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Careers: Now More Awesome(r)

Careers has always been close to our heart, but we haven’t always been able to give it the attention we wanted to give it. No longer! We now have a dedicated development team and a dedicated sales team working tirelessly to make Careers the best place on the internet for programmers to find great jobs and for employers to find great programmers.

The sales team has been busy. As of this writing we have 351 jobs listed:

Earlier today it was 347 and by the time you read this it may well be more. Contrast that with only 74 jobs back in January!

The dev team has been busy too. We rolled out some changes yesterday:

We consolidated and under one domain — — gave Careers a brand new look, and added search controls to the home page so you can quickly find the jobs you’re looking for.

We added keyword search, improved location based searching and integrated the search controls into the page so you can search and scan in the same place. We also added a preview line to the listings so it’s easier to decide what jobs you’d want to look at.

And finally, we added some controls to the job detail page to make it easier to navigate between jobs.

The next step is to make it easier for employers to post and manage jobs. After that is done we’ll turn our attention over to the CV filing and searching. And after that is done we’ll think of some other great things to do, no doubt with your help — keep the feedback coming in the [careers] tag on!

For careers, success equals something like [number of candidates] x [number of employers] x [number of jobs]. We’ll keep investing in Careers, by building more and better functionality for you and by selling more services to more employers, until we are synonymous with the best way to find an awesome job or a world class programmer — or sysadmin, or QA tester, or UX designer, or …

The Careers Team
Amanda, Attila, David, Korneel, Matt, Nick and Jin

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waiwai933 Jun 23 2010

The background is distracting me… I think it would be better if it was one uniform color.

Really good work on this – I’m glad it’s all under one roof now.

For the employee search section of the careers site (i.e. where employers pay a set fee to search the programmer database), I have a suggestion….

Why not enable employers to search the programmers database for free, but hide the programmer’s contact details in the search results. In order to gain access to the contact details, the employer will have to pay a fee. I think this would be a great way to showcase the strength of your employee database without making people pay up front.

Just my two cents…

Grzes Jun 24 2010

I have just tried the site and the c# keyword doesn’t work for me :) (0 jobs found for “c”)

Bugs: can’t search for C++, distance slider does not work / show up in Firefox on XP (it’s just a grey rectangle)

@Skilldrick: thanks!

@Phil: great suggestion – it’s on the road map.

@Grzes and Jeff: we did strip a few too many characters, fixed now… We’ll check out the distance slider issue, thanks.

Can we use this for freelance work too? :O


Not at the moment, but we are looking at a “gigs board” as a possibility — did you want to open a topic on that?

Anyway to add a telecommuting search option? I found a few positions listed with their location as \Telecommute\ but if you type that in the where search box, you get a lot of results back, some of which don’t even contain telecommute in the description.

All in all looking good!

The site just plummeted in usability:

1.) Title, Employer, Location can all be cut off

2.) No longer possible to browse all available jobs on one page

3.) Jobs no longer categorized

The site seems to be completely down again, unless its a problem on my end…..any help would be appreciated.