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New Hires in New York

The New York team has been growing, too!

New York, in addition to being the official corporate headquarters and the location of our sales team, has a development team working on two important projects. I’d like to introduce you to those members of the team.

Working on Stack Exchange 2.0, we’ve got David Fullerton:

and Emmett Nicholas:

Both David and Emmett are veterans of Stack Exchange 1.0.

Working on Stack Overflow Careers, we’d like to welcome new associates Matt Sherman:

Jason Punyon:

and product manager Korneel Bouman:

You’ll probably see David, Emmett, Matt, Jason, and Korneel hanging out on meta and, more importantly, you’ll see the great software they ship. Welcome aboard!

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I am very surprised about the hire of a product manager, since Joel has said a couple times in the past that project managers are nothing more than glorified secretaries.

It’s nice that someone is hired to work on Careers, but how about spending some money advertising it to hiring managers? I haven’t even had any search hits on my CV in a couple of months.

Nick, proDUCT manager. ProDUCT manager.

u62, we have three full time sales people now on careers alone. The number of employers in the system is up fivefold in the last few months and is growing at an astonishing rate.

Eduardo Jun 14 2010

OMG I’m so old

Is it legal to hire 15-year-olds in New York?

@mmyers: For what?

My bad. He said that about project managers. Not product managers.

Be nice to see some varieties in the hires — what’s with all the young white men?

@Paul D. Waite: Why, Thank you!

FarmBoy Jun 15 2010


Must variety involve age, skin color, and sex? That’s so superficial.

Congratulations, guys!

Congratulations to all! It’s exciting growing a team. Expecting big things to come!

@Farmboy — not talking only about this set of hires. Just check out all the hires since inception. Where’s the variety in that?