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Improvements to Badge System

07-12-10 by . 13 comments

Remember our old pal Sam Saffron? He’s been toiling away on a feature that has been heavily requested for over a year now — associating badges with the posts they were earned on.

As of now, every new badge award — and most historically awarded badges — will tell you exactly why you got that badge. The next time you’re scratching your head wondering what that old Necromancer badge was for, just click through and find out:

While the exploration and discovery of “why did I earn this badge?” was always intended to be part of the fun, as your list of badges and posts grew ever larger it felt more like looking for a needle in a haystack.

As part of this major overhaul, we also added some bronze badges for our improved bounty system:

promoter First bounty you offered on your own question
benefactor First bounty you manually awarded on your own question
investor First bounty you offered on another person’s question
altruist First bounty accepted on another person’s question (not by the system)

(badge names helpfully suggested by gnovice)

As with all bronze badges, the intent here is to encourage people to explore the features and see how they work. And more bounties means better answers, and better opportunities to answer, for everyone!

We’ve also added a gold badge to reward the master editors, in tandem with the existing Editor (first edit) and Strunk & White (100 edits) badges.

copy-editor Edited 600 entries

Finally, we introduced another set of badges based on accepted answers to specifically acknowledge those users who participate in less popular topics:

tenacious Zero score accepted answers: more than 5 and 20% of total
unsung hero Zero score accepted answers: more than 10 and 25% of total

(update: Tireless was renamed to Tenacious)

Remember, all the badges exist as a form of positive reinforcement, to identify and encourage behaviors we hope benefit the overall community.

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a_m0d Jul 12 2010

Thanks for this – its a great improvement.

Regarding the new accepted answers badges, could you please explain them a little better? I really can’t understand exactly what you mean when you say “Zero score accepted answers – more than 5 and 20% of total”

Me neither, you can tell the description comes from a programmer mind, because it make 100% for him, but when documented, it doesn’t quite match.

I mean, the description sounds like:

acceptedWithZero > 5 && acceptedWithZero > ( total / 5 )

> “Zero score accepted answers – more than 5 and 20% of total”

You have more than 5 zero score accepted answers, and zero score accepted answers make up 20% of your total accepted answers.

You can see why we didn’t include the full text here, I hope.. :)

a_m0d Jul 12 2010

Sorry, I get it now. I assume that the “zero score accepted answers” are those which were accepted by the asker but have not been upvoted.
Also, would we “lose” (if that were possible) the badge if people suddenly upvoted our answers after the badge was awarded?

jdhardy Jul 13 2010

I think the zero upvotes might be too low a threshold – generally an accepted answer will also get an upvote from the asker, I would think.

Maybe I’m just bitter because if it were 0 or 1 I’d be one accepted answer away from the Unsung Hero badge :).

Bloody finally.

Excellent improvement

Finally, I have a badge that Jon Skeet does not (and never will have).

logically I never understood why this feature wasn’t there in the first place. I get notices that I got some kind of badge and i was never able to find out right there for what question. You said it was part of the game/fun. Sorry but I am not into this kind of games so i never wasted any time trying to find out. I am not into badges anyways.

R. Bemrose Jul 15 2010

Tireless and Unsung Hero sound like counter-intuitive badges. In my experience, *most* posters will give a correct answer an upvote in addition to marking it as correct.

Meaning that it’s exceedingly rare to have a 0 upvote answer.

Now, you’ve given people a reason to attempt reverse vote farming…

R. Bemrose Jul 15 2010

Maybe not as rare as I thought… I have at least 20 0-vote accepted answers. However, I have considerably more than that of 1-vote accepted answers.

Tireless and Unsung Hero don’t really seem to fit the mold of encouraging desired behavior, especially with the X% of total requirement. In order to get it you might have to limit your participation in more popular categories or answer more questions with users who accept answers but don’t vote on them (and hope they accept but don’t vote). Shouldn’t you instead try and find a way to encourage at least the question asker to vote for the answer they are accepting? I wonder how much of this is driven by people wanting to keep their % of questions with accepted answers number up.

Maybe I’m just bitter from being a day or so away from getting Tumbleweed and then having someone leave a comment. I shouldn’t have been disappointed that someone actually participated on a question I asked.

“In my experience, *most* posters will give a correct answer an upvote in addition to marking it as correct.”

You’re forgetting that new users can accept but cannot upvote due to lack of rep. So it’s not *that* uncommon.

I’m also interested in what a_m0d asked – is it possible to lose the badge after subsequently receiving upvotes? Also, are accepted answers (with 0 score) you posted to your own questions counted for this? Probably shouldn’t be, eh?