One Year of Server Fault

by Jeff Atwood

on May 26, 2010

One year ago today, we launched Server Fault -- our Q&A; site for professional sysadmins and IT folks.

To commemorate the occasion, we've launched a new Server Fault specific blog at

You can expect to find blog posts there related to us documenting our own efforts of running and scaling our network of websites -- the same sort of stuff you've come to expect from the server category on this blog. We want to actively give back to the community by documenting everything we're doing on the sysadmin front -- both by discussing it on the blog, and asking (and answering!) relevant questions about it on Server Fault whenever possible.

In fact, we believe in dogfooding so completely that I'm thrilled to announce we will have not one, but two full-time sysadmins -- both hired from the existing Server Fault community of users. The first is Michael Gorsuch.

(the second sysadmin is still being determined, but a little birdie told me might end up being somebody on the first page of the Server Fault user list)

I'd like to also thank our hard working community moderators -- Stefan Plattner, Kara Marfia, and Denny Cherry -- who so generously contribute their time to keep Server Fault on topic and free of noise.

Moderation is the job of the whole community, in part, but having excellent moderators makes things that much easier.

Server Fault was our first foray into expanding the network, so it was involved in a lot of related "firsts" that we do every time we launch a new site now:

We also did two Server Fault themed podcasts:

In the next year, we'll be pursuing a bunch of other ideas to keep Server Fault in tune with the greater sysadmin and IT pro community in as many ways as we can -- for example, we promoted this year's LOPSA conference as a house ad. If you can think of anything else that we should be doing that benefits the greater sysadmin community, please let usk now.

I know Server Fault has saved my bacon with expert answers to questions I've asked more than a few times. That's a testament to everyone who participated over the last year -- it's because of you guys and gals that this thing even works at all. Here's to many more years of collectively becoming better sysadmins!