling the clicker to copy the link location to the clipboard. This could possibly be customized for the browser and version.

I like the idea a lot, but the limits for achieving these badges are currently way too high.

You almost need to be an internet celeb to get even the bronze version:
From a quick look, Stack Overflow is the only site where more than 0-3 people have earned it.

Contrast that with the description of bronze badges: “Bronze badges are awarded for basic use of [site]; they are easy to earn.”

@joni — I agree, we relaxed the requirements for all 3. They were too high..

Does it take the full 5 days to get the publicist badge? I’ve had 1.5k views on a link I shared yesterday & it hasn’t kicked in yet.!/snuff_man/status/62703662111272960 ->