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Tag Folksonomy and Tag Synonyms

08-01-10 by . 26 comments

Every question on Stack Overflow, or any other Stack Exchange site, must be tagged with at least one tag. Tags are simple keywords or labels that help categorize your question with other, similar questions.

It’s important that questions get tagged correctly, because that makes it easier for everyone to find the questions they’re interested in — and potentially answer them.

These tags are built by the community, in what is commonly known as a folksonomy. While we do a bit of pre-seeding when sites launch with a few dozen really obvious tags, most tags you see were created by another fellow user. Like any other collaborative process involving the community, not everyone agrees, and it takes some time to reach a consensus. One person’s to-mah-to is another person’s to-may-to, and pretty soon everyone is calling the whole thing off.

As Stack Overflow has grown, so has the need for discipline around tagging. We added tag merging about a year ago, but it was purely a moderator function. We’ve also slowly but surely been increasing the reputation required to create a new tag from 250 reputation, to 500 reputation, all the way to the current setting of 1500 reputation. We’ve also started automatically culling single-use tags that are more than 6 months old. But that’s just a band-aid on the underlying problem. It’s been clear for a very long time now that we needed some kind of tag synonym system, one that the community itself could maintain and control without having to bend the ear of a moderator.

Sam’s been working hard on this for the last two weeks, and we now have a fairly reasonable approximation of a community driven tag synonym system in place. Just check the info tab on any tag — like, say, the JavaScript tag.

On the info tab, you’ll find two sections of information about the javascript tag: an editable user-contributed wiki at the top, and a list of tag synonyms at the bottom.

As you can see, our fellow users have already contributed a nice little wiki for the [javascript] tag already. Be advised that the Tag Wiki is a somewhat experimental feature at the moment. The intention is explained in the default help text on any blank tag wiki:

Tag wikis help introduce newcomers to the tag. They contain frequently asked questions about the tag and guidelines on its usage.

Tag wikis can be edited by users with more than 2000 reputation, provided:

  • They are in the top 20 answerers for this tag or
  • They have more than 100 answer upvotes in this tag

As for synonyms, the javascript tag has two so far. This means that any queston tagged [js] or [java-script] will be automatically and silently remapped to [javascript] behind the scenes. This is the key quality of life improvement, because it means that new users can no longer accidentally pollute the tag pool by adding or contributing to yet another oddball variant of an existing tag. Again. And Again. And Again…

With the help of Stack Overflow moderator Bill the Lizard, we’ve imported most of the common community generated synonyms into the Stack Overflow synonym list already. For new synonyms, we will require that any proposed tag synonym must already exist as a tag on at least one question in the system, otherwise we’ll go crazy trying to predict every possible synonym of every possible tag. Instead, observe what real live users actually create, then base your synonyms on that.

If you click the see all tag synonyms » link from any specific tag page, you can browse all current and suggested tag synonyms, across all tags. If you’re a moderator, you should have this page bookmarked.

It is our hope that these tag synonym pages are fairly self-explanatory, at least to the higher reputation users that they are designed for. And if not, we’d like to make it so.

If you’d like to help tame the tag folksonomy with us:

  • browse the info tab for tags you actively participate in
  • edit the tag wikis to make them better
  • vote for the tag synonyms you think should (and shouldn’t exist)
  • suggest new tag synonyms we might need
  • monitor the master tag synonym page and see which ones are working, and which ones aren’t.

Good luck, and happy tagging!

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Mikael Aug 1 2010

I think this will really help things. However, there is one related feature that seems to be missing still; tag hyponymy. It would be great to be able to say that the tags “windows-xp”, “windows-vista” and “windows-7″ are all hyponyms to the tag “windows” so that I only have to mark my interest or disinterest with one tag (given, of course, that I’m interested or disinterested in the whole hypernym) but still keep the granularity of the actual tags of the questions (and also so that questions don’t have to be tagged both “windows-7″ and “windows”).

Mark Cidade Aug 1 2010

@Mikael the tag-hyponymy idea sounds like SKOS brat

Can the tag auto suggest be tweaked to indicate what mappings will happen (or better yet actually apply them)

Greg Aug 1 2010

I agree on the “hyponymy” note – for instance, questions tagged “ruby-on-rails” really ought to show up in a search for “ruby”, but it’s still useful to be able to capture the granularity of Rails-specific questions as well.

I wholeheartedly agree with Mikael. But it’s great that we’re making strides towards more clarity from the tags.

It’s a nice implementation but I can’t help thinking that it’s tackling a complex problem by adding complexity. The whole point of a folksonomy is that it’s not a taxonomy.

So what happens when a tag in the top-40 tags (say, iphone-sdk) becomes a synonym to another tag in the top-40, (say, iphone). Does that mean that another tag will be promoted to the top-40 in place of the synonym?

Frankly, I think there’s a difference between them, and that iphone-sdk does mean something different, but that’s how things stand for now.

@john mostly this is attacking the to-may-to, to-mah-to problem through voting.

Specifically, it gets really, really old having to manually merge the “svn” and “subversion” tags every month.

I’m not in favor of anything hierarchical.

OMG Ponies Aug 1 2010

Is there any impact to votes against tags summarization?


I agree this can get complicated fast. But when you look at the effectiveness, you can see what massive difference to the discoverablity of the “ruby on rails” tag on Stack Overflow this change made. A few hundred manual retaggings were avoided. This saves people time and allows them to focus on answering questions.


Regarding tag hyponymy, it is incredibly complex issue to tackle, but the best place to discuss this would be Meta. I am not inclined to work on this in the near future.


? not following, the voting only affects tag synonyms, the tag wikis are a totally different system.

OMG Ponies Aug 1 2010

@Sam: I was for details on how voting affects synonyms, I didn’t see a mention in the posting. The tag wiki is interesting, just concerned we might get into needing citations a la Wikipedia.


The voting affects are in the page, the overview is, when you propose a synonym it takes no affect until it get a 4 score.

If it gets a -2 score it is automatically deleted.

I think the ‘tag wikis’ is a very nice addition, hopefully it can be a nice hub for some of the more prolific tags. I’m excited!

Tilendor Aug 2 2010

So are there going to be badges associated with this feature?

@Jeff: Have you previously given a reason as to why you’re not in favour of a hierarchy? There are currently problems relating caused by the 5-tag limit and the lack of a hierarchy. For example, to tag something php, php5, php5.3, and php5.3.3 uses up 4 of the available tags. But each of those tags is useful in its own right. If they were all in a hierarchy, only 1 would be needed, storage would be presumably be more efficient, and it would be possible to see all questions relevant to php5.3, for example.

I get the feeling that I’m missing a lot of questions relevant to php because they’re being tagged ‘php5′ but not ‘php’.

R. Bemrose Aug 2 2010

Is there anywhere to discuss tag mergers? For instance, I just saw that aspx is one vote away from being merged into

aspx implies, but does not imply aspx, as there are other file types used with it… and ASP.NET MVC 3 may use cshtml files (Razor templates) instead!

OMG Ponies Aug 2 2010

@Sam: I’m not explaining myself correctly. I updated the SQL tag wiki, and defined a synonym called “database”. I don’t know of a database vendor that does not support SQL as a means of communication; “database” is the colloquial term neophytes are more likely to use than “SQL”…

Assuming the synonym is approved by the community, does that mean that votes against the “SQL” tag will also be attributed to the “database” tag? The votes that are listed when someone checks the stats tab per tag…

This gets tricky, because Transact-SQL (TSQL) is supported by both MS SQL Server and Sybase…

I’m curious, because there are silver and gold badges attributed to those tallies…

“and it would be possible to see all questions relevant to php5.3, for example.”

This is already possible with wildcards — just add “php*” to your interesting tags, or use the “php~” equivalent on the server.

(ASP.NET hates asterisks in URLs even though they’re technically allowed by the spec. Sorry.)

goyuix Aug 2 2010

I love the tag wiki stuff. I have been thinking for a long time that the Stack Overflow engine really needed something akin to the “pinned topic” for a quick /important info dump. The sponsored tags had a first approximation of it, this looks to be a home run. Keep the excellent enhancements coming!


The tag synonyms is a completely independent system that only affects the future, it plays nothing with past votes. I would strongly suggest against a database synonym for sql it makes no sense (bring it up on meta). In general the workflow should be that synonyms is vetted and in short order the moderators step in and merge tags. At that point history starts changing.

@R. Bemrose

If anything out of order is happening please bring it up on meta, mods have override abilities

@Bobby Jack,

This is a discussion for meta, we can not get in to all the details here.


not sure, there is a discussion here:

Thanks for the feedback!

OMG Ponies Aug 2 2010

So if I understand this correctly – if a user uses a synonym like “mssql”, the system will display “sql-server”. Will votes will be tallied against the “sql-server” tag that is displayed, or what the user actually provided?

Josh Stodola Aug 2 2010

I like this, but I wish I could reverse a vote after five minutes!

@Josh, you can reverse a vote whenever (either by downvoting or clicking the upvote again)


Synonyms do not affect pre-existing stuff, you still need to run merges and retags. The system behaves as though a benevolent retagger just goes in and retags stuff after you save it.

Nice work folks!

Will we see the tag synonym data in the monthly data dumps?

@ponies – re: databases -> sql synonym. What about all the nosql databases where this wouldn’t really apply?

what about the relation of the tag? have you ever consider adding relation of tags and even relation types.Hyponymy is one type of relation of tags, there are also other types of relations of tags.