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New Tag Info Pages

08-26-10 by . 13 comments

When we rolled out our tag synonym and tag wiki support, I belatedly realized that tags were, completely by accident, third-class citizens in our ecosystem.

By that, I mean tags had no real page to themselves. Think about it — if someone asked you about the [java] tag on Stack Overflow, where would you send them? You can certainly link to all questions tagged Java, but there was no destination for the tag itself.

Well, no longer. We’ve just rolled out much more comprehensive support for tag pages across the entire network.

Clicking on a given tag …

… will always take you to a list of questions with that tag, as it always has, but you’ll notice a new banner at the top of the page.

This banner shows an excerpt of the tag wiki, as well as directly linking to..

  • the full wiki for this tag
  • the list of faq questions for this tag
  • statistics for this tag
  • hot answers in this tag
  • new answers in this tag
  • synonyms for this tag

The wiki, statistics, and synonyms aren’t new, but we are continuing to progressively enhance them.

FAQ questions

The more highly linked a question is — that is, it contains simple hyperlinks to or from another question on the site — the more strongly it is considered a “frequently asked question” for its tag. Bottom line, if you want questions to appear on the FAQ for that tag, link to them from other questions!

Hot answers

Answers are considered hot for a tag when they are top-voted, not community wiki, and of sufficient length. Note that you can specify a time period of a day, week, month, year, or all time; what was hot today may not be hot for this week or month.

New answers

It’s exactly what you might think — a simple chronological list of new answers provided within the tag, right now.

(You’ll note that we have a newly found focus on answers. We’ve realized that we spent so much time surfacing great questions in our engine that we really weren’t giving great answers the publicity they often deserve. So we set out to fix that here!)

If you’re up to a bit of gardening in the tag of your choice, now you have a great destination hub to do exactly that — in the tag pages. Getting to the tag pages is a bit more fiddly than I might like at the moment. We’re still honing the navigation, but you can always form the URL manually …

… or, just remember to click the links at the top of the page when browsing tagged questions.


Nice work. I would really like to help with tag wikis, but found it a little cumbersome to find all tags I do have enough reputation with to do so. Why not add the reputation per tag in the user’s profile?

Great idea… Just added some information about a tag-topic that I care about. Hopefully it will help answer some of the questions surrounding it before they are asked.

But I am sort of surprised that there is no badge associated with doing your first tag edit, or at least providing content when there was none.

Just one more thing, why can’t you providing information for sponsored tags?

I had to manually type in the URL in order to edit it:

There is a small bug in the new? (never saw this before) tag hover menu. If you click on ‘About this tag’ for the c# tag you are actually taken to the c tag page.

Joe Phiillwhat? Aug 27 2010

These are some well thought out improvements. You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up!

@nick click the about>> link on the sidebar in that case

@ralph we are considering a bronze tag badge which would simplify this “calculation”.. either you hold the bronze tag badge and can edit the tag wiki, or you don’t

I would put a high weight (more-than-average) on dupe-links a question receives, as a measure for how it’s ranked in the FAQ list.

I see it as an inherent property of frequently asked questions that they are asked over and over and be closed as dupes to other questions.

This would be a good incentive for people to vote for closing a dupe, linking to their own question or question they have answered in order to get it better FAQ ranking.

Justin Nelson Aug 27 2010
Hans Passant Aug 27 2010

Maybe this is uncouth in the SO team, but I think I’ve got a pretty good idea where this is coming from.

Way to go Sam! Everything you’ve worked on since you joined the team has been a very noticeable improvement to the basics of what makes SO great. Making it even better. Awesome job. And thank you very much.

@Hans / John / Ralph / Nick,

Thanks :) I appreciate the kind words, good to hear we are working on the right stuff.


I’m not against improving the way we pick the FAQ, I think the current algorithm does a fair job but I’m sure it can be improved.


I covered the reasoning here: I’m not against improving but I do not want cluttered pages.


I’ll have a look at that tomorrow

Awesome! Feature request though: I’d like to have more fine-grained control over where the excerpt ends. It’s kind of ugly if you have headings or list items in the excerpt right now.

@Bob, its there … you can now edit the excerpts independently