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New Image Upload Support

08-17-10 by . 27 comments

Thanks to our good friends at, we now support native image uploads on all Stack Exchange network websites.

Yes, that means adding a picture to a question or answer is now as easy as …

  1. clicking the Insert Image toolbar button
  2. selecting an image from your computer, or the web
  3. clicking Upload

… there is no step 4, you’re done!

These images are kindly hosted by

Alan Schaaf, the man behind Imgur, generously provided us a network-wide “pro” account that keeps any images hosted through our websites around indefinitely.

We’re also using Imgur’s brand spanking new API to implement this feature. I’ve been using Imgur on and off for a while, as it was arguably already the best free image hosting service on the internet — and with the new API, it just got even better!

Ever since Imgur accounts were released, people have been asking non-stop about the ability to upload into their accounts by using the tools. Your request did not go unheard. Today, I’m pleased to announce the new Imgur API, which not only includes support for uploading into accounts, but also includes support for managing every aspect of your account.

Here are just a few of the things you can do:

  • Upload images anonymously
  • Upload images into accounts
  • Create and manage photo albums
  • Delete images
  • List all images in your account

Don’t worry if you’re a not a technical person and you don’t care about what an API is. What it means is that, very soon, you will have access to many more tools that enable you to upload into your account from your desktop, mobile phone, iPad, etc.

We think native image hosting is pretty crucial to some upcoming Stack Exchange sites like and Thanks to Alan and Imgur for helping us make it happen for everyone!


Well done, a much needed feature once again added to SO in the perfect form. Couldn’t be easier to use!

Cracking job guys!

Justin A Aug 17 2010

Hi Jeff,

quick question -> what was the reason for using imgur over :-

a) S3 Amazon
b) any one of some other sites like ?

Was it a mix of :

i) cost? (even though S3 amazon is very competative, are you guessing that $24 year (assuming you’re paying that) will be cheaper than an S3 amazon when u start hitting serious numbers) …
ii) imgur has a rich api that is good to use compared to the competition?
iii) you have a personal/professional relationship with Alan naturally want to support him.
iv) something else I’ve missed?

The reason is that I’ve been using S3 for many projects to host images. I’m always curious to see why other projects use other providers as due diligence.

Cheers Jeff / SX team.

Felix Aug 17 2010

Is there / will there be a way to associate images uploaded through SE sites with our accounts on imgur?


Well imgur is kindly provided to us for free, we got no such offers from S3 or imageshack. The API is solid / complete and very easy to use.


For the time being, no. If you feel this is really important can you raise it on

I cannot say thank you enough! Even though it was never a big deal to host these at my own site, it makes it so much easier (and reduces the questions about it on Meta) to have it native.

Justin A Aug 17 2010


Cheers Sam for the reply :) I’ll bet $5 that imgur will suddenly grow massively.


Free Images Aug 17 2010

A good reason why this guy is providing free service for the beating you’re going to give it would be interesting…
This one-time ad can’t possibly be enough payment.

I knew it. That was my answer almost one year ago.

I’m glad you did this guys.

Sounds good, though I hope there’s a limit on size (both filesize and dimensions) of images. I’d hate to see Stack site over-whelmed with large images on every post.

Also, my suspicious side wonders *why* Imgur are providing this totally free? What is in it for them? I can’t quite understand the business model, and that makes me slightly worried…

Nice one folks. Posting screenshots was always a total pain on SO compared to other tasks so this is a welcome feature.

Brilliant. This is exactly what was needed, well done.

Andomar Aug 18 2010

Great!! I used tinypic before, but this will save so many clicks.

Thanks, this is very valuable for the Home Improvement site as well.

Bryan Rehbein Aug 18 2010

This is a great idea, however I will not be able to see any of those attached images from work due to imgur being blocked for NSFW images.

Good job! Here’s my old UserVoice suggestion from years ago:

Now, for backup purposes: I think that you should (1) crawl all the posts, (2) download all the external images, (3) upload all the images onto imgur, and (4) update the posts to use the new image addresses.

For those (like Bryan) who can’t access from work: replace all “” with “” and you’ll be golden!

Are the changes to make this happen being ported over to the derobins wmd editor? Obviously backend code needs to be written to take advantage of this, but it’d be very nice to have support for this in the Markdown editor.

Sounds like Bryan Rehbein needs a new job!

To emphasise what I said earlier about limiting filesize and dimensions for images look at this post on Stackoverflow:

Here we have a 572KB, 1,349 x 1,078 pixel PNG as part of the post (that is being re-sized by the browser). There really needs to be a way of limiting image size so posts don’t get bogged down in megapixel images.

David HAust Aug 18 2010

While this is a much needed addition to the system and it does work really well, I’m curious why you out-sourced the image hosting?

Jeff hasn’t been shy to throw hardware at problems in the past (and the VCs have made sure you could afford it) so storage couldn’t have been the issue. And taking on external dependencies is always a risk.

What was the benefit of _not_ hosting the images yourself?

Maxim Z. Aug 18 2010

Doesn’t the imgur API have a pretty strict rate-limit? How does Stack Overflow get around that?

Primx Aug 19 2010

What happens to the images that were previously linked using imgur? Do those also remain hosted “indefinitely”?

@primx regular old imgur (not uploaded by the API through our editor) would be subject to the normal retention rules at imgur:

> As long as images are getting at least 1 view every 3 months, they will stick around forever. After that, your image may be removed to create more space for newer images.

At long time ago, one of the creators of StackOverflow sold a bug tracking system that had a great scream dump and highlighting application that automatically uploaded an image into a bug report. Can we have the same application integrated into the StackExchange sites please?

Primx Aug 22 2010

@Jeff That would in some cases completely destroy the meaning of those questions if the images are no longer available.

It would be excellent if somehow they are also retained. Probably, all of them can be rehosted to convert those to use these pro account links. I think it would be a huge task, but that would keep the site more sane in the long run.

Feature request Oct 18 2010

It’s currently possible to make an image into a link, but it doesn’t seem to be natively supported. I think that when we copy and paste a URL into the upload box, the image should be uploaded and served from imgur, but there should also be a link wrapped around the image, making the image clickable and pointing back to the source image, for posterity and attribution. The link could then be edited manually to go to an originating page rather than a direct link to the image itself.

Arjan May 8 2011

Since May 2011, there’s a dedicated domain. This makes it easier to tell which images use the SE pro account, which is nice to prevent image rot. Not sure what other consequences are, like: can one use the images on other websites (like when using the data dump)?

(I asked the same thing on