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Third Place Chat Beta Preview

07-14-10 by . 14 comments

Remember that third place concept I brought up a few months ago?

We’re ready to give community insiders a chance to check out what Stack Overflow Valued Associates #00006 and #00007 have been working so hard on.

For the next 3 days, we’ll be running a public beta sneak preview of our proposed “third place” for all new (and existing) Stack Exchange network sites. Let’s take the Food and Cooking site proposal — which is currently in private beta — as an example. On the very first day of the private and public betas, we’d have:

Because you not only need a place to have intelligent Q&A about bacon, you need a place to talk about the place, and a less formal “third place” to collaborate in real time with the fellow members of your community.

We already have the per-site metas, which work great, but we don’t quite have that third place ready yet. But we’d like to … soon. That’s where you come in.

  1. You must have a Meta Stack Overflow account with at least 20 reputation.
  2. Make sure you’re first logged in to meta, because we use a shared cookie for authentication.
  3. Hop on over to and enter the password “gossipville”.

Have fun — and be sure to leave your feedback for us either on meta in a question tagged [chat], or in the chat itself in the appropriately named “Chat Feedback” room.

Update: beta preview complete! thanks for all your feedback.

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grumpy Jul 14 2010

A link would be nice.

well, I want people to go to meta first, since you must have a meta cookie and +20 meta rep to even get in…

How about the logging?

Imho it would be better not to log, but encourage posting everything note-worthy on SO as everyone will sure do.

Furthermore (and this is just for kicks) will we be able to join via Jabber ;)?

well, my intention was to have it more casual, and not that quotable.

but seeing how I can reference stuff etc. I see the value of logging it all :)

Dinah Jul 14 2010

Which format are you going to use? chat. or chat.meta. ?

OMG – call me easily distracted but it just dawned on me that those kids are wearing BACON TUXEDOS!

Anyways… I seem to be having trouble with the chat beta access so far this morning. Hopefully you guys are on the case. I am looking forward to checking out this new third place.

Can’t get in using Safari on Mac, went to meta first – it shows me as logged in, then I get the helpful little pussy.

Seems to work fine in Chrome on Mac (but I wasn’t already logged in)

This is very cool…nice work guys!

Juliet Jul 14 2010

#stackoverflow on Freenode has been active since Aug 2008.

Why re-invent the wheel?

It looks broken to me. Or maybe I am not allowed in on purpose.

> Why re-invent the wheel?

> Can’t get in using Safari on Mac
> I seem to be having trouble with the chat beta access

Try clearing your domain cookies, or logging out of Meta and then back in first. It is possible to have issues if you have a very old cookie.

> Which format are you going to use? chat. or chat.meta. ?

chat. — is an exception

FarmBoy Jul 16 2010

I suppose this will more or less eliminate the need for a not-programming-related Q&A site.

I agree with Jeff.. A link would be nice.