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Improvements to Bounty System

06-18-10 by . 38 comments

We originally rolled out the question bounty system in January 2009. It has worked fairly well, in terms of motivating answerers and increasing the connection between askers and answerers. But I think we made some mistakes in being overly strict in our design of the bounty system.

Just take a look at some of these highly voted meta requests in the [bounty] tag:

The feedback on the bounty system is quite extensive; this is an indication that there are what I’ll euphemestically call er … “issues” … with the current system.

Well, I’m happy to announce that we’re improving the bounty system to address (almost) all of these issues. As of now:

  1. Any user with sufficient reputation can start a bounty on any question
  2. A question may have multiple bounties, though only one active bounty is allowed at any given time.
  3. Bounty awards are no longer tied to accepted answer in any way.

Most of this is adapted from a great idea from our Community Coordinator, Robert Cartaino.

Assuming you have the minimum reputation required to award a bounty (currently 100), every question of 2 days of age or older will now show the “start a bounty” link at the bottom of the question.

Here, you can slice off a (non-refundable) piece of your own reputation — from 50 to 500 — to grant to one of the question answers of your choice. Once started, the bounty amount and name of the bounty owner is listed at the bottom of the question:

(Of course the bountied question will appear on the homepage featured tab and in all question lists with the bounty indicator, as before. Part of what you’re “paying for” with the bounty is to get additional attention for your question, over and beyond what a normal question gets.)

If you’re the bounty owner, you can award the bounty to a particular answer by simply clicking the bounty amount icon that appears next to each answer, as pictured below:

There are still some rules, of course:

  • All bounties are paid for up front and non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • Users may only have one active question bounty at any given time.
  • Questions may only have one active question bounty at any given time.
  • The bounty owner must wait 24 hours between the time starting the bounty, and the time the bounty can be manually accepted.
  • If the bounty owner does not award the bounty within the 7 day bounty period, the same auto-award rules apply, as before: any answers to the question posted after the bounty started, with at least 2 upvotes, are eligible for auto-accept and earn half the bounty amount. If there aren’t any answers meeting that criteria, no bounty is awarded.
  • The system no longer tosses in +50 bonus reputation to a bounty. We feel this newer, much more open bounty system no longer needs that incentive.

Once awarded, you’ll see the bounty amount icon permanently affixed to the answer it was awarded to — and, again, all bounties are completely independent of and unrelated to accepting an answer.

Before, bounty was strictly limited as a one-shot (tied to accepted answer) for question owners only. It’s now a much more flexible system:

  • Feel like a particular answerer on a question did a fantastic job and deserves some kind of bonus, beyond a simple upvote? Award them a bounty!
  • See a question that you’d really like answered, too? Help out the question owner by placing a bounty on it!
  • Want to provide a boost to a particularly well asked question (or answer) by a new user? Start a bounty on it!

I’m excited about these changes, because they open up bounties to a much larger audience — and make it easier for us to help contribute our own reputation toward others getting great answers to their questions!

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Arjan Jun 19 2010

Given that nice button to award the bounty, I can see one feature request coming: split bounties to multiple answers. ;-)

(But a workaround for that: just add another bounty after rewarding the first. Very nice improvements!)

Pekka Jun 19 2010

This is freaking brilliant! This is a huge improvement and will bring life into the bounty system, also enabling people to give a “push” to other people’s questions they need answered themselves. Great stuff!

This is great! A lot was already done to improve from the original bounty system (, but this brings it to a all new level.

Thank you to Robert Cartaino for your suggestion (which I have marked as “accepted” in, and thank you SO team for making it a reality.

Pekka Jun 19 2010

I am *so* going bounty shopping in the next few days. Anybody need a bounty on a question in the php/html/css/javascript/jquery tags? It has to be a very good and deep question.

ChrisF Jun 19 2010

While this is probably a positive change, it still leaves the problem of *new* users wanting a solution to an existing question. At the moment their only options are:

a) Answer the question with a “me too” answer

b) Ask the question again.

Both approaches are likely to get them downvoted and possibly snide comments, which will leave them unwilling to return.

Has any thought been put into how to solve this problem?

paxdiablo Jun 19 2010

I’m curious as to whether a bounty award pushes the answer up the list in any way. In the old system, a bounty award was tied to an accept which automatically made the answer top of the pile. Does a bounty award still do something like this or is it tied solely to votes (and accepatance) now?

Great job! This sounds 99% optimal!

However, I think auto-awarded answers should be visually distinct from manually awarded answers. I’m not even sure whether the auto-awarded answers should be displayed as such (except to the bounty owner).

Also, with the bounty being paid upfront, is there really a need for auto-awarding answers at all?

detly Jun 19 2010

They’re great changes, but the “2 upvote” threshold for auto accepting is a bit low. I have a question that I’d love to start a bounty on, since none of the current answers actually help. Trouble is, a couple of the answers have… one upvote! Why!? They don’t work and there’s no elaboration on how they might. Yet were I to issue a bounty, they’d be one vote away from getting it!

So the question has no answer, but I’m not really willing to part with a slice of rep only to see it go to a response that’s not actually useful. (Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the effort, but… if something doesn’t work, then it just doesn’t).

So the question remains in unanswered limbo, which was one of the problems the bounty system was meant to solve (I think).

(The question: )

While you’re overhauling the bounty system, might I suggest you take a look at this old feature request: :)


Only answers submitted after the bounty is started (with a score of at least 2) are elegible for auto-acceptance.

detly Jun 19 2010

Ah… Possibly should’ve read that :)

benson margulies Jun 19 2010

Now we know how to help area51 proposals get through committed. Dump some rep onto committed persons.

> I’m curious as to whether a bounty award pushes the answer up the list in any way.

No, but starting a bounty does bump a question to the homepage.

> I have a question that I’d love to start a bounty on, since none of the current answers actually help.

That’s fine, since auto-accept is only valid for answers added after the bounty starts with +2 or more score

> it still leaves the problem of *new* users wanting a solution to an existing question


“In order to get good answers, you have to put some effort into the question. Edit your question to provide status and progress updates. Document your own continued efforts to answer your question. This will naturally bump your question and get more people interested in it.”

I already like the new system.
I always wanted a way to say “Thank You!” to users that go out of their way to answer a question.
Sometimes you just can’t accept an elaborate and correct answer because there is an even better one.

With the old system I really wouldn’t know what to do with:

Sounds great – now we’ll see 50 rep bounties! (Maybe that’s not so great…)

Why can we only have one open bounty per user? Seems like a weird restriction.

marco.ragogna Jun 20 2010

I did some questions in the past that has been auto-accepted without a “real” answer.

The new modifications are really welcome!

It is also nice that we can put bounty on not owned questions

“all bounties are completely independent of and unrelated to accepting an answer”


I have just answered a question with a bounty, OP did accept it but didn’t awarded this bounty, propably because he didn’t know that he should do it separately.

If I don’t get 2 up votes by the time bounty expires, I won’t get even half of extra points.

That sucks!

dboarman Jun 20 2010

Absolutely great work. Proves that our voices are heard (not that I doubted in the first place).

ChrisF Jun 20 2010


I wasn’t talking about new users wanting to bump their own question but *someone else’s*.


@detly – The bounty system is best thought of as an incentive, or a payment to “feature” your question. It is no guarantee that it’ll work.

That becomes even more true now that we can post repeat bounties to the same question.

I’ve placed a 500 rep bounty on your question, and you can see if it brings the needed attention to it over the next week or not.

captcha says, “dinky that”

Indeed, Mr. Captcha, indeed.

detly Jun 20 2010

Adam, I saw that, thanks :)

It’s economics, really. My rep is < 1k, so if I'm going to slice off 100 or so for a bounty, I want to be reasonably sure I'll at least get a good lead out of it. I'm not concerned so much about accumulating reputation, but simply my ability to offer other bounties later.

Whether or not the auto-accept mechanism works on new questions is irrelevant – the fact is, it's not hard for a not-so-useful answer to get enough votes to put it over the edge, before or after the bounty starts. That a couple of questions are almost there already just illustrates that future questions might get there too (coupled with the extra attention and bumping that a bounty entails, it's probably even more likely).

If I had 10^23 rep, I'd fling it around like nobody's business and this wouldn't worry me at all. But I don't, so it does.

But don't get me wrong, this is a minor gripe with a system that works so much better than any other approach that a desperate coder can try :)

R. Bemrose Jun 21 2010

“If I had 10^23 rep, I’d fling it around like nobody’s business and this wouldn’t worry me at all. But I don’t, so it does.”

Yes, but Jon Skeet already knows everything and doesn’t need questions answered.

How about making the bounty reward, hard, cold cash $$$.

Evan Plaice Jun 21 2010

These questions were touched on in the post but still need definitive answers:

How much rep is required to place a bounty on someone else’s question?

Can multiple users contribute rep to the same active bounty?

Thank you Jeff and team. This addresses some requests I have been making for a while.

I still don’t like the auto-accept, but it sure does fix a lot of broken-ness.

@Evan this is all answered in the /faq for each site, if you scroll down to the bounty section, but since you asked:

It takes 100 rep to start a bounty (minimum bounty is 50 rep) and each question may only have 1 active bounty from 1 user at any given time.

detly Jun 21 2010

@JasonMichael – I don’t know about you, but I find cash quite cosy and warm. You need to sort of pile it up before you try to sleep on it.


Wait a second, is that a … POSITIVE … comment left by tim? Did I read that correctly? Was there a transcription error in the server? :)

And, Happy Father’s Day, Jeff

@Jeff Thanks, I was just asking the obvious questions because the details were missing from the blog post.

It’s good to see the bounty system change, however the change doesn’t address the problem of getting no answer at all (not even a useless one) and losing the rep for nothing. See the discussion here for more including exemple questions with 0 answer and a lost bounty.

(And to be clear, I am not asking for a refund but for something to make it worth the bounty when asking a question with a low probability of getting an answer … like having the bounty restarted after a month or two using the same reputation points which have not been awarded instead of having them go to waste in /dev/null )

@jean the rep didn’t go to /dev/null , the question was featured and got additional attention that a “normal” question does *not* get.

I like this new system, well done (again)!
Anyways, I was thinking, why not giving the author of a question some reputation if some places a bounty on that particular question. That way you could not only bring attention to good questions by newcomers, but also grand him some reputation points.

Lucas Berger Aug 2 2010

Though I understand you have “Bounty awards are no longer tied to accepted answer in any way.”

I recommend, if there is an outstanding bounty and you have just accepted an answer, to display a color box reminding the user to assign bounty.

This will help with first time users, as I was using bounty for the first time and thought I was assigning the bounty by accepting an answer. Unfortunately, the person who got the bounty only got half what I offered.

Timwi Aug 10 2010

I still don’t understand why I should ever use this bounty system. I don’t see how it increases the visibility of a question significantly; questions just go under in the noise of all the other questions, no matter how they are marked and highlighted. In fact, the more they are marked and highlighted in various ways, the more this marking and highlighting is only distracting and confusing. But back to the bounty system: I feel completely disinclined to ever put a bounty on something if I have no control over what happens to the bounty. If none of the answers answer the question, the bounty always goes to a wrong answer. Why would anyone want to incentivise having wrong-but-popular answers? Finally, I don’t understand why the 24-hour limit. It only makes things unnecessarily harder.

The 3rd and 4th links on this post are dead.

@tshepang oddly enough those were wrong links this whole time. fixed!