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Chat Now In Public Beta

08-04-10 by . 17 comments

Our “third place”, after a successful three day beta preview, is now on the final path to launch.

What is this mythical third place I speak of?


Because you not only need a place to have intelligent Q&A about managing your finances, you need a place to talk about the place, and a less formal “third place” to collaborate in real time with the fellow members of your community.

analog chat room

This is a permanent public beta, meaning chat is now live on one site in our network … forever. We plan to roll out out chat on more sites in about 4 weeks, assuming the public beta goes reasonably well.

Before visiting this public chat beta, please bear in mind:

  1. You must have a parent site account (in this case, Meta Stack Overflow) in good standing with at least 20 reputation to talk in the chat.
  2. Before visiting chat, be sure you’re logged in at the parent site, because we use that parent cookie to know who you are.
  3. Please read the chat faq. And if you’ve already read it, humor me and read it again … it has changed, and we will continue to improve it during the public beta.
  4. Hop on over to and get to know the fellow members of your community!

Have fun — and be sure to leave your feedback for us either on meta in a question tagged [chat], or in the chat itself in the appropriately named “Chat Feedback” room.

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This needs to support IRC :P.

IRC needs to support us, man! :P

Damn, I was excited about the idea especially that we had a discussion on Hacker News about a similar type of application.


I only have a StackOverflow account (no Meta account). I guess I will have to wait…

Anyway, great job on the implementation. The problem of chat rooms is that the lifespan of a text is very short. Once it disappears from the screen, it is forgotten for ever.

It would be awesome to be able to upvote pieces of chat we like. It would allow to display the best pieces of conversation of a chatroom for example (and it will give points to the authors).


@Aymeric That’s sort of exactly how it works! A line of text is sort of treated like an “answer”

Chat down for everybody or it’s just me?

Jared Aug 5 2010


If you have a Stack Overflow account, you already have a Meta account – it’s automagical!

Why “20 reputation”?? & on the meta site not the main one?

I find it more appropriate (reasonable?) to have no reputation “threshold” at all.. but if you insist I wondering why it’s not on the main Site (StackOverFlow rather than meta.StackOverFlow)??

@shady eventually all sites will have chat; right now only meta does for public beta testing.

Meta.SO is the “Washington, D.C.” governmental site, so it makes sense to start there.

Absolute, attractive, addictive!

Too bad, I’ve got the only default point, and thats 1.

Seriously? You reinvented IRC and Jabber MUC … but stuck in a browser tab? *depressed*

I have to add … I love your implementation of web chat — it’s one of the best I’ve seen. It still needs a rich client story if it’s going to take off.

Tony Aug 6 2010

If people start asking the questions in chat rooms instead of in the Q&A sites and we lose access to archived questions and search, the chat areas is NOT a good idea.

@tony we don’t expect that to happen in practice, since you can’t GAIN reputation from doing anything in chat.

@joel @kman thanks — we are continuing to refine the implementation over the next 4 weeks, so if there’s ways you think we can make it better let us know in the Chat Feedback room, or on meta in a question tagged [chat]

Good stuff but I find the animations distracting. Less is more.

Watch out so you don’t get stuck in a loop here though. Like… setting up a for talking about the chat, and a for chatting about that and a meta… :p

The chat seemed to shaking a lot in Opera… could be all the icons loading or something though. Seemed to settle down after a little while… Either way, looks cool!

Nice feature guys. I write chat software and I’m impressed.